Chapter 16

Yang Le Le became worried and reach out to pull Ning Meng Yao’s sleeve, “Is mine good enough?”

“Don’t worry, it will be okay. Let’s go.” Patting Yang Le Le’s hand to placate her, Ning Meng Yao smiled.

Yang Le Le’s embroidery had been wholly seen by her and it was very good. Taking it here to sell was completely fine, it was only that Yang Le Le was not confident.

“Ya, is this not Meng Yao? You’re here. What good things did you bring this time?” the head of the embroidery house saw Ning Meng Yao and her eyes shone. The screen of embroidery Ning Meng Yao sent before was very good so she gave Ning Meng Yao a high price, but she sold it even higher. There were even people who asked her if there was more, but Ning Meng Yao did not come so she could only feel disappointed.

“Aunt Luo, there was some things happening at home recently and that is why I came late. This time I still want to sell embroidery. Le Le, this is the embroidery house’s head surnamed Luo. You can call her Aunt Luo.” Ning Meng Yao referred Yang Le Le to Aunt Luo.

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Yang Le Le was somewhat cramped as she called, “Hello, Aunt Luo.”

That timid gaze made Aunt Luo could not help but laugh, “This girl is too shy, but she is just a child, after all. We will first look at the embroidery screen, let the chit-chat come later.”


Ning Meng Yao took out her embroidery screen that was the drawing of ladies from a hand-held fan.

Aunt Luo turned her head to look at Ning Meng Yao, “This embroidery screen of yours hasn’t been done yet?”

“That’s right. The drawing of the ladies has eighteen drawings altogether, this is only one among them.” Ning Meng Yao’s embroidery was one of Jinling Eighteen hairpin.

“Really not bad, ah.” Just this one picture, Aunt Luo could see that this one whole embroidery screen was not mundane. If the whole embroidery screen was finished, even if it was not sold, putting it in her own store to achieve publicity was also good.

Thinking to this extent, Aunt Luo had some plan and looked at Ning Meng Yao, “Meng Yao, Aunt Luo wants this embroidery, I will give you one hundred liang for every piece.”

“Alright. I will probably take half a month of time to make one picture.”

“I have the time to wait. When the thing is hang in the store, then it will be a vivid signboard,” Aunt Luo immediately spoke out her own plans.

Once Ning Meng Yao heard it, she could not help but laugh up while Yang Le Le was already completely silly. An embroidery was priced one hundred liang? This, if all eighteen pictures were done being embroidered, then won’t it be a thousand and eight hundred liang? When did embroidery earn so much money?

Waiting until her embroidery was sold, Ning Meng Yao then put the purse, handkerchief and the like that Yang Le Le embroider on one side of the cabinet: “Aunt Luo, help me look at these. No need to raise the price because of me, just judge it by your own standard.” She wanted Yang Le Le to find her own confidence, knowing that her own embroidery was very good.

Aunt Luo looked and looked at Ning Meng Yao, then looked at the Yang Le Le who, in a moment, became a bit mentally disturbed as she understood what Ning Meng Yao meant.

Taking the purses and handkerchief to inspect from the needle technique to the pattern.

Picking a few and pointing at it, “These needle techniques are a bit rusty, the patterns embroidered was not that lively, but the rest is very good. The needle techniques, patterns and the matching colors are not bad at all. I want them all except those few, they cannot do.”

Aside from those few purses and handkerchief, the rest were done well. Thinking back, these were all the ones Ning Meng Yao taught her.

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When Yang Le Le heard Aunt Luo’s price evaluation, she was originally worried, but when she heard Aunt Luo said that aside from those few, she became silly in a moment as if there was unclear situation going on.

Looking at her like that, Ning Meng Yao explained to Aunt Luo, “When coming here with me, she was always worried that her own embroidery won’t be fit to sell.”

“So it’s like this, is she your disciple?” Aunt Luo laughed as she teased. From the needle techniques, it could be seen that this girl was talented, a good seedling.

“Half-disciple, but we are best friends, so I will trouble Aunt Luo to take care of Le Le.” Ning Meng Yao smiled, her whole face warm.

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