Chapter 17: The Emperor Fears Medicine


He stares at her in displeasure: “You are the empress.  Mind your conduct.”


Mo Qi Qi gives him a big eye roll in her heart while her face looks elegant and graceful: “Yes!  Your Majesty!”


“Why does the empress comes looking for zhen?” he looks her up and down.  When he didn’t spot a single wound, his heart calms down.


Mo Qi Qi maintains her virtuous lady façade and shamelessly sits next to the emperor.  She grins at him, “Heard the emperor is sick, so chenqie comes to visit Your Majesty.  Is your fever still there?”  her hand immediately touches Jun Qian Che’s forehead.  She is startled, “So hot!  Your Majesty, you’re having a fever!”


Jun Qian Che pushes away her hand, coldly saying, “Zhen is fine.”


Mo Qi Qi eyes the room, “Your Majesty, you are sick, why isn’t there a single person to serve you? What is going on with those concubines?  They usually treat you like you are their ancestors, tirelessly talking about you.  Why aren’t they here now that you are sick?  Your Majesty, don’t be upset, chenqie will call them over to tend to you right now.”


She was about to call for people when Jun Qian Che stops her, “No need.  They already came, but zhen told them to retreat.  Zhen would like to rest in peace.”


“So it is like that ah!  Then chenqie shouldn’t bother you from resting, chenqie retreat first!” she gets up and wants to quickly leave.


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Zhen have something to ask the empress.” That simple sentence manage to block Mo Qi Qi.


She turns around and laughs pleasantly, “Your Majesty, a sick person must rest more and speak less.” What is he going to ask?  Is it about the assassination attempt last night?  Is he planning to come clean to her?


No, she must not give him the opportunity to get rid of her.


Mo Qi Qi’s eyes fell on a bowl by the bed, she quickly picks it up and says, “Your Majesty, why haven’t you drink your medicine?  No wonder your fever won’t go away, hurry and drink this.”


When Jun Qian Che smells the medicine, he can’t help but frown.  “Put it down.  Zhen will drink it later, let’s talk about the important thing first.”


“What is more important that Your Majesty’s dragon body?  Chenqie will help you, come, be good!” Mo Qi Qi’s lips carry a gentle smile, but inside, she is gloating.  Jun Qian Che’s flashing reaction when he sees the medicine just now made her realize something, this big, high and mighty man is scared of medicine!  Hahahaha!  Even he has things he fears of?  She must made him drink this with her own hands, might as well consider it a small revenge over what she had to go through last night.


Jun Qian Che looks at the spoonful of medicine in front of his lips, he really does not want to drink them.


Mo Qi Qi puts on an act, purposely teasing him, “Your Majesty, don’t tell me you’re scared of medicine!”


As the ruler of a country, how can Jun Qian Che admits he is scared of medicines!  He stares at her in disdain, “There is nothing zhen fears in this world.”  He takes the bowl in her hand and finish it in one go.  Even though it is very bitter, his face does not show any expression.


Mo Qi Qi quickly gives him a big thumbs up, “Your Majesty, you are too man!” (TN: The ‘man’ here is written in English!)


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Man?” Jun Qian Che looks at her in wonder. (TN: the character Jun Qian Che used is pronounced as ‘man’ in Chinese.  It means barbaric.)


“Hehe, it means you are very manly!” she takes the bowl from him and place it in the small stool.  After that, she considerately helps Jun Qian Che fix his quilt.  “Your Majesty, you need to rest.  Sleep for a while after drinking your medicine.  You will be fine soon.  Chenqie will not bother you from resting.”


“Sit down!” Jun Qian Che sees through her intention from the very beginning.  He stops her even before she gets to stand up.


Mo Qi Qi curses him deep inside before smilingly asking him, “Your Majesty has any other order?”


“Did you had a good time yesterday in Duke Zhen’s manor?” Jun Qian Che finally pulls out the big question.


Since he insist on asking about yesterday’s incident, Mo Qi Qi knows she can’t hide it from him anymore.  She carefully replies, “Answering Your Majesty, it’s been a while since chenqie returned to my maiden home.  We chatted happily yesterday, father and mother even praised Your Majesty and said you are considerate!”


“Really?  Zhen heard Seventh Imperial Uncle came as well.” Jun Qian Che calmly asks her that.


When that enters Mo Qi Qi’s hearing, she is a little startled.  She gives him an unnatural laugh, “Yes!  It was such a coincidence!  Seventh Imperial Uncle was also there!”


Jun Qian Che looks at her as he waits for her following words.


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