Chapter 27: The Emperor’s Reward


Jun Qian Che who is wearing casual clothes steps into the hall.  The crowd of concubines quickly pays their respect: “Chenqie greets Your Majesty.”


Jun Qian Che didn’t think they will still be in Feng Yang Palace, he coldly dismisses them, “Forego the formality.”


“Thanking the emperor,” they quickly get up and promptly circles Jun Qian Che.

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“Your Majesty, how is your illness?  No matter how important the court affairs are, you still need to mind your health!”


“Your Majesty, it has been a while since you last visited chenqie’s palace.  You used to love the tea that chenqie makes.  When will Your Majesty visit chenqie’s palace again?”


“Your Majesty, the flowers in the Imperial Garden has bloomed.  Would you like to view them with chenqie?”


Mo Qi Qi looks at this scene and secretly laughs.  The scene suddenly turns into that of wolves circling a lamb that is looking at her pitifully.   The amused Mo Qi Qi throws her head back and laughs even happier.  She suddenly feels as though a cold dagger is heading her way.  She lifts her head and sees Jun Qian Che looking at her icily.


She is startled and quickly erases that smile, replacing it with an elegant, dignified expression.  What Jun Qian Che means by that look is for her to send those concubines away.  It is very rare for her to see Jun Qian Che being surrounded helplessly like this, how can she do what he asks her to?  She immediately opens her mouth and speaks with grace, “Your Majesty, it is rare for Meimeis to see you.  They have been yearning for you.  Since you are not busy, why don’t you keep them company and chat with them?”


Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes and glares at her.  Mo Qi Qi shrugs and gives him a helpless look.


The concubines continue to fusses over him, “Your Majesty, don’t just stand. Please, sit.”


“Your Majesty, chenqie sees you are getting thinner lately.  Didn’t Yang Guifei serve you properly?”


“Yang Guifei has only entered the palace, she didn’t know Your Majesty’s favorite food.  You should go to chenqie’s palace, chenqie will personally cook for you!”


Mo Qi Qi is very pleased hearing them: Hahaha!  What Xu Pin said is too standard!  The emperor has been gracing Yang Guifei, that’s why he is getting thinner.  If she puts it like that, it means the emperor overdid it and overexerted himself!  They all says that men loses weight doing that, seems like it’s true!


Seeing that pleased smile on Mo Qi Qi’s face, Jun Qian Che gets really angry.  The previous Mo Qi Qi would have lost it upon seeing so many women surrounding him.  She would have given them a lesson by now.  Back then, he thought she was too overbearing and jealous; did not possess a single quality that the mother of the country should possessed.  But now, seeing her standing by the sideline like she is watching a good opera play, he suddenly feels angry.  He also feels irritated by the bunch of noisy women.  “Enough.  Zhen has something to speak to the empress.  All of you return to your palaces first!”


The concubines appear disappointed, “Your Majesty——“


Seeing this, Mo Qi Qi quickly helps the concubines speak up, “Your Majesty, Meimeis aren’t really outsiders.  If you have anything to say to chenqie, you can say it in front of them!”


Jun Qian Che glares at her.


Mo Qi Qi originally wants to say something more, but seeing that pair of icy eyes threatening her, she quickly loses her courage.  “Meimeis, bengong suddenly remembers that thing you told bengong just now.  Bengong would like to speak of them to the emperor.”


Though they did not waste this precious chance to see the emperor, they must digress to allow the empress to speak for them.  The emperor looks angry as it is, if they continue hovering, he might get upset.  “Chenqie retreats first.”

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They all gradually leaves.


Mo Qi Qi shakes her head in disappointment.  Such a good drama has ended, what a pity!


Jun Qian Che coldly questions her, “What were you saying with them?  What do you want to say to zhen?”


Mo Qi Qi gives him an eye-roll and helplessly says, “What else?  About you favoring only Yang Guifei.  I say, you are really something.  You were sick yesterday, can’t you rest for even a day?  You went and graced Yang Meimei even when you were sick, how can those meimeis not be jealous?  They came to chenqie’s place early in the morning to complain and only now did they finally leaves.  Your Majesty finally knows how hard chenqie has been having it!  This empress’ place is really not good!”


“So?” Jun Qian Che walks to the throne and sit on it.


Mo Qi Qi quickly seizes the opportunity and sits beside him, smilingly saying, “Chenqie helped ease your burden, perhaps Your Majesty should reward me a little.”


Jun Qian Che stares at her.  He outstretches his hand and lifts her exquisite chin.  His tone is ambiguous as he says, “How do you want zhen to reward you?”





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