Volume 1, Chapter 23: Granddaughter-In-Law

Chapter 23



Murong Bing hastily returns to her family’s manor, not knowing that the so-called lowly woman is inside the carriage in front of her.  It isn’t surprising; Yun Qian Yu’s carriage is the one from Yun Valley.  A sheltered lady like Murong Bing will never recognize it.


The old wangye inside the manor did not care for the rumors.  When Gong Sang Mo returned last night, he interrogated him about the granddaughter-in-law that he worried for so much.


Gong Sang Mo is really speechless when it comes to this grandfather of his.  Before he left for his own courtyard last night, he left the old wangye with this: “Your granddaughter-in-law will come tomorrow.  She will stay for a few days.”


The old wangye was so happy he couldn’t sleep the entire night!


The old wangye ordered all servants to clean the manor inside out early in the morning.  All of the servants are helpless; it hasn’t been two days since they last clean the manor so thoroughly and they have to clean it again?


After that, the old wangye even ordered the kitchen to prepare nutritious delicacies.  After that, he changed into a brand new robe and meticulously groomed himself.  He even combed his beard!


After that, he paces in the courtyard, repeatedly looking at the entrance.


Yun Shan, the housekeeper is helpless.  In the end, he told some servants to stand guard in the main entrance and to report everything that happens outside.


“They are here!  They are here!  Wangye has arrived!”  A little servant breathlessly reports as he runs over.  This has been a couple of trips for him, he is tired to death.


Before Yun Shan even gets to react, the old wangye quickly walks out with a delighted expression on his face.  The quick pace he walks with makes it hard for people to believe that he is already an old man with white hair.


The corner of Yun Shan’s lips twitches. Wangye-ah, remember your position!  Your position ah!  Even if she is a princess, you didn’t have to personally welcome her at the main entrance.  But, the old wangye didn’t even give him the opportunity to say that.  He is already nowhere in sight.


Yun Shan slaps his own forehead.  He is truly old but vigorous ah!  He helplessly chases after him.


As the carriage stop at the main entrance, two rows of servants are already waiting respectfully side by side.


The carriage can actually enter the manor, but Gong Sang Mo ordered them to stop at the entrance.  Others does not understand, but Yun Qian Yu does.  He is telling everyone who are eyeing them from the dark that Yun Qian Yu is truly ill.  She truly comes to Xian Wang’s manor to recuperate.


Chen Xiang and Yu Nuo help Yun Qian Yu steps down from the carriage.  She walk past the entrance in small steps, looking very weak and fragile.


Gong Sang Mo’s expression remains warm and gentle; like jade.  But San Qiu who stands behind him watches her as his face twitches.  She clearly recovered a lot of energy and yet she acts like the slightest blow of wind can topple her over.


Before he can even compose his expression, his face twitches even more upon seeing Yun Qian Yu all strong and rejuvenated again the moment she passes the entrance.  They didn’t even say anything; they didn’t even discuss with each other and yet they already have such tacit understanding of one another.


Just as the two were about to enter the inner gate, Gong Sang Mo suddenly pulls Yun Qian Yu away as the door opens from the other side.


Actually, Yun Qian Yu too can hear the vigorous sound of someone running from the other side.  As she looks up, she can see an old man with white hair running out.  He is wearing what appears to be a brand new blue robe.


San Qiu who didn’t manage to dodge him ends up bumping with that old man.  San Qiu quickly reach out and grabs that man.


“Old wangye, please be careful.”


Only then did Yun Qian Yu know that the old man is Xian Wang’s manor’s old wangye.  She cannot help but froze a little.  She didn’t think the old wangye will be someone like this.


The old wangye stands there as his appraising eyes looks at Yun Qian Yu from top to bottom.  The longer he studies her, the more satisfied he becomes.  He stroke his beard and nods continuously, secretly praising that brat for having sharp eyes.  The woman he chose is indeed outstanding.  He has never seen that calm and collected appearance in a woman before.


Even though Yun Qian Yu appears cold on the outside, she is secretly wondering on the inside: what is going on?  Don’t tell her he hastily ran out like that to look at her?


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Upon seeing the old Gong wangye, Murong Yu Jian crack a sweet smile: “Grandfather Gong, Yu Jian came to see you.”


Yun Qian Yu too curtsies and says, “Qian Yu greets old wangye.”


Chen Xiang, Yu Nuo, Feng Ran and the rest also pay their respect.


The old wangye happily speaks, “Forego the formality!  Forego the formality!  Such a good girl!  What a rarity!”


Seeing the old wangye praising Yun Qian Yu, Yu Jian steps forward, “What about me, Grandfather Gong?”


Only then did the old wangye realize Yu Jian’s presence; his face changes, “Oh, you little kid is also here!”


Yu Jian is immediately depressed, his adorable little snow-like face twisting into a frown.  Does he have no presence there?  He was the first one to greet the old wangye!


Gong Sang Mo understands his grandfather’s reaction.  He gently comforts Yu Jian, “You know it yourself, how much your Grandfather Gong likes girls.”


Remembering how Grandfather Gong would always seem to be fond of girls that were pretty; and how he would carefully ask about their families and origins, Yu Jian’s face improves a little.  But upon realizing that Grandfather Gong is doing all this to seek a wife for Brother Sang Mo, his heart is uneasy again.


Qian Yu Jiejie is the future wife he has in mind.  He must not let Grandfather Gong set her up with Brother Sang Mo!  Brother Sang Mo is elegant and refined, he is the kind that Qian Yu Jiejie will like.  What if Qian Yu Jiejie truly falls for him?  No, he must not let this happen!


Yu Jian’s pretty eyes turns as he thinks; after that, he laughs and force himself to make the cutest expression possible before he pulls at Grandfather Gong, “Grandfather Gong, do you have anything delicious food here?  I am hungry!”


The old wangye was busy staring at his granddaughter in law.  Upon hearing Yu Jian’s words, he slaps his own forehead, “Yun Shan!  Yun Shan!”


“Coming!  Coming!”  The first thing Yun Shan heard upon running over was Yu Jian’s complain of being hungry.


The old wangye glance at the breathless Yun Shan before rolling his eyes in disdain, “It has been years since you last went to war, just a few steps and you look like you are going to stop breathing.”


Yun Shan feels bitter on the inside but didn’t really say anything.  The distance from the old wangye’s courtyard with the main entrance is so large, but the old wangye didn’t notice that because he was too excited to meet his granddaughter-in-law.  Even those young servants were out of breath after a couple of trips from here to there, much less he, this fifty year old man!  He isn’t as energetic as the old wangye!


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“Old wangye, do you have any instruction?” Yun Shan wouldn’t dare to talk back; he immediately put on a pleasant face.


“Go and check the preparation in the kitchen!” The old wangye is quickly distracted from scolding Yun Shan.


“Don’t worry, old wangye.  Everything has been prepared in the kitchen; they are all nutritious delicacies!”  Yun Shan’s face flickers; breakfast has just passed, lunch is still a long way to go.  Didn’t the imperial grandson ate breakfast?


Only then did Yun Shan finally realize the presence of the Hu Guo Princess, the current subject of gossip in the capital.  Upon one look, he finally realized why the wangye who had been indifferent to everything could fall for her.   The two of them are so alike ah!


One disguises herself with coldness while another hides his true nature with his smile.  They both radiates loneliness from within them.


“Yun Shan greets Hu Guo Princess.” Yun Shan bend his body as he pay his respect.


His surname is Yun?  Even though Yun Qian Yu is a little intrigued inside, she nods at him gently.


Murong Yu Jian drags the old wangye through the door, “Grandfather Gong, hurry and get Yu Jian something to eat.”


The old wangye who is unhappy at being dragged around turns his head to look at Yun Qian Yu, “Yatou, quick!  Come with us!”


(TN: Yatou (丫头) in this context means girl.)



Yun Qian Yu replies him politely before turning to Gong Sang Mo with her brows raised.


Gong Sang Mo smiles gently, “My grandfather is actually very amiable, Qian Yu will know that soon.”


Hearing that, Yun Shan sighs.  Of course the old wangye is amiable, as long as you promise to give him great grandchildren, he will wholeheartedly give you his head to toy with if you ask for it.


A line of people follows the two figures in front as they enter the manor.


Gong Sang Mo brings Yun Qian Yu straight to his courtyard.  He knows that Yun Qian Yu still need half a month to recuperate even after drinking Yi Xiu Pill.  If she cultivate while soaking in the hot spring, she probably will be able to recover her inner energy within ten days.


Yun Qian Yu also knows that she had provoked Rui Qinwang after entering the capital; pissing him off and leaving him with no place to vent.  He must be eyeing her like a hawk right now.  He will definitely put her to death if he gets the chance to; perhaps his conspiracy and trickery are secretly waiting for her right now.   That’s why she must recover as soon as possible.  Only after her security is guaranteed can she finally move on to different things.


Yun Qian Yu looks up to the name plaque on top of Gong Sang Mo’s courtyard.  It has her name; not a single character of difference!


“Qian Yu Pavillion?” She mumbles under her breath.


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