Chapter 28: Scorched Earth Tactic

The hall was brightly lit by candle lights. The previous coldness on his face was swept away, replaced by enthusiasm. I suddenly had the urge to draw back, but the person holding me refused to let go. Our lips were pasted together while my body was pressed against his. Even though our clothes were thick, I could still felt the fast beating of his heart.

I had no idea why, I suddenly felt uneasy. My logic started to fail me. I finally used all my energy to struggle, trying to release the hold he had on my head. “Y-Your Highness, you must not do this…..”

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His long narrow eyes seemed to be filled with brilliant lights, rendering me temporarily speechless.

“Why can I not do this?” He gathered my head using his hand and kissed my neck as he asked in a muffled voice.

This kind of casual and lazy Feng Zhao Wen seemed like a different person from that cold-blooded Crown Prince who resided in the commander in chief’s tent. Seems like the flattering method I used these past few days was useless….. At this moment, I really wanted to flip open Sun Tzu’s Art of War and finds an appropriate tactic.

Unfortunately he held me tight against his chest, there was no possibility of him letting go of me at all. I started sweating, my head was in a knot. I could sense the impending danger; even my voice carried traces of grief, “You and I…. me and you…….” I was really scared. My rather dim-witted head really could not find any excuse to push him away.

He started groping me up and down before whispering comfortingly next to my ears, “Xiao Yi, have you forgotten how crazily in love you were with me? You and I shares bed for more than half a year, even if you wants to go back, no one will marry you.”

Honestly, I was really ignorant when it came to things like that. But loving someone for too long was bound to give you bitter feelings; that part was half-right.

“I—- never has the plan to marry Your Highness!”

He dangerously swept his phoenix eyes over my face, “You were so crazy for me; if you don’t want to marry me, do you want to be a nun?” He unfastened my collar with his hand.

Eh…. A nun could not eat meat, I didn’t know if it was worth it.

This was truly an unprecedented test on my life and desire for food.

A flash of smile could be seen on his face before he stared at me sternly, “This is a military order!”

I shrank a little as he added, “Be good, if you don’t listen, you will be punished.” His words gradually turned softer as he released my collar, revealing a good patch of my skin.

Shameless! I glared at him, anxiously saying, “Since this is a military order, why didn’t you call for General Wu Ke?”

I outstretched my hands to block his.

He looked at me before he laughed and bit my nose, “General Wu Ke is too handsome, I don’t have the heart to taint him.” His hand was already groping god knows where.

I was dumbfounded. I really could not believe this was the straight-faced man who threatened me with military action earlier. But facing this Crown Prince, I could not hit him nor could I curse him. I could only argue, “Your Highness, this official’s position does not obligate me to serve you in bed!”

At that moment, his eyes turned really soft and gentle. He wrapped his arms around my body and spoke in an imploring and begging tone, “Be good. Tonight, it is this prince that will serve Xiao Yi in bed. This prince is Xiao Yi’s person….”

Lowering his head and becoming humble was actually something he was capable of doing?

Today was really an eye-opening experience!

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I could not struggle anymore, slowly turning soft under his hand. Seeing me softening down, his expression became even more vivid before he lifted me up and carried me towards his bed. I was no longer fearful in the face of danger and decided to do fight for my own gain.

“Your Highness, I want a promotion!”

Since I could not flee from this, might as well make full use out of it.

The arms that were holding me stiffened, his eyes filled with traces of smiles. His lips were raised as his entire face bloomed into a smile. I was taken aback for a moment.

He nodded as he walked, “Alright, alright! This prince will give you a promotion! You will be promoted as the crown prince’s consort!”

I wanted to protest; a general could never be promoted into the harem, but before I could, he already pressed on top of me on his bed before sealing my mouth with a kiss.

There was no room for conversation……..

That night, I lost my helmet and abandoned my armor, biting my lips as I grieved over my fall. The enemy fiercely invaded me; conquering through intimidation and inducement, both hard and soft at the same time. He did every possible means to conduct his evil deeds; the ears of the people who heard us ought to redden before they ran off while covering their faces.

I hope nobody heard us, though it was probably wishful thinking on my part.

On the next day, I woke up and inspect the damage of the war and almost passed out from anger. I really wanted to bury my entire body inside the quilt so I wouldn’t have to face people.

The Crown Prince, he…. He was a beast!

Said beast was wearing a purple headgear at the moment, a fox fur draped across his shoulders. He pushed it aside as he nonchalantly fished my head out of the quilt before casually gave my face a kiss, “Xiao Yi must be obedient and wait for this prince at home. I have to leave the city to oversee the army today but I will return at night to keep you company.”

He rubbed my head twice before quickly leaving.

I sat on the bed without moving; there was an indescribable feeling in my chest. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with An Yi living this kind of life. It gave me the desire to continue indulging even more.

The man was handsome and wealthy, the enemy’s kingdom—- No, I mean this entire kingdom would be his one day. I lifted my hand. I had not been holding a sword for the past half-year, my calluses had turned soft. Would this fair and soft hand be able to grasp everything in front of me?

It seemed that someone had whispered to my ears before, “…… Grasp everything with your own hands…….”

I really wanted to cherish this moment. In this troubled world, someone was actually protecting me.

After the lunar month, the weather gradually turned warmer. The emperor issued a decree to dispatch Feng Zhao Wen to conquer the Great Chen in the north.

I felt as though I was being jolted away as I sat on the carriage.

After serving the Crown Prince for such a long time, I developed an illness. I started having low tolerance for hardship and pain. I was lazy. Even my skin turned supple and fair. I pinched my own stomach, I could not believe how thick it was.

Feng Zhao Wen had already taken over 5 states and 30 districts from the Great Chen. Before four months even passed, he already took over the remaining 6 states. The only thing that remained was the capital of the Great Chen.

I was snuggling into his chest as I stared at the walls of the capital of the Great Chen. Confusion suddenly flooded me, “I think I dreamed of this place, before.” I turned around to intimately hug his arm, “Since I’ve seen it in my dream, it must have meant that Your Highness’ endeavor will be successful! You will win over the Great Chen in one move!”

There was an ugly look on his face. I didn’t say or do anything wrong. Whatever. After experiencing his beastly nature recently, I no longer fear him. I boldly and reassuredly buried myself in his chest, turning my head around to look at the troops of the Great Chen.

There were originally some guards on the watch tower. A white-robed officer suddenly appeared amongst them, his eyes looking straight at our direction.

I tilted my head before tugging at Feng Zhao Wen’s arm in delight, “Your Highness, that person looked familiar! I have seen him before!” His face was strained as hell and his phoenix eyes were complex when he looked at me. I let go of his arm and scratched my head.

The Crown Prince was behaving out of character today.

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