Chapter 20: The Empress Who Is Suffering Grievance


Less than fifteen minutes later, the fire that would not light under Mo Qi Qi’s effort actually lights up, in fact, it is burning really hard.


Jun Qian Che glance at Mo Qi Qi, using his eyes to mock her.


Mo Qi Qi rolls her eyes but still gives him a big thumb up.  After that, she takes rice, lotus seeds and some other things to make him Eight-Treasure Porridge.  She will not let him look down on her!  Just like how he showed off when he makes the fire earlier, she too will show off and give him a delicious porridge!


Just like that, Hua Chen Kingdom’s most distinguished man and woman bustles busily in a small kitchen.


Not long after, displeasure rises between the emperor and the empress, “Your Majesty, your fire is too big!  My porridge is going to get scorched!  Make it smaller!  Smaller!”


“Mo Qi Qi, are you toying with zhen?” Jun Qian Che snaps unhappily.


Mo Qi Qi retorts back with a belly full of grievance, “How am I toying with you?  This porridge must be cooked with big fire at first and then left to boil slowly with small fire.  Can you do it or not!”


Zhen can’t!  You do it,” the emperor suddenly quits.  He is the ruler of the country, he is actually helping her make fire here and yet there she goes, going all choosy and picky.


Mo Qi Qi is also angry, she was communicating with him so nice and clear and yet he chose to be so unreasonable.  Only you can throw tantrum ah?  This granny can also throw tantrum, “Fine, I’ll do it!” I don’t believe I won’t be able to make the porridge without you!


All pair of husbands and wives have their own run-in periods, but the one between the emperor and the empress is long and difficult.


Fifteen minutes later, Mo Qi Qi look at the porridge in the bowl with a tearless weeping.  Then, she looks at Jun Qian Che.


Jun Qian Che scornfully says, “This is the porridge the empress cooked?  It really makes zhen looks at you with brand new eyes.  Zhen punish you to eat vegetarian food for one month.”


“Wei, Your Majesty!  How unreasonable can you be?  Is it my fault this porridge ends this way?  It’s all because of your no-good fire.”  Mo Qi Qi braves herself and refute him.


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Jun Qian Che glares at her.


Mo Qi Qi does not have the guts to lock eye with him, she droops her head low and mutters in grievance, “Hmph, Your Majesty only like to bully chenqie.  I come to visit Your Majesty out of goodwill after hearing about your illness.  If you are not touched, then fine.  But you even purposely makes me cook porridge for you.  I can clearly cook, the only problem was Your Majesty’s faulty fire, but in the end, you blame others after the porridge went bad.  I feel so wronged.  And now you’re even glaring at me like that—– huhuhu—-”  She suddenly feels so wronged.  Whenever she cooked for her family members or friends in the modern time, they would all sing praises for her.  But after arriving here, not only did she not receives his approval, he even look down on her, bully her.  This place is not fun at all, she wants to go home!  She wants to go back to the world that was hers!


Seeing Mo Qi Qi crying, Jun Qian Che actually feels a fierce tugging in his heart.  He is taken aback.  He has been with her for two years and the Mo Qi Qi in front of him were always overbearing and haughty.  She never showed him a trace of a delicate young maiden air at all, much less her tears.


So, when faced with this kind of her, he is at loss, “W-Why are you crying?”


“You wronged me, of course I will cry!  I am obviously a great cook, but you keep denying that, you are purposely bullying me!”  Mo Qi Qi sniff in grievance.


Looking at her weeping face that resembles a pear blossom being bathed by rain, Jun Qian Che’s cold heart softens a little.  He steps forward and help her wipe the tears.  His voice is stiff as he says, “Alright, don’t cry.  You don’t have to cook anything from now on.”


Mo Qi Qi wipe her tears and earnestly tells him, “I can really cook!  This time, everything is your fault!” What is right and what is wrong must be said very clearly.  Argh, why did she suddenly cried in front of him?  How embarrassing.  She is not someone who cries easily ah! Must be because of her homesickness.


Jun Qian Che helplessly sighs.  He grabs her hand and walks away.


“Wei!  What are you doing?  Where are you taking me?” Mo Qi Qi trots along his big strides.


Not long later, Jun Qian Che drags her back to Yu Jing Palace.


Mo Qi Qi flings away his hand in anger, “You should just tell me to follow you back to your resting palace, why did you drag me like that?  I’m a grown up, I can walk on my own.  Your Majesty’s illness didn’t seem that serious now, chenqie retreat first.”


“Stop.” Jun Qian Che blocks her again.


Mo Qi Qi impatiently glares at him, asking, “What is it again!  You want to make things hard for me again, aren’t you!”


Jun Qian Che drags her in front of a basin frame, allowing her to look inside the water basin.


The reflection of Mo Qi Qi in the water basin is so dirty, like a cat.


She raise her head and glares at Jun Qian Che in grievance, “This is all your fault! If you didn’t tell me to cook you porridge, will I be this dirty?”


Jun Qian Che is too lazy to bicker with her, he takes a handkerchief, steeps it in the water and use it to clean her face.


Mo Qi Qi freeze, a little embarrassed.  “I can do it myself.”


Jun Qian Che outstretch his hand and take away her hand, personally cleaning her little face with his own hand.


Mo Qi Qi mocks him on the inside, ‘Did this jerk ruined his head from the fever?  He is acting so kind even when no one can see it here.  To whom is he acting all loving for?  But being tended to personally by the emperor is something boast-worthy!  I will definitely show off to my friends once I travel back to my time.  This lady had been attended to by the emperor, very few people experience that!  Hahahaha———-‘


While Mo Qi Qi is in a daze, Jun Qian Che has finished cleaning her face for her.  He knocks her in the forehead.


Her wandering mind quickly comes back, angrily rubbing her forehead while saying, “What are you doing!”


Jun Qian Che walks back to his desk, coldly saying, “Help zhen grind the ink.”


Mo Qi Qi points at herself, “Me?  Grind ink?  I was wondering why you were so kind as to clean my face for me!  You have another purpose!”


Jun Qian Che sits in his dragon seat, looking at her.


Looking at his majestic and overbearing pair of eyes, Mo Qi Qi’s anger quickly disappears.  She unwillingly and reluctantly walks to his desk and grind the ink.


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Jun Qian Che picks up his brush and look at her, “With your grinding skill, the ink will not be grinded out until night.”


Mo Qi Qi daydreams of a beautiful fantasy, splashing a basin full of ink to Jun Qian Che while placing her hands on her hips domineeringly: You want ink that much?  Is this enough for you?  “Hahahahaha——-“  Mo Qi Qi laughs happily at her own daydream.


Jun Qian Che furiously slaps the desk, “Mo Qi Qi——”

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