Chapter 1 – The Prince’s Kiss

Spirit Treasure Continent, Hanging Cloud Empire.

Floating above the giant palace square were some shining golden words, “Hanging Cloud Empire’s Glutton Festival!”

The entire city capital was filled with people while spiritual auras and horizontal banners flew about everywhere.

“Who will win the prince’s kiss?”

“If there are delicacies every day, then I will only envy the gluttonous and not the celestials!”

“The Top Hundred Glutton Stars, I look forward to your participation!”

In Spirit Treasure Continent, the people who have awakened their innate Spirit Treasures were able to cultivate and become Spirit Masters.

Due to the blessed Spirit Treasure Continent, there were many food ingredients filled with spiritual energy growing within it. Therefore, a Spirit Master mainly relied on ‘Eating’ to rank up their stars.

This led to a culture of eating that was regarded highly within the Spirit Treasure Continent. Every nation or empire would hold a Glutton Festival at least once a year.

At this moment, on the large square in front of the Hanging Cloud Palace, thousands of civilians were gathered and bustling about.

“Wah! This can’t be true, aren’t the ‘Top Hundred Gluttons’ usually Spirit Masters? How come an ordinary person became the champion?” someone asked in shock.

“All of you should look properly, how is that a normal person?! That is Earl Huan’s fifteen-year-old daughter. She is known for her great appetite since she was young! She weighs more than 150 kg! I heard that she eats eight meals a day, each meal consists of eighteen different dishes, and that’s excluding morning and evening desserts, as well as afternoon tea and supper……” someone who knew some information explained.

As the crowd enthusiastically looked at the prize presentation stage, they indeed saw an elegantly dressed, young lady with a ball-like figure. Due to being extremely overweight, her facial features were hidden by slabs of flesh, making it nearly impossible to see her face. The first impression one would have was, ‘What a huge meatball!’

This person was precisely Earl Huan’s daughter!

“Dafuq, since she’s so powerful, why didn’t she participate last year?”

“It might be because of the additional reward this year. Other than receiving the title of “Glutton Star” the winner is also given a special prize of receiving the kiss from their preferred prince…”


A young prince was currently standing beside the Glutton Star, Miss Meatball.

His black hair was combed and secured by a golden crown embedded with green jades. He had a slender body with pretty and outstanding features, with beautiful sword-shaped brows and sharp eyes, he exuded a powerful and domineering aura of nobility.

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He was also the most famous prince of Hanging Cloud Empire, Lord Nine!

When placing such a character beside the Glutton Champion, Miss Meatball, it created a very contrasting image, causing everyone to wonder whether they should laugh or cry.

The eyes of the young ladies in the crowd were glued onto the body of the Ninth Prince, all of them were envying Miss Meatball…

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And then, the moment arrived!

The prince’s kiss!

The prince that the Miss Glutton Champion admired and selected was the Ninth Prince. Now was the time where the Ninth Prince is to kiss the Glutton Champion!

The young men in the square who were dying for action began to whistle. The faces of the young ladies began to flush in agitation. For those who did not know better, they might think that the Ninth Prince’s kiss should belong to them instead.

The Glutton Champion, Miss Meatball, was so excited on stage that both her legs began to go numb and weak, the fatty flesh on her body passionately jiggled…

Just as the Ninth Prince lowered his head and was a finger’s gap away from her face. Miss Meatball rolled her eyes and went unconscious due to overexcitement!

Fortunately, the Ninth Prince had reacted quickly. He did not avoid her out of dislike and instead, caught her by her waist with a charming smile.

150 kilos of weight, yet the prince manage to support it with one hand, worthy of his Six Star Spirit Master cultivation!

The young girls, young women, and even the aunties screamed as they were charmed by elegant poise of the Ninth Prince.

“Ninth Prince, you are the greatest! I love you!”

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