Chapter 20: You Shameless Scum!

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character saw Hong Chen’s sour expression, which seemed as if denying her an interview was equivalent to being guilty of a terrible crime. That, and thinking about this mission’s solid reward, Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Advanced Level), he immediately nodded. “I’ll accept! I’ll accept!”

“Humph!” Hong Che pouted. At this moment, the enthusiastic crowd had already delivered the thief over to the police car, which then smoothly left for the local police station. Su Ke became sensitive as he saw this and pointed at a path to the side. “Let’s go over there!”

He then went silent. It seemed like he was the one asking for the interview now, but he had no choice but to push the bicycle forward when he thought about the reward. Hong Chen followed beside him.

Although she wore was an incredibly loose type dungaree, as Hong Chen walked, the back wrapped around her butt as it swayed left and right. Su Ke’s sight drifted towards those two mounds; even his palms became sweaty.

For some reason, ever since he had groped Li Feifei’s butt twice before to complete his missions, he appeared to be afflicted with a rebound. His mind seemed to subconsciously compel himself to give a slap whenever he saw a woman’s hips sway.

Su Ke shook his head, throwing out the thought, and continuously condemned himself in his mind – Scum. Shameless scum. If this continues, I’ll become a rogue! But though Hong Chen’s bosom isn’t big, her butt is quite impressive! Eh, you shameless scum!

Su Ke saw Hong Chen enter a Refreshments Shop, only to come out holding two popsicles, one of which she handed over to him. “I didn’t get paid yet, so please have this popsicle!”

It was Su Ke’s first time being given a treat by a girl. Though it was only a popsicle, it gave him a complete sense of satisfaction. Yet, he also felt somewhat embarrassed over it. He wanted to accept with his lips but his heart denied it. “Thank you, but there’s no need for that!”

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“I’m giving it you to eat, so eat. There’s no reason to avoid receiving a popsicle, which has such little value!” Hong Chen’s eyes grew wide as she placed it in Su Ke’s hands. Su Ke subconsciously withdrew when their fingertips came into contact, but he still received it.

“Thank you…so, what do you intend to ask?” Su Ke’s mouth twitched as he squeezed out a smile. Only, it was due to nervousness. The girl before him seemed to have passed her twenties, but she still possessed an adolescent look, and void of any make-up as she was. She had natural looking penciled eyebrows; her eyes were bright like the stars, and she had a beautiful nose and cherry lips…she looked gorgeous…pure.

“Let’s talk as we eat!” Hong Chen finally started Su Ke’s interview. She was in a good mood; it was her first time making a draft by herself after becoming a journalist intern. Also, the subject matter was a hot topic about the ‘indifference of society’. Naturally, the reason she felt imperative to get an interview with Su Ke was also related to her sense of justice.

“In fact, I was just behind you. At that time, why did you begin chasing after the thief when you heard a yell, without even turning your head back to check?” Hong Chen asked as she tore off t popsicle wrapper.

“I didn’t think anything at all. My instinctive reaction was to help when I heard someone yell out!” Su Ke said and then bowed his head to tear the wrapper. He became relaxed after he had taken a few deep breaths. Of course, he couldn’t say he received a mission, doing it only to obtain a reward.

“Hmn, didn’t you think about the danger involved?” Hong Chen continued to ask.

“If we think of the danger and let it go, we might never know how it’ll end!” Su Ke just raised his head when he saw Hong Chen put the popsicle into her mouth, the snow-white creamsicle and her cherry-colored lips forming a bright contrast.

Hong Chen nodded as she popped the creamsicle out of her mouth. Su Ke’s mind buzzed as he watched it go in and out; it looked the same as one of the ero QQ emoticons he had seen online.

The melting cream left behind a milky, white trail down Hong Chen’s lips, which she slowly licked off with her lovely tongue. This movement was heart-enticing; Su Ke suddenly felt his heart rate increase as he gulped down.

You shameless scum! Su Ke rebuked himself for his wicked thoughts once more, but the more he scolded himself, the more he lost control of those thoughts. He felt warm all over as if a warm current was wandering his entire body, amassing towards his lower abdomen.

It’s just that Hong Chen was completely oblivious to the state of Su Ke’s mind and so her brows furrowed when she saw Su Ke staring blankly. “Why haven’t you eaten it yet? It will melt if you don’t!”

“Alright, I’ll eat it!” At a loss about what to do, Su Ke bit off half a section of the popsicle; the ice-cold temperature immediately slipped from his mouth to his belly, extinguishing the flame in his heart.

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Hong Chen laughed as she saw Su Ke exhale a cold breath. “Are you a senior year from Seventeen Senior High?”

“Mhmn!” Su Ke nodded vehemently. The chillness after the popsicle had melted in his mouth had almost made his eyes roll.

“What’s your opinion on the indifference of society of our modern age? You must have seen on the TV about the minor incidents that occur every month. Like the frequent reports of how someone didn’t save a person from death, even when they could have; or about individuals who ‘bite the hand that feeds them,’ like the Peng Yu case. Do you know about these two incidents?”

Hong Chen was a university student who had just left Ivory Tower. She held intense feelings for justice and naturally felt revolted at the current appearance of modern society. Moreover, she also believed that conscience and fairness were the essential responsibilities and personal integrity a journalist ought to have. Thus, she wished to awaken the heart and soul of the society by working hard with her job.

“I can’t do anything about the ones who don’t chase. I only know I will chase next time too, even if he has a knife in his hand!” Su Ke didn’t hesitate this time when he spoke.. Perhaps it was because Hong Chen had infected him, but his words seemed resolute.

Hong Chen looked at the youngster in front of her. An 18-year-old that still had a slight immatureness to his face, with handsome cheeks that seemed to show a firm spirit which appeared to say, ’even if it be an army of ten million, I will move forward’ – a thin body possessing formidable strength.

Hong Chen had subconsciously formed a good opinion of him when she had seen him catch the thief. It had only risen due to Su Ke’s character, and now, to her, this youngster seemed to be a little more handsome whilst also seeming somewhat tender.

“Mmn, that’s how a man ought to be. This Big Sis has decided to receive you as her little brother!” Hong Chen extended her hand to heroically patted Su Ke’s shoulders, just like a gang leader from the underworld.

“Eh, little brother?” Su Ke was startled. He was stunned as he hadn’t expected Hong Chen to say this.

“That’s right. You’ll be my little brother! Big Sis will protect you, just like how you protect your little brother!” A sly smile floated up on Hong Chen’s face. She chuckled as she looked at Su Ke’s flushed appearance.

Don’t think that Hong Chen was a naive person who had just come out of their studies. The influence of university life had already given an understanding of a few matters. She had initially sensed Su Ke’s reaction when he looked at her as she ate the popsicle, and now she took a petty revenge.

Su Ke’s cheeks streamed with tears; he could only silently shout in his mind, You shameless scum!

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