Chapter 19

“Xiu’er, what are you saying? Tell mother what exactly happened.” Madam Luo stared at her own daughter. In spite of Yang Xiu Er’s tone of speaking to her was not at all good, but she could not bring herself to hit her or scold her.

Yang Xiu Er saw that Madam Luo was worried about her and not meaning to see a joke out of herself and knew that she was somewhat out of the line before, saying like she was wronged: “Mom, how can Ning Meng Yao she be like that towards me.” Thinking of the things happening in the town, she was feeling very wronged.

Right now, because of the cart fee that let her throw away her face in front of other people and also harming her to throw away face in Luo Yun Pavilion, all of these were Ning Meng Yao’s fault.

“Aa? What in the world happened?” Seeing her daughter’s wronged until letting out tears, Madam Luo became worried and immediately opened her mouth to ask.

Yang Xiu Er told Madam Luo everything that happened in the town, then Madam Luo heard this happening. Was it not only two wen? It’s not like she did not have any. How can she just like this not give her daughter any face? Really too much.

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And on what basis did she not bring her daughter to Luo Yun Pavilion?

Thinking of these, the fire in Madam Luo’s eyes sprouted out non-stop and pulling Yang Xiu Er to go find Ning Meng Yao: “Let’s go find that slut, mom wants to ask her, on what basis did she treat you like this.”

If it was before, Yang Xiu Er would definitely go, but now she did not dare to, afraid that when they went over, not only would not they give trouble to Ning Meng Yao, they would hang themselves instead.

Stopping her footsteps and pulling Madam Luo’s hand, Yang Xiu Er cooled down: “Mom, we cannot find trouble to Ning Meng Yao right now, I will first lay her aside for a few days then speak.” At that time when she find trouble to Ning Meng, she would know what to say.

Going at this time would only make her land herself in the other party’s hands.

Madam Luo heard this and felt that her daughter’s words were true and agreed to it: “Then you oversee how it goes, but this kind of wronged will you just accept it?”

Yang Xiu Er sneered. Letting her got wronged? How could it be? Wait until she dig out all of Ning Meng Yao’s secrets, she would make Ning Meng Yao know what the outcome of offending her would be.

Towards the scheme of this mother and daughter pair, Ning Meng Yao of course would not know, she was retouching the patterns she embroidered on the cloth.

Yang Xiu Er purposely neglected Ning Meng Yao a few days, not coming over to find her for a long time. Today, Yang Xiu Er carried a face full of smiles and took her own embroidery over to find Ning Meng Yao.

Just entering the door and seeing Ning Meng Yao was giving the children a lesson, she became dissatisfied in a moment: “Meng Yao, what are you doing? Come over here, let’s embroider together.”

Ning Meng Yao’s gaze when looking at Yang Xiu Er was like seeing an idiot. How exactly did she grew up to this day? She was so stupid.

At the moment, Ning Meng Yao was teaching the children how to read a book and recognize the words and if there was nothing to do, the villagers would also came over to listen, but they were all standing outside and quietly listened. But now, as luck would have it, once Yang Xiu Er come, she wanted to cut off Ning Meng Yao’s lesson and wanted Ning Meng Yao to put down the matter of teaching the children words to run over to embroider together with her.

This was just delaying the children’s big matter.

The women that were listening to Ning Meng Yao’s lesson outside was not willing and walked inside from the door to looked at Yang Xiu Er happily and saying: “Xiu’er girl, it has been a long time already, you should have known that forenoon is the time that MEng Yao teaches the children to read books and know words. You letting her to put down her matter to accompany you embroider, is it feeling that your matter is more important than teaching the children reading books and know words?”

“That’s right, can’t you see that the children are earnestly studying? You ran over here to give what trouble?”

“I….I….” Yang Xiu Er was reproached by the crowd, her face was somewhat ugly and turned her head to look towards Ning Meng Yao to see Ning Meng Yao using indifferent gaze to look at herself, as if there was nothing related to her.

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“Everyone, no need to get angry, let us continue.” Ning Meng Yao opened her mouth to placate the angry women and then looked at Yang Xiu Er: “I hope you can be quiet.”

Finished speaking, she looked at the children and let them turned the page over to continue the lesson while Yang Xiu Er’s face then swelled red.

Time was still early right now. Ning Meng Yao taught the children some words and then taught them how to count all the way until it was almost noon. Only then did she arranged homework for the children and let them return home.

Towards Ning Meng Yao’s teaching method, the children liked it very much. Going to school to learn, they could still play during afternoon and there was time to rest while they play and study, they were really happy.

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