Chapter 2 – A Big Fat Chick?

“Kiss her, kiss kiss kiss kiss……”

The whole square bustled like a torrent of frenzy bees and butterflies as the crowd was immersed in excitement.

Although Miss Champion had fainted, the prince’s kiss was not just about her alone. It represented the possibility of an amicable connection between the royalty, who were high up in the social hierarchy, and the commoners.

Since the champion looked as she did, they weren’t worried that the Ninth Prince would be charmed by her even after they kissed. They still have hope!

The Ninth Prince complied to the will of the people and once again lowered his head…

No one had foreseen what came next. Miss Meatball suddenly opened her eyes and sent a fleshy fist towards Ninth Prince’s face.

“The f***?!” she yelled. “Where did this hooligan come from, daring to act so frivolous at me?!”

The whole square went silent.

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Before Huan Qing Yan could react, she had already been dragged off the stage by the royal guards.

A wave of strange yet familiar memories began to surface within her mind…

Spirit Treasure Continent, Hanging Cloud Empire.

A strange world where those who have awoken their talent could cultivate and become Spirit Masters.

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Huan Qing Yan saw the entire pampered life of the fat girl…

This fat girl was the daughter a First-Class Imperial Chef and an Earl of the Hanging Empire, Huan Qing Yan of the Huan House, and both of them also happen to share the same name.

Her father was Earl Huan Bei Ming, an Imperial Chef with rare talents that was said to only appear once every hundred years within Hanging Cloud Empire. Having reached the level of a Grandmaster, he could not only cook food containing spirit energy, but he could also cook food that gave additional stamina attributes.

At fifteen, Miss Huan was in the prime of her youth and had been living her life in absolute comfort, basically able to get everything and anything she wanted. She participated in the Great Glutton Championship, defeated a bunch of Spirit Masters and obtained the championship. At the moment she was about to receive a kiss from the prince she so admired, she died from the excitement!


Huan Qing Yan wiped the cold sweat off her forehead.

The hell? Did she cross dimensions?

Crossing over and become this big fat chick that died from the excitement of receiving a prince’s kiss?

Moreover, what’s with the 150 kilos of weight? What sin is this?!

Just moments ago, she was an elite art performer who was recording a life documentary in an impoverished rural mountain region in the west… then she felt hungry, so she climbed a tree to get some eggs from a bird’s nest to cook it as snacks. As a result, she was pecked by the vicious mother bird perched on the tree and fell…

Did the fall cause her to cross over?

However, except for being fat, this new identity seemed to be not that bad. A young mistress of a powerful family, one who enjoys eating eight meals a day ~

What’s the true essence of human life?

It is to eat!

When you are born, you drink milk……

When you grow up to study and work for money, it was to buy more good things to eat…

What’s the purpose of traveling? To eat all the good stuff around the world…

What’s the reason for war? To get land from others so that you can grow excellent food to eat…

What’s the purpose of exploring other planets? It’s naturally to find new food ingredients on them…

Even though Huan Qing Yan studied in the arts and performances, she always picked programs that were related to food to work in. Her goal in life was to become a female host of a food-related channel on TV.  

Now that she had crossed over, she could now save the effort to reach her goal.

Huan Qing Yan felt that this Spirit Treasure Continent was basically heaven. She had to do everything in her power to become a qualified member of this continent.

Huan Qing Yan began to have some small expectations!

As she was about to protest at how the royal guards dragged her away in an uncomfortable manner without giving her a chance to explain, her mind suddenly felt something trying to expel her out!

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