Chapter 18

She also taught her not little things, but the embroideries Yang Xiu Er’s embroidered were all rigid, completely not alive at all. Those kind of things, if Aunt Luo whole-heartedly able to accept, then it would be weird.

But Yang Le Le was different. Yang Le Le was very talented, only needing to be taught much more then she would be a master at it. It was this point that Aunt Luo put importance to, giving her face and at the same time, also giving Yang Le Le benefit.

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Once Yang Le Le heard this, she laughed. Yang Xiu Er always said her embroidery was this and that good, but never did she imagine that her embroidery, once given to Yao Yao would be acknowledged as nothing at all.

What the both of them did not know was after they walked away, Yang Xiu Er took her own embroidery to Luo Yun Pavilion, wanting to use Ning Meng Yao’s name to sell her embroidery away.

But she did not imagine that Aunt Luo would argue that her embroidery was nothing at all and only after this did she crestfallenly brought away her thing and sold it to another house.

Looking at Yang Xiu Er leaving. This person she had seen before, the one who came with Ning Meng Yao. That time she thought that Ning Meng Yao would introduce them, but she did not, moreover her embroidery was really not something she was able to accept.

The needle technique seemed like one learnt from Ning Meng Yao, but it was unusually rigid, it was not even flexible, it could not be compared to Yang Le Le at all.

Earning money today, Yang Le Le felt very happy, saying that she wanted to take Ning Meng Yao eat delicious food.

Finally, both of them decided to eat a bowl clean from one of the stalls at the side of the road. The taste was indeed not bad at all.

“Yao Yao, do you need to buy anything else?”

“Buy some rice noodles, there is none left at home.” She only ate for one person so every time she bought, it won’t be much that was why she would often buy rice.

“Let’s go then.”

They arrived at the rice shop and bought ten pounds of rice noodles and then bought some pig meat and big bones.

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“Why did you buy this bone? It has no meat.” Yang Le Le looked at the bone in Ning Meng Yao’s hand with dislike, no understanding why would she spent money to buy this bone, all other people bought it to feed their dog.

Ning Meng Yao said a few words to Yang Le Le’s ear in a small voice and saw Yang Le Le widen her eyes and looked at her, “Really?”

“Of course, why would I lie to you?”

“Then I will also buy some back home to boil soup and drink.” She said as she took two excellent bones. The head of the bones still had some meat and both cost two wen in total.

After buying the things needed, they both prepared to go back home and at the gate of the town, the cart’s old man had waited there, but they didn’t see any trace of Yang Xiu Er.

“Let us set off.”

Arriving back home, Ning Meng Yao taught Yang Le Le how to boil the bones to make soup to drink and gave her some of the seasoning powder bought.

“Is it really as good as you said?” Yang Le Le had some uncertainty and asked.

Ning Meng Yao nodded her head: “It is good for children and old people to drink bone soup. If you feel that only bone is not good enough, then you can add some mountain herbs or radish.”

“Okay then. I will try tonight.” Yang Le Le saw Ning Meng Yao saying like that and was not uncertain anymore as she took her own things back home, in addition, she told Ning Meng Yao that she would come tomorrow to embroider together.

Arriving back home, Yang Le Le could not wait and pulled her mother over as she happily said, “Mother, this time, I sold my pouches and handkerchiefs for one two silver.”

“Aa? That much? Didn’t they cost three hundred and more wen before?” Madam Yang that was Yang Le Le’s own mother looked at Yang Le Le with disbelief and asked.

Yang Le Le told Madam Yang about Ning Meng Yao taking her to Luo Yun Pavilion. After listening to the end, Madam Yang smiled and said: “Since Meng Yao that child wants to help you, you should embroider in earnest so that you won’t throw away her face.”

“Mother, I know la. I will definitely do that.” Yang Le Le nodded her head in seriousness. She of course knew that Ning Meng Yao was helping her, otherwise she won’t bring her to Luo Yun Pavilion.

The Yang Xiu Er who also arrived home was not as happy as Yang Le Le. Once she thought of the shame she received at Luo Yun Pavilion and thought of Ning Meng Yao taking Yang Le Le to Luo Yun Pavilion, also introducing her to the boss inside, her heart would hated it so much.

“Xiu Er, what happened to you? Did you not go with her to the town?” Madam Luo looked at her daughter coming back home carrying a face full of anger and asked with some oddness.

Not mentioning it was good, but one it was spoken of, the flame in Yang Xiu Er’s eyes became even more obvious and heatedly glared at her own mother.

“It’s not your business.”

Madam Luo choked and looked at Yang Xiu Er in anger. She saw her child was not happy and then asked, was that her fault?

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