Chapter 16: Hello!  Your Majesty


Mo Qi Qi sleeps that day and only wake up after a while.  It’s weird that those concubines didn’t come today to complain about Yang Shi Han.  That’s why she gets to sleep in.  Those concubines always comes to her place everyday because of Yang Shi Han and wish that she, this empress can help them; they really take her as a fool.


She sits up and stretches, how comfortable.  She had a hot bath after she got back last night, and after that, drank ginger tea, so she didn’t fall ill.  Or else…. Such a cold heavy rain, not falling ill will be weird! Even though it is already spring, the temperature at night is still so cold!


“Your Ladyship, you are awake,” Ban Xiang said as she walk in.


“En!  Morning!” Mo Qi Qi put her quilt away and gets off the bed, happily greeting Ban Xiang. She sits in front of the dressing table, wonderingly asking, “Is today a special day?  Why didn’t those concubines come to greet me in the morning?”


Ban Xiang takes a comb and help her mistress comb her hair, “Your Ladyship, I heard the emperor is sick.  All the concubines are worried sick so they went to Yu Jing Palace to ask about him.  They won’t have the mind to greet Your Ladyship.”


“Sick?  What sickness?  Will it kill him?” Mo Qi Qi asks, taking in delight of other’s suffering.  Is this what they call karma?  He didn’t get to kill her last night, so he got sick instead?


“Your Ladyship, don’t speak nonsense.  If others heard you, you will be in trouble.  I heard the emperor is suffering from fever, would you like to tend for him?”


“Me?  Tend for him?  Dream on!  It’s just a cold, such a big deal over nothing.  It’s not even some incurable disease.”


Ban Xiang helplessly shakes her head.


After eating breakfast, Mo Qi Qi continues studying the map to find the way to go back, she mumbles to herself: “How can I find the way to travel back to my time?”


Ban Xiang, realizing that she really has no intention to visit the emperor, opens her mouth once again: “Your Ladyship, you really won’t go to see the emperor?  All the concubines already went there, if you don’t, it will not be too appropriate.”


“What propriety?  Colds are really infectious, don’t you know that?  What if I got infected by him?  Not going!” Mo Qi Qi rejects it cold, continuing to analyze the map.  But her heart cannot calm down: If she don’t go, will Jun Qian Che suspect that she already knows he plans to kill her?  If so, will he take advantage of this illness to place a non-existent fault on her head?  No!  She must not let him find an excuse to get rid of her!


She suddenly stands up.


Ban Xiang jumps away in shock; “Your Ladyship, what’s wrong?”


Bengong thought for a while and decided to give the emperor a face.  No matter what, he is still the ruler.  If his wife refuse to give him face, how can he raise his head in front of the officials and people?”  Mo Qi Qi said with an earnest expression.


Black lines appear on Ban Xiang’s forehead.  But at least the empress finally agrees with her.




Yu Jing Palace,

Jun Qian Che is reclining on the big dragon bed and looks at the maid carrying a tray of medicine coldly, “Put it over there.  You can retreat first!”


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The maid respectfully says, “Your Majesty, the physician said this medicine must be drink hot.”


Zhen understand, you can leave first.”


“Yes,” the maid places the medicine on top of a stool in front of the bed before quickly retreating.


Jun Qian Che stares at the medicine, he outstretch his hand but the moment he touches the bowl, he retrieves his hand back.  He has never drink any medicine ever since he was ten, but smelling the wafting scent of the medicine, he can suddenly remembers back the time when he had to drink tonic when he was little.  Bitter beyond words!


Mo Qi Qi pokes in her head into the room to assess the situation.  Didn’t Ban Xiang said the concubines all went here to serve him, where are they?  She wouldn’t lie to her, would she?


“Come on in!” A cold, bone-chilling voice comes from inside the chamber.


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Hearing his voice, Mo Qi Qi’s head automatically aches.  She was discovered, slipping away will be too late by now.  She can only thicken her face and enters the room, “Hello, Your Majesty!  We meet again!”

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