Chapter 22: Why Are you So Fierce?


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Mo Qi Qi quickly waves her hand around, “No!  No!  Your Majesty, chenqie swears on the name of the heaven, chenqie does not blame you for taking Yang Meimei into the palace.  In fact, chenqie is very happy, how can I blame Your Majesty?  Chenqie told you, chenqie will be a virtuous empress from now on!”


Zhen only favors Shi Han, you really does not feel unhappy?” Jun Qian Che asks.


Mo Qi Qi’s eyes are earnest, enthusiastically nodding her head.  Her tone is sincere as she says, “Your Majesty, chenqie does not feel the slightest unhappy over you favoring only Yang Guifei.  You are the emperor, it is up to you who you wants to favor over.  Chenqie not only will not interfere, chenqie will also support you!”


Jun Qian Che gauge over her expression.  His heart feels a little unhappy seeing her truly not having jealousy.


Mo Qi Qi suddenly change the topic, “But Your Majesty, now that we’re talking about it, chenqie has a suggestion for you.”


“Suggestion?” Jun Qian Che scoffs as he direct his eyes back to the memorials, “Speak.”


“Your Majesty, even though your affection with Yang Meimei is a happy thing, but Your Majesty isn’t just any other person.  You are the emperor, an emperor is discouraged from training all his love to only one person.  Even though you and Yang Meimei are in love with each other, but you must not ignore the other concubines.”  To tell the truth, she really has no interest in the emperor’s love life, but those concubines visit her everyday to complain.  How troublesome.  Why should she be the one to clean his mess?


A touch of smile floats in Jun Qian Che’s eyes, “The empress is jealous?”


“Your Majesty, don’t slander me!  Chenqie is not jealous of Yang Meimei.  Ever since Yang Meimei entered the palace, Your Majesty spent every night there.  All the other concubines doesn’t dare to complain to you, but they came to me to complain.  It is really hard for chenqie ah.”


“You are the empress, maintaining a harmonious back palace is your responsibility.  This is within the scope of responsibility,” Jun Qian Che simply says.


Mo Qi Qi curse him in her heart.  Your mom!  Easy for you to say! “Hehe, even though the back palace is chenqie’s responsibility, but Your Majesty must not purposely make things hard for me.  There is little meat for a lot of people, and Your Majesty only gives that meat to Yang Meimei, how can the others be happy?  What can chenqie do?  Search for other meat to satisfy the rest of the people?”


Jun Qian Che glares at her.  Mo Qi Qi is scared, her little heart races in fear.  She quickly laughs, “Hehe, it was a joke.  Chenqie said so much only to tell you one thing, chenqie wish Your Majesty can be more partial, only then will the back palace be at peace and stable, and only then can Your Majesty concentrate on the court matters!”


“Is empress telling zhen to not to go to Yang Guifei’s palace?”


“Your Majesty misunderstood chenqie’s meaning.  Chenqie is not forbidding you from going to Yang Meimei’s palace, chenqie only wish Your Majesty can spend the night in other palaces once in a while.  Let the other Meimeis know Your Majesty does not favor only one, that can give them something to look forward to ah!”  That way this granny can shut those concubines’ mouths and search for ways to go back in peace.


“Then, in the empress’ opinion, whose palace should zhen go to?  Why don’t zhen go to empress’ palace?” he suddenly leans in to her with an ambiguous tone.


Mo Qi Qi quickly refuse him, “Not a good idea.”


Anger rises in Jun Qian Che’s eyes.


Mo Qi Qi puts some distance between them and boldly says, “Your Majesty, ever since chenqie fell from the viewing tower, chenqie has been suffering from headache.  I’m afraid I can’t serve Your Majesty.  If you don’t want to go to other’s palaces, then carry on going to Yang Meimei’s palace!  Chenqie will try my best to keep the peace within the back palace, but chenqie would like to give Your Majesty a piece of advice.  Your Majesty can favor Yang Meimei, but don’t forget to use contraception!  I heard Your Majesty and Yang Meimei are cousins, you two are blood-related, if Yang Meimei gets pregnant, things will not be good for the child!  Have you ever heard that child born from parents who are blood-related is easily sick?  They might have a lot of health issues, by then, not only will the imperial family lose face, Yang Meimei will also suffer.  That’s why Your Majesty must remember to use contraception, actually there are many ways to use contraceptive.  For example——-“


“Get out!” Jun Qian Che tries to contain his anger.


Mo Qi Qi continues speaking without common sense, “Your Majesty, chenqie said this for your own good.  Chenqie is also thinking for the future of the imperial family.  Adults must not ignore the prospect of their own child’s future just because they are having a good time.  Even though you are the emperor and is capable to raise many children, but—–“


“Get lost!” Jun Qian Che’s voice is full of anger.

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Mo Qi Qi is shocked.  She glares at him in displeasure.  “What are you so fierce about!”


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