Chapter 25: Zhen Did Not Kill Her


He raise his hand once again; just as he was about to channel his energy, she suddenly speaks.


“Your Majesty, chenqie is wrong.  Really really wrong.”


“From now on, chenqie will be more generous, more virtuous.  Chenqie will no longer be jealous.  Chenqie will definitely be an empress that can satisfy Your Majesty.”


“Hehe, even though Prince Qi Xian is so handsome, he still lacks a little compared to Your Majesty.”


“Scalding hot ah!  Your Majesty, you are sick?”


“Hmph, Your Majesty only likes to bully chenqie.”


“Light is wrong, not light is also wrong!  What should I do to satisfy you?”


Jun Qian Che’s hand refuses to move.  He has never been an indecisive person, nor was he someone who softens towards women.  He has always been swift and ruthless, decisively cold-blooded, but what is happening to him tonight?


After a moment of hesitation, he retrieves back his hand as he looks at her, his heart rendered a complete mess “Mo Qi Qi, which is the real you?”


And Mo Qi Qi who is immersed in her dream suddenly frowns, stretch out her two hands and blindly hits whatever in her way as she growls, “Jun Qian Che, you bastard!”


Jun Qian Che freezes, unhappily glaring at her.


Mo Qi Qi continues, “You lied to me!  You told me you love me, why did you marry another woman behind my back?  You piece of trash!  I will hit you to death!  I will hit you to death——“


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Jun Qian Che grabs one of her dishonest hands as he looks at her, “You really mind me marrying another women?  Didn’t you flashily told everyone you plan to be a virtuous empress?  All of those generosities are just an act?  You finally learned how to control your temper ah?”


Jun Qian Che has no idea that the Jun Qian Che in her dream is a different person.  (TN: If you read the story from the beginning, the female lead’s (ex)boyfriend’s name in the modern time is also Jun Qian Che.)


“Papa, mama, where are you both?  I miss you so much—–“ Mo Qi Qi mumbles in her sleep.


Jun Qian Che cannot understand what she is talking about.  Ever since she fell from the viewing tower, her entire person seemed to have changed.  Not only did her personality changed, the way she speaks can also be weird at times.

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Mo Qi Qi, who was that man from the other day?  And who is the person in your heart?


Seeing the jade bracelet in her wrist, he suddenly feels furious for no apparent reason.  He lets go of her hand, gets up and leaves the room.


After leaving Feng Yang Palace, Jun Qian Che heads to Gui Ning Palace, Yang Shi Han’s resting palace.


Yang Shi Han who is wearing an amorous rose red dress looks at Jun Qian Che as he walks in. She quickly runs to his side and clings to his arm, coquettishly saying, “Your Majesty, you have come.”  She drags him to sit in front of a table.  Her beautiful pair of eyes are trained on him, her lips raised upwards.  She turns to the lady-in-waits inside and says, “All of you retreat.”




There are only the two of them in the room.


Yang Shi Han urgently asks, “Your Majesty, did everything went well?  Is Mo Qi Qi dead?  Will I hear the news of her death tomorrow morning?”


Jun Qian Che looks at her and asks, “Do you really wish the empress dead that much?”


Yang Shi Han freezes before she laughs lightly, “Your Majesty, isn’t this what you have always been dreaming of?”  She burrows herself against Jun Qian Che’s chest before she sweetly speaks, “Auntie have always wished for me to become older cousin’s empress.  Didn’t you promised auntie you would consider?  Older cousin has never loved Mo Qi Qi, why would you continue to keep her by your side and hurt your own eyes?  She is Mo Clan’s daughter, you cannot keep her around.  Get rid of her first before slowly advancing for Mo Clan.”


Follow the husband after marriage, since she married zhen, she is zhen’s wife, Jun Clan’s daughter in law.


Yang Shi Han is astonished, “What do you mean by that, Your Majesty?  You came back from Feng Yang Palace just now, don’t tell me you didn’t———“


“Correct, zhen did not kill her.”

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