Chapter 18: The Emperor’s Threat


Mo Qi Qi can only bite the bullet and lies: “During Seventh Imperial Uncle’s visit in Jiang Nan this time, he got his hand on some exquisite jade products.  Your Majesty knows how much chenqie loves jade.  When Seventh Imperial Uncle heard about chenqie’s visit to Duke Zhen’s manor last night, he sent chenqie a piece.  But chenqie didn’t want them, because first of all, Seventh Imperial Uncle is my elder.  As a later generation, how can chenqie accept his gift!  Second of all, chenqie is the empress, how can I simply accept other people’s gift?  This can be considered a bribe, how can chenqie embarrass the emperor?”


“Seventh Imperial Uncle is so considerate.  It is very rare for empress to think about zhen’s face. As for you and Seventh Imperial Uncle, other than difference in generation, there is also a difference in status.  One of you is a ruler and the other an official.”  The emperor’s voice is calm, she cannot sense any emotion from him.


“What Your Majesty said is right!  Not only that, Seventh Imperial Uncle’s taste is different than chenqie!  The jade he chose didn’t even fit chenqie’s taste.”  Sorry, Prince Qi Xian.  Actually his taste is really good, but she doesn’t dare to say it in front of the emperor.


“Did anything else happened yesterday?” Jun Qian Che asks with his usual calmness.


Mo Qi Qi’s brain quickly spins, secretly thinking: Since he already knows about Prince Qi Xian’s visit to Duke Zhen’s manor, he is purposely asking about what happened last night to see whether or not she know who tried to kill her.


“Your Majesty, you have no idea how much shock chenqie experienced last night.  After happily chatting with my parents, chenqie encountered an assassination attempt!  It was so dangerous, lucky chenqie still have a long life, so chenqie survived the night.”  Jun Qian Che, you are such a little person, a hypocrite!


“Assassins?  Do you know who tried to assassinate you?” Jun Qian Che looks at her, sizing her up with his eyes.


Mo Qi Qi’s head turns even faster, “Even though chenqie has no idea who tried to kill chenqie, but chenqie thinks the perpetrator is a person who has grudge against the Mo Family.  Father recently wins in a war and then chenqie faced an assassination attempt, perhaps it was assassins sent by the enemy kingdom.  They are angry that my father had beaten them, so they tried to have chenqie killed to cut off the line between Duke Zhen and Your Majesty.  If Hua Chen descends into chaos, the enemy can take advantage of the inner turmoil, by then, we will have havoc on the inside and danger from the outside.  What do you think of chenqie’s analysis?” I help you drive away the blame like this, you should be satisfied!


Jun Qian Che actually looks at her in scorn, “The empress thinks too much.  Things are not as complicated as that.  The city is so tightly guarded, how can the enemy’s assassins enters and leave as they please?  Perhaps the person who tried to assassinate the empress this time is the person beside you.  As long as the empress tries to see everything clearly, you will know who that person is.”


Woah!  Is this guy laying down all his cards on the table?  Of course this granny knows the person is right beside me, he couldn’t be any closer!


“Hehe, Your Majesty, chenqie has always been a little slow.  Of course I don’t know who the perpetrator is!”  Even if I know, I wouldn’t dare to say it out loud.


Jun Qian Che glance at her icily, “From now on, try to leave the palace a little less.”


Mo Qi Qi secretly huffs in relief, laughingly saying, “Yes, Your Majesty.  Chenqie thinks Your Majesty’s illness isn’t that serious, why don’t I retreat first, as to not disturb Your Majesty from resting.”


Jun Qian Che looks at her.


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Mo Qi Qi looks at him back, waiting for his approval.  He’s asked everything he wanted to ask, he should let her go now, right?


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But Jun Qian Che has no common sense, “Zhen suddenly feels a little hungry.  The empress seems so idle anyway, why don’t you cook zhen some porridge?”


Mo Qi Qi suddenly have the urge to jump up and slap him on the face.  Porridge?  Is he trying to make something out of nothing?  Is the palace lacking royal chefs?


But she only lamented in her heart, her expression is still dutiful and respectful, “Your Majesty, if you want to eat porridge, let me ask the people in the royal kitchen to make it for you.  If chenqie make them, Your Majesty might not like them.”


“The empress is not willing to cook for zhen?” such a calm tone but it is actually steeped in threat.


Mo Qi Qi really wants to pull his ears and bellow: Yes, I am not willing!  I refuse to cook for a jerk like you!


What makes it even sadder is: “No.  Being able to cook porridge for Your Majesty is chenqie’s fortune.”


“Then, zhen shall trouble the empress. You can find a little kitchen out of the door, in the back courtyard.” Jun Qian Che kindly points her the way.


Mo Qi Qi endures her anger.   He repays goodwill will ill-treatment ah, if she knew this will happen, she wouldn’t have come to see him.  Such a bully!


While, in Feng Yang Palace, Prince Qi Xian came to see the empress.  The servants told him the empress went to see the emperor, so he decided to wait for a while.  But after a long time, Mo Qi Qi did not return, so he left.



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