Chapter 26: Your spirit is way too frail!

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Shortly before the dragon spawned, Karen was standing behind the gym and waiting for the writer of the letter.

(No one is around…)

I was usually the one who arrived late when called for this kind of situation.

It didn’t feel that great to be waiting on someone I was going to reject anyway.

I found it quite strange that nobody had yet come, even after the appointed time.

“I’m late~”

A familiar and unpleasant voice came from behind me.

I turned that direction to find the three girls who had been unusually docile today.

The three of them were grinning as if everything went as they had planned.

It was when I saw their smirks that I realized it. It was a trap.

“What do you need?”

I asked them with a sharp look.

“Don’t glare at me like that~”


“I mean, we’re friends, aren’t we?”

Who were you calling a friend? I don’t think that someone who uses fake letters to call a person out could be called a friend.

“Tell me what you need already”

“C’mon now, don’t be so hasty.”

Saying that, the three girls drove me into a corner and surrounded me.

The wall was behind my back. I couldn’t run away.

“Kamiya-san, I think your opinion of yourself is getting too high recently, you see.”

“None of this would’ve happened if you’d kept quiet, but after what you said yesterday…”

“We’re gonna have to pay you back for it here.”

The three girls spoke in turns until one of them took out scissors from her pocket.

“Kamiya-san, looks like you change your hairstyle quite often. Is it your hobby?”

“In that case, let me help you change it this time.”

The three girls slowly started to approach me.

I felt excessively frightened after seeing the scissors in her hand, so I tried to force my way through them to flee.

“Ow, where do you think you’re going? Kamiya-san.”

My attempt to escape failed after one of them grasped my arm.

A second girl clenched my other arm, forcing me to freeze.

“Well then, let us begin the hair-cutting session.”

The third girl violently grabbed my hair and brought the scissors close while they laughed hysterically.

Having no chance to resist, I closed my eyes and——— a dazzling white light appeared in the sky.


“Eh, W-what?’

“Too bright!”

The three girls were surprised by the abrupt light. I remained with my eyes closed even though I was shocked as well. Once the light had vanished, each of us opened our eyes again.


In front of me had appeared a creature that didn’t belong to this world.

(What’s that? A dragon?)

As I was staring at the dragon flying the sky, the three girls began rustling.

“Eh, wai- What’s that?!”

“Isn’t that, a dragon?!”

“Eeeh, seriously?!”

Despite their loud voices, I didn’t avert my eyes and remained watching the dragon.

Red scales, sharp eyes and the impression as if it was a lizard that had grown wings. That was definitely a dragon.

It does really exist.

As I kept curiously observing it, it suddenly raised its head and started inhaling a giant amount of air.

I-Isn’t that…

Right as I realized what it was doing, the dragon furiously shifted its head to look down at the ground. Before it could react, it was struck by something and faced the sky once again before releasing a burning red flame.

The flame made its way through the sky, scattering the clouds. Hot wind reached us quickly.

When the flame finally disappeared, the three girls near me started rustling again.

“W-What was that just now?!”

“The heat was strong enough to reach us!”

“What’s going on here?!”

They were all fussing in confusion. I noticed that I was free to escape, but that didn’t really matter now, I thought.

I raised my head to look at the dragon that was revolving in the sky as if it was dodging something.

I focused my eyes to see better what was happening and caught a glimpse of a person floating in the sky.

Is he fighting against that dragon?

I steadily watched the fight between the dragon and that person.

The fight seemed like those scenes I saw in movies. The person was using wind to strike while the dragon countered with its breath, or kicked and sent the dragon flying to the ground.

While I was witnessing their fight, the dragon exploded and was falling in our direction.

Wait, isn’t he coming this way?

After a few seconds after realizing that, with a enormous sound, the dragon fell, crushing the ground.

“Eh?! What?!”

“What happened?!”

“What the heck is going on?!”

The cloud of dust in front of me cleared away as the three girls were reacting to the sudden incident, then the heavily wounded dragon popped up in front of us.





The three of them couldn’t let out a word before the dragon. Despite being full of wounds, it still was as intimidating as any dragon.

The dragon stared at us and emitted a short roar as if it was threatening us.

Just that had enough impact to make the three girls faint.

‘Your spirit is way too frail!’ So I thought when seeing them collapse.

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The three girls were unconscious, and I was left alone with the dragon.

I wanted to run as quickly as possible but the earlier roar seemed to have affected my legs, and they wouldn’t move as I wanted.

The dragon was glaring at me while I couldn’t shift an inch and began inhaling air. Looks like it was intending to fire its breath at me.

I will die if I don’t move! But I can’t control my legs…

I desperately tried to move my legs, however, they were still shaking.

Move, please! Move!!

I frantically ordered my feet to move but nothing happened. The dragon seemed ready to launch his breath at any moment.

It’s no use…

Good bye, Onii-chan…..

At the moment when I gave up struggling and closed my eyes———

“Give it up already.”

Leaving my eyes closed, I heard a familiar voice along with the loud sound of something crushing the ground.

I opened my eyes, looking for an explanation, only to see the dragon’s face buried in the ground and the figure of a person looking down at it.

The dragon didn’t twitch anymore after getting his head smashed under the rocks. However, what caught my attention even further was the person before me.

“Eh? Karen?”

It was my brother, Kamiya Yato.

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Was it hereditary?


“You can cook well like mom, right, Karen?”

“More or less.”

“Then, does that mean you can cook as fast as mom?”

“I’m not as quick as her, though.”

“I see, well, that’s to be expected I guess.”

“You can say I can cook 9/10 as fast as her.”

“That’s already enough.”



A dangerous game?


“Chief~, what is that~?”

“That’s a seesaw. It’s a toy kids use when playing.”

“How do they use it~?”

“Each one sits in an edge and they start swaying on it.”

“That’s interesting~! I want to try it to~”

“Okay, let’s try it.”


“Let’s do this then.”




“Oh, what a splendid leap!”

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