Chapter 19: Making the Emperor Make Fire


Jun Qian Che is someone who likes to have everything within his control.  He purposely block Mo Qi Qi from leaving to prevent her from meeting up with Prince Qi Xian, Jun Yue Hen.


Mo Qi Qi angrily makes her way to the kitchen, even though the kitchen is not big, it is well furnished and clean.  It is probably used to accommodate the emperor’s whims once is a while.


Jun Qian Che is a very diligent emperor.  He will not overlook the court’s matter even when he’s sick, he already told the servants to bring memorials from the Imperial Study to his Yu Jing Palace.  After drinking his medicine and feeling a little better, he immediately gets off the bed and sits on his desk, reviewing reports.


In the blink of an eye, an hour passed.  Mo Qi Qi hasn’t returned, he inevitably feels a little worried.  Actually, making her cook porridge is just a small punishment from him to her.  Based on her personality and bearing, she would not do things like cooking porridge, so why hasn’t she return?


Jun Qian Che continues reading the memorial, but his mind cannot focus on the report at hand.  Bad images start to surface in his heart.  He doesn’t have the patience to continue waiting, he gets up and walks out of the chamber.


Mo Qi Qi who is in the kitchen on the other hand, is hating Jun Qian Che through and through at this moment.  Making porridge is a piece of cake for her, but what makes it hard for her is how basic and ancient the appliances here are.  No matter what, she was a rich family’s young miss in the modern time, where would she learn how to use this earth-stove thing?  That is why black smokes are rolling out of the kitchen at that very moment.


Mo Qi Qi crouches in front of the earth stove, blowing the fire until she is half-dead, but no matter how hard she blows, there is only smoke and no fire.  She will die from asphyxiation soon.


Cough Cough Cough

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Jun Qian Che walks in and is greeted by that tragic sight.  He wave the smoke away and quickly reprimand Mo Qi Qi, “Mo Qi Qi, zhen told you to cook porridge, not smoke the kitchen!”


She gives him a big eye roll in her heart, and leans in to him jokingly, “Your Majesty, don’t you think this shrouding smoke make us look like we’re in a celestial dwelling?  Cough Cough Cough—-“


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He stretch out his hand and knocks her head unhappily, “Trust you to think of that.”  After that, he grabs her hand and drags her out.


Now that she is out of the kitchen, heaving in clean air, Mo Qi Qi finally feels like she is alive again.  “As expected, the air outside is so fresh!”


Jun Qian Che stares at her in disdain before ridiculingly says, “Didn’t you like the celestial dwelling inside?”


“Hehe, celestial dwelling naturally is only for celestials.  Chenqie is just a mortal, I have no fortune to be able to enjoy them.  But Your Majesty can go in and experience it for a while if you’d like.” A pair of clear eyes mischievously blink at him.


Jun Qian Che helplessly roll his eyes at her, too lazy to deal with her.


“Your Majesty, why are you here?” Mo Qi Qi asks in wonder.  Is he here to see her make a fool of herself?  This despicable man.


“Since empress don’t know how to make porridge, you should have just admit it right away.  No need to endure everything here.”  Jun Qian Che scolds her again.  When did this woman learned how to be so tolerant?


Mo Qi Qi is very unhappy when she hears him, “Your Majesty, you must not look down on people!  I’ll be honest with you, chenqie is actually very good at cooking!”


Jun Qian Che looks at the smoke rolling out of the kitchen before he glance at her.


Seeing that ridiculing look on his eyes, Mo Qi Qi really wants to hit him until he faints.  She angrily says, “Chenqie doesn’t know how to make fire, that’s all!”


Jun Qian Che mocks her, “This is the first time zhen heard about someone who can cook but cannot make fire.”


Mo Qi Qi is not satisfied, “Your Majesty, you have no idea how hard it is to make fire in this earth stove.  If you don’t believe me, you can try it yourself.”  I don’t believe you can do it, hmph!  How dare you laugh at this young lady, this young lady will make you look bad too!


Jun Qian Che glance at her in disdain, “How hard is it to make fire.”


Mo Qi Qi laughs in exaggeration, “Then, chenqie shall trouble Your Majesty to make the fire.  Chenqie will make the porridge, what do you think?”  Let’s see your capabilities!


Jun Qian Che stares at her and stride into the kitchen.


Mo Qi Qi quickly follows him.



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