Chapter 23: The Emperor is Gay


Eunuch Lin who is outside the door comes in and respectfully tells the empress, “Your Ladyship, perhaps you should return to Feng Yang Palace first.”


Mo Qi Qi scowls at Jun Qian Che, “People’s goodwill is repaid with anger ah!  What kind of a person are you?  Hmph!”  She angrily brush her sleeves and walk away.


Eunuch Lin studies the emperor’s expression that didn’t look too good and tactfully retreats.


Mo Qi Qi leaves as she huffs angrily, Eunuch Lin chases after her, “Your Ladyship, please wait.”


Mo Qi Qi stops and look at Eunuch Lin as she furiously speaks, “What? I say, your emperor’s temper is so foul, he is angry all the time!  Ungrateful and don’t know what’s good for him!  How long have you been working for him?”


Eunuch Lin respectfully replies her, “Answering Your Ladyship, this servant has been with His Majesty ever since he was born.  Back then, this servant was only 18 years old.  In the blink of an eye, 22 years has passed.


Mo Qi Qi pats Eunuch Lin’s shoulder in pity, “It is not easy ah.  Following this temperamental person for so many years, it’s been hard on you.  The emperor should give you an award for your hard work.”


“Your Ladyship is joking, being able to serve the emperor is this servant’s good fortune.  Actually, His Majesty has always been calm and mature ever since he was little.  Rarely will he get angry.” Eunuch Lin honestly replies.  Actually, he doesn’t understand the emperor always lost his composure everytime he is with the empress lately.


Mo Qi Qi gets even angrier as she hears that, “If you put it like that, all his anger is directed to me alone?  Is it because he thinks I am easily bullied!”


Eunuch Lin quickly help Jun Qian Che speaks, “Your Ladyship misunderstood His Majesty.  This servant heard everything Your Ladyship and His Majesty spoke about just now.  What happened today isn’t the emperor’s fault.”


Mo Qi Qi laughs bitterly, pointing at herself, “Huh!  Then, are you saying it is my fault?  Everything I said was said for his own good, but he can’t see other people’s good intention.  Why are you putting the blame on me?”


“Your Ladyship, do you really not understand the emperor’s heart?” Eunuch Lin earnestly asks.


Mo Qi Qi scoffs, “He is so emotionally unstable, who can understand his heart?  I am not interested to understand anyway.  And I’m afraid, he too does not plan to let others understand.  People who tries to gauge an emperor’s heart is seeking for death.”


Eunuch Lin glance at the resting palace’s door and then drags Mo Qi Qi to the side.  He glance at all four directions before he says, “Does Your Ladyship knows why the emperor is sick?”

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Mo Qi Qi shakes her head before laughing evilly, “Must be because last night was too cold and he and Yang Guifei were busy sweating around, so he got sick.”


Eunuch Lin sighs, “Your Ladyship, you misunderstood His Majesty.  The emperor was worried about Your Ladyship when he found out about you being attacked last night.  He did not care about his own dragon body and brought people to search for Your Ladyship.  He searched for the entire night in the middle of the rain.  Even if the emperor had an iron-strong body, after being soaked by rain the entire night, he is bound to get sick.  After he returned to the palace, the emperor forbade anyone from saying a single word, so that the empress dowager wouldn’t find out and reprimand Your Ladyship.  His Majesty really care for Your Ladyship.  Your Ladyship must know about his heart for you.”


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Mo Qi Qi laughs coldly, “Hmph.  Yes, I understand.  I understand it very well!”  Oh, so he went to search for me?  More like searching for my dead body.  He was worried the assassins could not kill me, so he went to mend the blade.  Hmph! He wouldn’t allow people to speak it out because he didn’t want Duke Zhen to know.


Jun Qian Che, you are not human!  This lady will put you in mind!  Don’t ever let me catch your handle in the future or else, you are so done for.


Eunuch Lin is relieved, “As long as Your Ladyship understands His Majesty’s heart…..  Actually, His Majesty is only cold on the outside.”


“Right!”  Because on the inside, he is heartless and full of poison.  “Is there anything else?”


Eunuch Lin respectfully replies, “There is nothing else, Your Ladyship.”


Mo Qi Qi heartlessly walk away, cursing Jun Qian Che non-stop deep inside: This is the first time she ever met someone so cold-blooded and heartless like Jun Qian Che.  No matter what, he has been married to the owner of this body for two years.  He can actually kill her without blinking an eye!  After that, he even make his people tell her he got sick because of her.  What did he expect?  Her moving to tears, out of gratitude?  What a joke!


“Jun Qian Che, you really take me for a fool.”


“Aiyo!  Which blind person dared to bump into bengong?”  Walking out of Yu Jing Palace, Mo Qi Qi is fiercely bumped into by someone.  Her forehead aches from the collision and she unpleasantly looks up.


What she sees is a refined and elegant young man.  His lips carries a smile and his skin is really fair and delicate.  His eyes carries bright lights, it’s corner slightly raised; giving him a distinguished air.  His nose is straight, while his black hair is shiny and tidy, tied in a half-knot by a purple silk while the rest of his hair is put down.  When the wind blows, his hair floats.  He is the living embodiment of ancient beautiful male.  What a feast to the eye.


The man pays his respect to Mo Qi Qi humbly, “This official greets Your Ladyship.”


Mo Qi Qi quickly size up the man’s outfits; he is wearing a purple robe, the color for court officials.  Looking at the crane pattern embroidered on it, he is a civil official.  She quickly guessed the man’s position, this man is so young and yet he is already the prime minister.  But, what is the prime minister doing in the emperor’s resting palace?  Don’t tell her——–  The two people are actually gay.  If so, it might actually explain why he gets to be prime minister even though he is so young! Hahaha——-

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