Chapter 24: Making the Emperor Wear Green Hat


After mocking Jun Qian Che, she quickly compose herself and gives off that empress air, “Forego the formality, Prime Minister.”


“Thanking Your Ladyhip.  This official accidentally bumped into the empress, hope the empress isn’t upset.”  The man replies courteously.


Mo Qi Qi gives him a generous laugh, “Since it was not done on purpose, how can bengong gets upset at the prime minister?”


The man is slightly startled as he stares at Mo Qi Qi.


Mo Qi Qi catches onto the dumbfounded look in his eyes and quickly asks, “Why is the prime minister looking at bengong like that?  Is there something wrong with bengong?”


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The man retrieves his eyes, “Nothing.  It has been a while since this official met Your Ladyship, Your Ladyship changed a lot.”


“Everybody change at one point!” Mo Qi Qi smiles, don’t tell her he already sees through her.


The man laughs, “What Your Ladyship said is right.  This official heard the empress mumbling about the emperor just now, could it be that the empress got into another fight with the emperor?”


“I am too lazy to fight with people like Jun Qian Che who cannot see other people’s good intention!” Thinking about Jun Qian Che makes her even angrier.


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The man laughs, “Now this is the empress this official remembers.  The unruly part of Your Ladyship still hasn’t change.”


“You——– Hmph! Birds of a feather flock together!” Too lazy to deal with the man, she angrily strides away.


The man shakes his head as he laughs before striding into Yu Jing Palace.


After Mo Qi Qi left, Jun Qian Che continues criticizing the memorials.  But the scene of the empress and that man in the viewing tower keeps flashing in his mind, causing him to brood in anger.  He angrily fists his hands, wanting to vent the anger within his chest.


Prime Minister Chu Ling Xiao walks in and says, “Greeting the emperor.”


Jun Qian Che’s wandering thoughts are pulled back, “Ling Xiao, you are back.  What of the thing zhen asked you to investigate?”


Chu Ling Xiao quickly takes out a folder and places it on the emperor’s dragon desk, “Everything Your Majesty wanted is in here.”


Jun Qian Che takes it and opens it up.  He narrows his eyes, giving out a dangerously cold aura, “Mo Clan’s ambition is really big, they managed to draw in so many people from the previous era.”


“Not only from the previous era, I’m afraid we must not overlook their influence in the military camps.” Chu Ling Xiao’s tone is light and laid back, as though he is telling a joke.


The emperor puts away the folder as he says, “Zhen already asked Yi Xiao to investigate the military camps.  He should be back in the capital soon.”


Chu Ling Xiao nods, “Since General Han personally went to do the deed, this official believes the investigation will be successful.  When does Your Majesty plan to act on Mo Clan?  Mo Clan’s authority is too big, I’m afraid eradicating them will be a little hard.”


Jun Qian Che’s handsome face is twisted coldly, “Before Mo Clan’s support becomes even larger, zhen will pull them out one by one until there is nothing left in the end.”


“This official heard the empress puts on a green hat on Your Majesty not too long ago.  Why didn’t you take that chance to place the blame on Mo Clan?” Chu Ling Xiao asks wonderingly.  (TN: Puts on a green hat on someone means cheating on somebody.  The person wearing the green hat is the one being cheated on.)


Now that the matter has been brought up, Jun Qian Che gets even more furious.  “Do you think zhen doesn’t want to do that?”


“Then why didn’t you?” Chu Ling Xiao answers his own question, “Ah, this official understands.  Duke Zhen and Mo Cheng Xuan were fighting in the war back then, if Your Majesty lifts your hand against the empress and Mo Clan, they might collude with the enemy against our Hua Chen Kingdom.  That, added with the fact that we couldn’t catch the man she was having an affair with makes it hard to move against Mo Clan.  Most importantly—– if this news spreads out, it will damage Your Majesty’s name.  After all, nothing is more insulting to a man than wearing a green hat.”


Jun Qian Che glares at Chu Ling Xiao.


Chu Ling Xiao only shrugs and says, “What is the point of looking at me like that?  At the end of the day, I am still your younger cousin, I care about your private matters.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  I saw the empress leaving in anger just now, she must be discontented with you again.  Careful!  She might make you wear a green hat again, oh!”


Jun Qian Che is not angry, in fact he laughs, “Zhen heard Imperial Aunt has been trying to find you a wife.  Do you want zhen to bestow you an arranged marriage?”


Chu Ling Xiao laughs along with him, “Your Majesty, this official was only joking, don’t be angry!  I had only returned to the capital, I still haven’t meet my mother.  This official should not bother Your Majesty any longer, this official retreat first.”  Chu Ling Xiao hastily leaves.


Jun Qian Che fist his hands in anger as he mutters darkly, “Mo Qi Qi, you betrayed zhen over and over again.  You courted death with your own hand.  Zhen will not indulge you anymore, don’t blame zhen.”


The night is cold, the moon peeks out and bear witness to everything that happens on that quiet night.

Everything has settled down in Feng Yang Palace.


Mo Qi Qi had to tend to Jun Qian Che for the better part of the day and was emotionally exhausted.  After returning to Feng Yang Palace, she ate dinner and went to bed.


At that moment, a black silhouette appears next to Mo Qi Qi’s big rosewood bed.  The person quietly sits on her bedside, watching Mo Qi Qi who is sleeping soundly.  He slowly raises his palm and concentrates all of his energy to the center of his palm.  He directs it to the crown of her head.  As his palm nears her head, the energy within it spins vigorously.  Jun Qian Che stares at her sleeping face, his heart suddenly turns soft.  If he carries on, he knows the energy channeled by his palm can kill her.  When the time comes, he will declare to the world that the empress suddenly dies from illness.  By then, he can root out Mo Clan’s power in the harem.  If Duke Zhen makes a big deal out of this, he will take advantage of that and root out Mo Clan as a whole.  But now, his hand refused to follow his head.


No, he must kill her tonight.  He cannot hesitate any longer.  Mo Qi Qi, now that you betrayed zhen with another person, zhen refuse to accommodate you.  You brought this onto yourself.  If you want to blame someone, just blame your status as a daughter from Mo Clan.  You have been entangled with zhen for two years, it is time to unwind everything.





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