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1. Prologue: My Entire Class was Summoned to Another World Except for Me
2. Chapter 01: Interrogation and Graduation
3. Chapter 02: First day of the High School
4. Chapter 03: Encounter With A Fainting Girl
5. Chapter 04: Sleep Comes First
6. Chapter 05: Kamaishi Cooks Delicious Meals
7. Chapter 06: Flag Raised
8. Chapter 07: Terrorist Attack
9. Chapter 08: Your Reward is Ramen
10. Chapter 9: Capable Enough to Handle Terrorists
11. Chapter 10: Kamaishi in Trouble
12. Chapter 11: I Didn’t Expect Her To Hug Me
13. Chapter 12: Right, let’s fly!
14. Chapter 13: Encounter with the Old Man
15. Chapter 14: The Obligatory Route
16. Chapter 15: Is it even possible for human?
17. Chapter 16: The World That Summoned The Class
18. Chapter 17: Something is definitely going on here!
19. Chapter 18: Big brother won’t allow it!
20. Chapter 19: I’m being Toyed With
21. Chapter 20: A Wolf’s Fur sure Feels Nice
22. Chapter 21: Where did you get all this information?
23. Chapter 22 – Is every monster stupid like this?
24. Chapter 23: Most Bullies are Troublesome
25. Chapter 24: Something Not Good Came Up
26. Chapter 25: A dragon’s learning ability is so low
27. Chapter 26: Your spirit is way too frail!
28. Chapter 27: There’s a limit to how you can use a magic trick as an excuse.
29. Chapter 28: So they’re your friends after all
30. Chapter 29: It’s been awhile since I last checked my stats
31. Chapter 30: A fight between monsters is pretty cruel
32. Chapter 31: Do people sneak into your bed just because they can’t find a good timing?
33. Chapter 32: Temptale development everywhere
34. Chapter 33: Those who don’t have friends get extremely happy just to go out with someone.
35. Chapter 34: You can’t ask further once you get “It’s a secret between girls” as an answer.
36. Chapter 35: The class’ growth record.
37. Chapter 36: Better not think that a girl likes you just because your eyes meet.
38. Chapter 37: He’s not normal!
39. Chapter 38: Didn’t think there would be such an anime-like development.
40. Chapter 39: I just want to go back and sleep
41. Chapter 40: False impression
42. Chapter 41: Being too diligent makes a person become annoying.
43. Chapter 42: I hope this would be the last time.
44. Chapter 43: Aren’t you over skilled?
45. Chapter 44: One needs to have their own will.
46. Chapter 45: Your repertory is too small.
47. Chapter 46: Saying “We did it” in the middle of a fight is a jinx.
48. Chapter 47: I couldn’t find a good timing to tell her.
49. Chapter 48: I’m bad at dealing with awkward situations.
50. Chapter 49: Being jobless doesn’t feel good.
51. Chapter 50: Our family got a new member.
52. Chapter 51: There is a type of people who becomes annoying when they’re too happy.
53. Chapter 52: The class factions
54. Chapter 53: Something is going on in here.
55. Chapter 54: This world really doesn’t have a god.
56. Chapter 55: It is prohibited to touch goods in this store
57. Chapter 56: This guy is surely dangerous.
58. Chapter 57: I’m going to complain.
59. Chapter 58: Being an airhead is scary.
60. Chapter 59: Gloomy people are easy to misunderstand if you socially talk to them.
61. Chapter 60: It’s just an outburst of anger!
62. Chapter 61: Just by wishing for nothing to happen will make the situation worse
63. Chapter 62: You should always strike your enemy when they look away.
64. Chapter 63: Such a degraded act for a god
65. Chapter 64: I feel that it’s been awhile since I last got angry
66. Chapter 65: You’re thinking exactly as an evil god.
67. Chapter 66: A person gets too self-aware when he knows that nobody is watching him.
68. Chapter 67: It was just an accident with no ulterior motive.
69. Chapter 68: You’re mad after all.
70. Chapter 69: Changing your mind all of sudden is conversely troublesome.
71. Chapter 70: Human common sense doesn’t work on angels.
72. Chapter 71: I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.
73. Chapter 72: The class trial
74. Chapter 73: I can’t win against that face.
75. Chapter 74: I will make sure to knock him
76. Chapter 75: You know what I mean when I say the beach.
77. Chapter 76: I feel as if I already heard this conversation before.
78. Chapter 77: Now, I can’t permit such a banality to take place.
79. Chapter 78: You shouldn’t approach that.
80. Chapter 79: The angel was surprisingly decent.
81. Chapter 80: It was quite the formidable enemy in a certain regard.
82. Chapter 81: You work hard only on useless things.
83. Chapter 82: Unwavering faith
84. Chapter 83: We’re both making use of each other.
85. Chapter 84: I’m not asking for the impossible.
86. Chapter 85: It’s a tradition to set a trap to activate after the first trap is destroyed.
87. Chapter 86: Thankful to the double standard.
88. Chapter 87: Magic is as convenient as usual.
89. Chapter 88: Even a crime wouldn’t be scary if we did it together.
90. Chapter 89: Pleased to meet you; now let me hit you.
91. Chapter 90: He is a God level in getting tricked.
92. Chapter 91: I’m not hitting on you.
93. Chapter 92: People lose their coolness when they get confused.
94. Chapter 93: First siblings’ cooperation
95. Chapter 94: A girl’s power at times like this is immense.
96. Chapter 95: The innocence of a child could turn into a dangerous weapon sometimes.
97. Chapter 96: Girl’s shopping could only be done with girls.
98. Chapter 97: Actually, I was the was one getting deceived.
99. Chapter 98: The saying of ‘a girl’s grudge is frightening’ turned out to be true.
100. Chapter 99: The class’ victory celebration.
101. Chapter 100: It is a cruel thing to ask a musclebrain to follow the rules.
102. Chapter 101: Coming and leaving like a storm.
103. Chapter 102: So this is actually a real danger to the world.
104. Chapter 103: What if a God is actually a Last Boss!?
105. Chapter 104: So this is what an unreasonable cheat looks like.
106. Chapter 105: Cheat ability for a cheat.
107. Chapter 106: The two people who broke out of the common sense dimension.
108. Chapter 107: Nobody knows how fate could turn out.
109. Chapter 108: I feel like I’ve lost something very precious.
110. Chapter 109: A familiar voice.
111. Chapter 110.That’s a way to go for resenting people.
112. Chapter 111: A natural disaster.
113. Chapter 112: Someone more annoying than a last boss is standing in front of me.
114. Chapter 113: I have just let the two persons who should never meet actually meet each other.
115. Chapter 114: Leaving only after making a mess.
116. Chapter 115: Looks like I don’t have the right to refuse.
117. Chapter 116: Playing with Rouga.
118. Chapter 117: The class determination.
119. Chapter 118: It seems that it exists on Earth as well.
120. Chapter 119: Everything has its own circumstances.
121. Chapter 120: There is no Youkai who cannot transform.
122. Chapter 121: Troubles, stop chasing me.
123. Chapter 122: Looks like things happened in the past.
124. Chapter 123: This is more of a talent.
125. Chapter 124: There is no previous example proving that anything good will happen from leaving a girl alone in a festival.
126. Chapter 125: Hoping for nothing to happen will just have the opposite effect.
127. Chapter 126: A protagonist always shows up as if he purposely chose the perfect timing.
128. Chapter 127: She resembles her owner.
129. Chapter 128: It’s about time for you to rest in peace.
130. Chapter 129: Please sleep peacefully.
131. Chapter 130: So, it appears that I already met her once.
132. Chapter 131: I received a surprise attack at the last moment.
133. Chapter 132: Such a turn of events will never happen. Never.
134. Chapter 133: So it will end up like this, anyway.
135. Chapter 134: Two opposite people could unexpectedly get along well together.
136. Chapter 135: The disappearance of the class.
137. Chapter 136: the Group of Cosplayers are Actually My Former Classmates
138. Chapter 137: It’s better to not comfort someone who got rejected.
139. Chapter 138: The situation seems to be serious than how it looks.
140. Chapter 139: I feel like running away now.
141. Chapter 140: Your defeat is definite in a game when fighting someone who’s 200 levels higher than you.
142. Chapter 141: It is a villain’s privilege to escape when he feels in disfavor
143. chapter 142: You shouldn’t believe in everything people tell you.
144. Chapter 143: It seems that many things will happen tomorrow.
145. Chapter 144: Sometimes, you may not be able to keep up while fighting together.
146. Chapter 145: Nothing goes as planned in this world.

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