Chapter 17

Aunt Luo was obviously willing. Although Yang Le Le’s current embroidery in her eyes was middle class, but having Ning Meng Yao this grandmaster here, wanting to embroidery an outstanding one was only a matter of time. Pulling in her at this time, would the one profiting later on not herself?

Yang Le Le went back to reality and heard Ning Meng Yao speaking with Aunt Luo, letting Aunt Luo taking care of herself, her eyes turned red in an instant, “Yao Yao, thank you.”

“We are friends, why thank you? You chat with Aunt Luo, I will go choose some embroidery cloth and thread.” Ning Meng Yao pulled Yang Le Le to Aunt Luo’s front, letting both of them chat while she walked to the side to start choosing.

Yang Le Le did not ask for an exceeding high price and just like this, Aunt Luo’s pricing made her shocked. Compared to the when she sold her embroidery in the past, it was more than double the price.

“Aunt Luo, this….”

“Although Aunt Luo also has the meaning to look at Meng Yao’s face, but Le Le, you have to believe in yourself. Your embroidery is just this much price.”

Yang Le Le was still not settled, even feeling down, saying, “But before, they said that my embroidery was not good.”

Aunt Luo did not know whether to cry or laugh as she looked at Yang Le Le, reaching out her hand to pat her shoulder and pointed at Ning Meng Yao who was still choosing. “Having this kind of grandmaster teaching you, do you think your embroidery can be bad? Those people are probably want to press down your price while making you gratefully sell your embroidery to them so that is why they said so.”

Yang Le Le listened and thought that it must be so. Yao Yao was that skilled and said she herself did not have any problem. Aunt Luo also said that she had no problems then she decided that it was like that.

“Thank you, Aunt Luo.” Yang Le Le felt embarrassed as her face became red.

“Alright, this is the money for your embroidery, take it” Giving around one liang to hand it over to Yang Le Le.

Yang Le Le took the money from the hands and her eyes were full of happiness. This was too good. “Aunt Luo, Yao Yao said that I can already embroider pillow cover and the likes, can I take some out?”

“Of course you can. Coincidentally, I have some here, they are married couple’s handkerchief. You come with me.” Aunt Luo listened and immediately pulled Yang Le Le over.

The embroidery mistress in her place all embroidery big ones like married couple’s handkerchief that not many would be willing to embroider because not only a lot of effort was needed, the price was also not high. She was worried that she would not be able to find anyone to embroider it, and in a doze, there was someone who sent pillows over.

Yang Le Le looked at the pillow cover she held, there was mandarin ducks playing in water, and blossoming lotus, also six sets of dragon and phoenix showing auspiciousness.

“Aunt Luo, there is still time for this, right?”

“Don’t worry, there is still more than two months of time, enough for you to embroider it,” Aunt Luo understood what Yang Le Le meant, she was probably worried that she won’t embroider well and could not finish in time.

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Once Yang Le Le heard it, she was relieved. Ning Meng Yao had finished choosing and went over to see the six sets of pillow cover in Yang Le Le’s hands. Looking at it, it was not that difficult, giving this to Yang Le Le for exercise was good.

“This is not bad; it fits your current embroidery.”

“Yes, Aunt Luo also said this.” Yang Le Le grinned, her heart was very happy. After this, she would sell her embroidery here. All of this was thanks to Yao Yao.

Both of them had chosen what they wanted to buy and Ning Meng Yao paid for them while Yang Le Le intended to deposit but Aunt Luo, considering Ning Meng Yao, did not accept.

Not long after walking out of the embroidery house, they saw Yang Xiu Er. The expression on her face was not good, especially the gaze she used to look at Yang Le Le.

Just now, she saw that Ning Meng Yao actually took Yang Le Le to the best embroidery house but did not bring her along with them. The prices for the embroidery there was better that other places by far.

“Ning Meng Yao, you can take her to Luo Yun Pavilion, why did you not take me along?” Yang Xiu Er asked in front of Ning Meng Yao.

“Why should I take you along?” Ning Meng Yao lightly looked at Yang Xiu Er and asked.

She brought Yang Le Le along because Yang Le Le was the friend she acknowledged and she wanted Yang Le Le to be able to earn more money, having better days, but what does Yang Xiu Er count for? Greedy.

Yang Xiu Er’s whole face was green and purple, not good to look at and stiffen her whole face to turn around and left.

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Seeing her like that, Yang Le Le frowned: “Yao Yao, I caused you trouble, didn’t I?”

“It’s alright. Your embroidery is up to Luo Yun Pavilion’s standard, that’s why I took you along and introduce you to Aunt Luo, but she cannot. Bringing her to Aunt Luo, even if she accepted, her heart won’t be comfortable.” Yang Xiu Er’s kind of embroidery, it was not good looking.

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