Volume 1, Chapter 25: Slow


Yun Qian Yu can tell that the voice belongs to Hua Man Xi, Duke Rong’s first born.  She couldn’t stop her lips from curling.  He is clearly here to probe others and yet he has the face to sound so pompous?


Gong Sang Mo’s pale blue figure appears above the bamboo forest.  He tuck his hands on his back as his sleeves and hair dances with the wind.


“This king knew you would come here.  If anything happened to your little life, how will this king explain this to Grandfather Hua?  Putting everything into consideration, this king lightened the security measure yet Hua shizi still couldn’t get over them.  How unfortunate ah!”


Hua Man Xi who had been struggling almost vomit blood upon hearing him.  Is this considered a light security measure?  Is that smiling fox ridiculing him?  Implying that he is too weak?  Unconvinced, he gets up to try once more.


Gong Sang Mo suddenly adds, “This king already restored the matrix method to it’s usual condition.  If Hua shizi didn’t mind making Grandfather Hua bury his young ones, then by all means, continue trying.”


Hua Man Xi stop in his steps; he understands that Gong fox all too well.  He means every single thing he said.


His life is very precious, he is the only grandson from the primary lineage ah!

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(TN: Primary lineage means that his mother is the primary wife, which is the main wife.)


“This is just a stupid courtyard!  If you won’t let me in, I will go to Grandfather Gong to complain!”  After saying that, his battered red silhouette disappears.


Gong Sang Mo turns around and naturally place his eyes on Yun Qian Yu’s window.  Their eyes interlock and the two people froze.  Gong Sang Mo retrieves his composure first.  He smiles at her and nods before jumping down and heads back to his chamber.


Yun Qian Yu froze as she stands there, her hand clutching her chest.  Why did her heart suddenly jumped just now?  That was the second time she ever felt that weird sensation.


She is very curious about things she cannot control.  She retrieves her eyes and looks at the door.  On the other side of the door, just beyond the staircase is Gong Sang Mo’s chamber.


She ponders for a while and still cannot grasp the meaning behind that feeling.


“Mistress, why don’t you rest for a while?”  Chen Xiang’s word breaks off Yun Qian Yu’s thoughts.


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She shakes her head to get rid of the thoughts in her mind before nodding and reclining on the bed.  She close her eyes.  The most important thing right now is to recuperate.


The sleeping Yun Qian Yu is then woken up by Chen Xiang.  She hazily opens her eyes and quickly realized where she is right now.  Her pair of water-like eyes clears up.


“Mistress, it is noon.  Xian Wang is waiting for you to eat lunch in the old wangye’s courtyard.”  Chen Xiang gently informs her.


“Oh, how fast.  Help me change, then.”


Yun Qian Yu gets up and receives a wet towel from Yu Nuo.  She uses it to wipe her face, feeling invigorated a little.  Chen Xiang already prepared another set of blue dress.


The two girls help her change dress.  After that, Yun Qian Yu heads to the dresser and sits in front of it.  Yu Nuo’s nimble hands ties her hair into three different sections before layering them and tying them with blue ribbons.  From behind, you can see three ribbons tied into little bows, dangling from behind her neck into her back.  It looks simple yet elegant.


Actually, Yun Qian Yu is already of-age, she can puts on all kinds of beautiful hairstyles.    But she has no interest in them nor does she likes putting on gold and silver headwear on her hair.  Because of this, they didn’t change her hairstyle.  Yu Nuo is already so used to doing this style that she can do it with one hand.


Yun Qian Yu never put on any headgear, not even on her fifteenth birthday a couple of days ago.  The Yun Valley’s servants all wondered why.  Despite that, the celebration itself was merry and jovial.


She push open the door and is greeted with the sight of Gong Sang Mo who is standing there with his hands tucked behind him.  He had also changed into another robe in the color of pale blue.  There are patterns of bamboo trees on his robe.  His face resembles a delicate jade; he has that fresh and clear look in him that makes people feels clean.  And that unperturbed and placid look on his face makes it hard for people to believe that he is only eighteen.


Gong Sang Mo followed his grandfather to war when he was only ten.  By the time he was twelve, he was already leading the Gong Clan’s army to protect the country in the border.  When he was fifteen, he already became a figure that was feared throughout all three kingdoms.  Because of that, he lost the impulsive nature that most youth possessed.  Because of that too, nobody dared to view him in the same light as other young men.


Once Gong Sang Mo turns around to face Yun Qian Yu, a trace of astonishment flashes in his eyes.  He quickly conceals them as he smiles, “Let’s go!”


After he said that, he takes the first step and walks down the staircase.  Yun Qian Yu simply nods as she follows him from behind.


Upon stepping out of Qian Yu Pavillion, the two people walk side by side.  The old wangye’s courtyard is located at the far left side of the manor; hidden amongst green trees.  The red painted door is open as the housekeeper Yun Shan waits over there.  Seeing Gong Sang Mo and Yun Qian Yu, he smiles happily and welcomes them.


“Please come in; wangye, princess.  Lunch is ready.”


Gong Sang Mo nods before leading Yun Qian Yu into the courtyard.


Yun Shan follows him before saying in a low voice, “Wangye, Hua shizi is also here.  He appears really upset.”


“Let him be.”


Yun Qian Yu raise her eyebrows when she hear that, this Hua shizi is really interesting.


The wangye ordered lunch to be served in the flower hall.  Before Gong Sang Mo and Yun Qian Yu even gets to step into the flower hall, they hear the sound of Hua Man Xi complaining, “Grandfather Gong, you have to vent for me!  That despicable smiling fox!  Why was he being so secretive over that courtyard?  Can’t people even have a look?”


Murong Yu Jian who sits next to him steps in, “Brother Hua Xi, Brother Sang Mo has never allowed anyone to enter his courtyard.  You know that very well.  Why did you go there to seek trouble anyway?  You ended up embarrassing yourself to this degree.”


“Then why did that girl can?” Hua Man Xi complain loudly.


The old wangye’s eyes are narrow as he laughs, “Who told you to be born as a man?  If you were a girl, you probably will have the chance to enter the courtyard!”


Hua Man Xi chokes, understanding what the old wangye is implying.  He was right!  That smiling fox likes that girl!


He already saw what she was capable of when he followed Feng Ran yesterday.  That girl is indeed not as fragile as she appears to be!


She was able to do things while not leaving any traces that can lead back to her!  He is secretly amazed inside; he wants to give her a big thumb up.  He wonders how Rui Qinwang feels; knowing it was all premeditated by someone but not being able to investigate anything.  How much grief must he have felt; losing the authority for Hu Wei Camp and having three of his supporters cut off of him and yet still could not detect any traces of the perpetrator.  The people in Rui Qinwang’s manor must have been preparing water basin for him to vomit blood into.


Yun Qian Yu who is at the entrance raise her eyebrows as she looks at Gong Sang Mo hesitantly.  Only women can enter his Qian Yu Pavillion?


The wise and smart Yun Qian Yu is abnormally clueless when it comes to matters between men and women.  Xian Wang grieves, the road to chase this wife is so long, he cannot see the other side ah!


They had known each other for three years.  No matter what he did for her, she wouldn’t view it in a romantic point of view.


Love and affection that are always in the eyes of other women when they stare at him has never appeared in her eyes.


Gong Sang Mo helplessly rub his own forehead before taking this chance to express his affection once more.


“Only you can enter Qian Yu Pavillion; and only you can in the future.”


Yun Qian Yu froze, only she can enter?  Why is it so?


Seeing her expression, Gong Sang Mo knows that she still didn’t understand him.


Seeing the two at the entrance, the old wangye loudly calls for them, “Why aren’t you two entering?”


Yun Qian Yu merely puts her questions in her heart.


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