Chapter 19: Entangled with an Intern Journalist

That woman’s dimples seemed to bloom like flowers; she felt ever more pleasant about Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s refusal. Her mature aura, as well as that smart and elegant look, adorned her with a relaxed charm. She caught the handlebar of Su Ke’s bicycle with her hand as the gaze within her eyes twinkled. “Hehe, tell me then, how do you want me to repay you?”

“Eh!” Su Ke was startled; for some reason, as soon as he heard the word “repay”, the four words ‘Give your heart away’ came to his mind, but he got rattled immediately and didn’t dare to look straight at her eyes. “There’s no need for anything!”

Mature lady—this was something already popular on the internet and Su Ke naturally also heard of it before. It was apparent to him that the woman in front of his eyes was a genuine, 100% mature lady.

Mature, smart, graceful, confident, sexy, with an occasional icy nature, and sometimes a fiery nature; it was quite easy for a man to be addicted to this enticing temperament, from which one couldn’t escape.

Su Ke didn’t know why he currently felt so sensitive towards the opposite sex. “Their every movement makes me hyperactive, can this be a side effect of the Flower Pickup System?”

In fact, if it wasn’t for Su Ke’s actions, that woman might have left behind the money and left abruptly. This way, she wouldn’t have felt she owed something and completely forgot about this heroic little schoolboy.

But Su Ke didn’t want the reward and had his stubbornness to boot on which made any person speechless, but this aroused the interest of that woman. “I won’t give you money in that case. Let’s do this; this is my card, come find me if you find yourself in any trouble!” Saying so, she took a card out of her handbag and handed it over to Su Ke.

“Tiandu International Hotel, Sun Yao.”

Su Ke took the card; it looked standard and void of the popular foreign language characters used currently. It also wasn’t marked by a position and only had a cell phone number written on it, but the card’s quality seemed to be top grade.

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Sun Yao continued saying, “It wouldn’t have mattered if I lost this handbag, but it had the acquisition plans for this year within it. If our acquisition price interval is exposed, it would be quite devastating. That’s why you’ve helped me a lot! Hehe, you look thin, but I didn’t expect you to have real skill!”

Su Ke’s mood relaxed as he put the card into his pocket. Receiving money from the opposite party and receiving their card, there was a huge difference between them. Even if the motive were right on that occasion, a person who receives money would give the impression of a low-class person to the other party, while the one who received the card could be considered as an acquaintance with an equal position.

“I’m not thin, I’m buff all over!” Su Ke laughed. He noticed at this moment that one of the high-heeled shoes of Sun Yao had its heel fractured. “Big Sis Sun, where are you going? I’ll drop you!”

“There’s no need for that. I’ve already called for a car to be sent over here. You still haven’t told me your name?” As Sun Yao asked this, a police car appeared on the street. It was unknown who among the crowd alerted the police, but it had no relation to Su Ke; he didn’t even give a look. “I’m called Su Ke, from Seventeen Senior High!”

“Hello Su Ke, would you mind accepting my interview?!” At this time, a girl suddenly drilled out of nowhere, holding an Apple phone in her hand as she filmed towards the direction of Su Ke and Sun Yao.

Both Su Ke and Sun Yao turned back to look. This girl looked like the actress, Wang Luodan; She had short hair, and she wore a comfortable short top, a dungaree with many pockets, and a pair of canvas shoes from Converse.

She had bright eyes and a clear gaze with a glittering smile. The only regret was that those twin peaks wrapped up at the top weren’t prominent, but they seemed to be exquisite and alluring.

“You are?” Su Ke didn’t even get the chance to speak before Sun Yao asked with her brows furrowed. She obviously wasn’t fond of this journalist who had popped out from nowhere.

“I’m a newspaper journalist from Weihai City. I want to report this affair of the brave and heroic student Su Ke grabbing a thief and also post the video on the website!” The journalist took out a name tag from within the pockets of her dungaree while she spoke.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Sun Yao took the name tag. “Intern Journalist? Hong Chen!”

“Yes, I’m called Hong Chen. Though I’m currently an intern journalist, I can still submit a draft!” Hong Chen could make out Sun Yao’s unwillingness and felt disappointed a bit. Hence, she changed her target to Su Ke.

“Student Su Ke, what’s the reason that made you dash in the very moment you heard the yell to catch the thief?”

Su Ke also frowned, his nature was introverted to the point he shut himself in the past. A matter such as an interview was already too excessive for him, so he naturally didn’t agree, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to accept the interview!”

“Ahh? Why?” Hong Chen was startled and looked at Su Ke with a sour face.

“I just don’t want to accept the interview!” Once Su Ke observed Hong Chen’s anxious appearance, he felt a bit disturbed, but he honestly wasn’t habituated to such things.


A black limousine slowly stopped by, with three persons nearby it. The car door opened and a man wearing a western suit came out to stand near the car’s vicinity.

“My ride has arrived!” Sun Yao smiled at Su Ke and pointed towards the limousine on the curb. It was unexpectedly a Benz car. She spoke to Hong Chen again. “If you certainly want to post the video on the internet, I wish that people can’t see my appearance in it. I believe there’s no need to explain the issue of dealing with appearances!”

Sun Yao seemed to be gentle and had a genuine smile on her face towards Su Ke, but when she spoke to Hong Chen, her face changed into a solemn one, with her stare containing the regality of a successful career woman.

“En, I understand. I’ll use a mosaic for you!” Hong Chen naturally knew what to do.

“Mosaic?” Su Ke was startled when he heard the word. His mind used the wicked auto-complete function by itself, causing him to think about a foot soldier was ready to set out and whatnot. He had looked up these terms online; they were quite enticing.

After saying farewell to Sun Yao and watching her leave on the Benz car, Su Ke helplessly shrugged towards that intern journalist/ “I’m sorry. I’m also leaving!”

“Hey! Wait a min!” As Sun Yao had left, Hong Chen ran ahead in front of Su Ke’s bicycle, “Do you know why everyone remained aloof when you wished someone would come up to help you?”

“Do you know why you were the one to speed ahead while the rest just paved the way for you?”

“Do you know why everyone yells to chase after the thief, but most of them still get away with it?”

Hong Chen didn’t know whether it was because she was excited, but a blush rose up on her cheeks. Though not big, those beautiful twin peaks trembled up and down along with her rushed breathing.

Only, Su Ke hadn’t paid attention to this question as he heard a beep sound within his mind. He went over to take a look, “Mission: Accept Hong Chen’s interview; Reward: Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Advanced Level).”

“Fudge! Truly unexpected! It’s actually a straightforward Advanced Level reward!” Su Ke felt as if the happiness had arrived too quickly and couldn’t believe it.

“Hey! Are you listening to me?! In the end, are you going to accept my interview or not?!” The more Hong Chen spoke, the more excited she became, causing her inherent spiciness to burst out.

“I’ll accept! I’ll accept!” Su Ke immediately nodded to agree.

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