Chapter 26: Fighting For Favor

Chapter 26

Fighting For Favor


Yang Shi Han cannot believe this, she unhappily says, “Did Your Majesty suddenly feels compassionate?  Or ——did you fall in love with her?”


Jun Qian Che’s tone is calm as he speaks, “No.  Zhen just think this is not the best time to get rid of Mo Qi Qi and Mo Clan.”


Yang Shi Han looks at Jun Qian Che persuasively, “Your Majesty, indecisiveness is an emperor’s biggest taboo.  You must not ruin yourself beyond redemption just because of a woman.”


“You don’t have to worry, zhen knows what to do.  Zhen will deal with Mo Clan sooner or later and when Mo Qi Qi’s turn comes, zhen will not be light-handed.”  Coldness flashes in Jun Qin Che’s eyes.


The next day, the sun shines brightly and the air feels fresh, so Mo Qi Qi’s mood is naturally good.


But some people like to take advantage of her good mood and spoil her day.  Early in the morning, the concubines of the harem gather at her palace to complain.


“Your Ladyship, the emperor was sick yesterday so we all went to his palace to serve him.  He chased us all out, but in the evening, he went to Gui Ning Palace like usual.  I wonder what drug Yang Guifei had put on the emperor, His Majesty is so enthralled by her!”


“True!  We don’t know what black magic Yang Guifei practiced to seduce the emperor and made him favor only her.  The emperor did not come to our palaces for so long!”


“What’s even more infuriating is every concubine must pay respect to the empress every morning. That is a rule, but Yang Guifei never abide to them!  Your Ladyship, you must not allow her to continue behaving this way, or else, she will no longer view you as the empress.”


“True!  True!  Your Ladyship, you cannot be courteous with this kind of people!”


Mo Qi Qi helplessly sighs in her heart: People says that places with a lot of women have a lot of problems, they are right.  These women cannot sit still if the world is not in chaos.  What is even more infuriating is they don’t dare to say all these to the emperor or Yang Guifei, they keep egging her to, instead.  Jun Qian Che, since you only plan to love Yang Shi Han, why do you keep so many women beside you!  He is only troubling his empress!  Since she is already in this position, she can only act along.


Mo Qi Qi sighs as she looks at the bitter expressions of the concubines, “Bengong understand your grievance.  Bengong placed everything you said at heart, Bengong went to visit the emperor yesterday and tried all ways to stay in Yu Jing Palace to plead the emperor on behalf of all Meimeis.”


The concubines appear hopeful at what she said.  “Then what is the result, Your Ladyship?”


Everyone looks at Mo Qi Qi in anticipation.

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Mo Qi Qi put on a grieving expression and says, “The result?  The emperor got really upset and chased bengong out!  Yang Guifei is the treasure within the emperor’s heart these days, anyone who bears her ill-intention will receive the emperor’s wrath.  Bengong risked my own life to fight for Meimeis’ favors; pleading the emperor to be partial, but the emperor refused to listen to bengong.  Were it not for bengong’s father and brother’s victorious return from war, the emperor would have blamed bengong by now.”  Jun Qian Che, sorry la!  Who told you to leave this mess, this granny can only use you as the scapegoat.  Since you favor only Yang Shi Han, then both of you will have to be the villains this time.


The concubines are all disappointed, “How can this be?”


“The emperor did not give face to even the empress!  From the look of it, Yang Guifei really did seduced the emperor to oblivion.”


“This demon, what should we do about her?  Your Ladyship, you have to think of a way to deal with Yang Guifei!  His Majesty must not favor her alone!  If this goes on, she will threaten the empress’ position!”


The rest of the concubines continues to encourage her.  If this was the old empress, she would’ve gone to Yang Guifei long ago to settle the score.  Perhaps, she might even kill her!  By then, there will be pandemonium.  The emperor and the empress dowager will be provoked; and the empress will become a heartless woman whom everybody hates.  Yang Guifei will becomes the beauty who ruined cities while these people who encouraged her will watch everything playing out from the sideline.


But, Mo Qi Qi right now has no intention to fight for favor.  In fact, she’d like it better if the emperor did not step foot into her palace for the rest of her life.  Why would she go around and create trouble?


Even if Jun Qian Che plans to continue favoring Yang Guifei alone, the most she has to endure is to listen to all these complains.  She didn’t really lose anything.  Besides, if anything happens, all fingers will be pointed at Yang Shi Han anyway, nothing to do with her really.


Meimeis, bengong appreciate all the concern you have towards me, but no matter what, Meimeis have to stay level-headed!  Yang Guifei has only entered the palace, His Majesty’s fascination towards her is understandable.  Once the fascination wears out, he will naturally remembers all you here.  All of you have to be patient!” Mo Qi Qi sips on her tea, her tone light and laidback.


Seeing the empress so calm confuses all of the concubines.  Ever since her fall in the viewing tower, her personality took a great change.


“The emperor arrives!” an announcement comes from outside, exciting all the concubines who have not seen the emperor for such a long time.  All of them gets up to welcome him.

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