Prologue: My Entire Class was Summoned to Another World Except for Me

Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker

Prologue: My Entire Class was Summoned to Another World Except for Me

Waking up early in the morning, attending the school every single day, living a life with nothing unusual and sleeping late in the night. That was the everyday life of Kamiya Yato.

Kamiya Yato was a person who hated everything that was troublesome to him. As a result, he spends most of his time at school either sleeping on his desk or gazing at the scenery outside through the window. That habit of his didn’t change even after he became a third-year student in his Junior High School. No one really bothered talking to him, due to which he didn’t even have a single friend in his school.

However, since Yato was a good looking person, there were plenty of students who tried to approach him to become friends with him at first, but Yato who believed that friendship is a waste of time and troublesome as well, he decided to ignore them, until everyone eventually lost interest in him.

One day, Kamiya Yato was sleeping on his desk at the last seat in the corner of the classroom like his usual self, all alone. However, suddenly a voice started to reverberate inside his head, which resulted in him getting shocked for a brief moment.

“Okay, hello. Good morning everyone.”

The class began rustling in response to the abrupt and cheerful voice which seemed to belong to a child.

“Yes, yes~ I understand that you guys are confused, for now, let’s calm down.”

Despite saying that, the class didn’t show any sign of settling down. On the contrary, it became even noisier.

Why is this happening…? Can’t you just let me sleep already?

Due to Yato’s sleeping habit, he decided to ignore the voice and all the rustling in the class, and went back to sleep.

“Ah~ You have left me no choice~ 『Shut Up』.”

At that moment, when that child’s voice commanded them to lower their tone, the entire place fell into deep silence. Actually, no, the entire class was forced to become quiet. That’s to that voice, this class seemed more peaceful than ever before.

How grateful, now I can finally rest. Not sure who did that but well done.

Inside the silent class, Yato expressed his thanks to the owner of the voice with a satisfied expression on his face, then he fell into the slumber again.

“Wait there, I’m happy that you’re quiet, but don’t sleep, please. Rather you take naps quite often, don’t you? Anyway, I have something important to talk about so『Wake Up』.”

With that command from the voice, Yato’s body was lifted forcibly.

What’s this?! I can’t even control my body now!!

He kept on trying to take his former position of sleeping, but that didn’t prove to be useful. However, despite what happened, Yato advanced into the next plan as he stopped moving.

It can’t be helped, I can only sleep this way then.

While thinking as such, he closed his eyes while still in a sitting position.

“No, hey! I told you, don’t sleep! Just how bad do you want to take a rest?! Come on, 『Listen To What I’m Saying』!”

This time his eyes were forcibly opened up and somehow, the drowsiness he had only recently had completely disappeared.

Is this the doing of that child voice thing? I will never forgive you for getting in the way of my only pleasure!

As Yato started to get slightly displeased, the voice began to speak in a loud tone.

“Now I can finally speak! First, I’ll give my self-introduction. I am Metron. I’m working as a God in a different world. I’m glad to meet you!”

Everyone was dumbfounded by the abrupt declaration of the owner of that voice, Metron. No, they were not able to talk in the first place, but the bewilderment was apparent in their expressions, including Yato as well.

Just when I thought about hearing his talk seriously it turned out it’s nothing but nonsense.

Although it was because of Metron that he was awoke then, Yato was indeed interested to hear what he had to say.

It’s just like a light novel.

Yato has another hobby other than sleeping. That is watching anime or reading light novels. He reads them most of the time when he can’t nap.

“Well then, I’m kind of sorry about you guys, but I’m summoning you people to my world. Of course, you do not have the right to refuse me, since I’m a God.”

No one in the class could speak, however instead, widely opened their eyes in a shock at Metron’s declaration.


Everyone was in a shock, excluding Yato. That was because he was expecting a similar development like this. It wasn’t something that surprising.

“Actually, the Demon Lord in my world is acting violently and eradicating the other races. If he keeps acting this way, things will get bad real soon, that’s why I’m going to have you defeat him for me.”

This is too cliched.

“Of course, if you proceed now with no special power, you will end up dead for sure in no time. So I’m going to bestow upon you some skills well fitting to your abilities.”

As Metron said that, he snapped his fingers which resulted in a low tone sound to reverberate in everyone’s head.

“With that, I have just granted you various skills depending on your abilities. You should be okay now. Well then, I don’t have much left time so I will summon you all to my world.”

Right after when he said that last word, a giant magic circle formation appeared on the floor of the class. It was a magic circle shining in golden color and was gradually increasing its light. While the class was astonished by the sudden appearance of the magic circle, Yato was about to realize something else.

Wait, I’m not inside the formation…

Since he usually sits in the top corner of the classroom which was located outside the circle, it was impossible for him to move there. All that he could do was witness the magic circle shining even brighter.

“Ah, it is scheduled that you will be summoned as Heroes in my world. You can ask the residents of the world for further information about it. Also, the only way to come back is to defeat the Demon Lord; I will guarantee your return at that time. Alright then, have a good new life, Heroes!”

Like that the magic circle vanished along with the students― except for Yato.

“Are you serious… Ah, I can talk… and move.”

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After he realized that he can move once again, Yato made a long stretch.

Well then, for now, let me sort out the situation, why am I the only one who didn’t get summoned?

“It was totally my fault for not being inside the magic circle…”

That was the only possible reason. And even if that weren’t the case, he couldn’t think about anything else.

Anything else that’s been bothering me?… No.

“For now, let’s just rest.”

During the time of crises, sleeping in the best possible solution.

Yato fell back on the desk and tried to fall asleep, but apparently, he couldn’t do so.

Is the effect of that kid’s spell thing is still taking effect?

That brat, causing me troubles and leaving out of blue. Next time when I meet him, it will be a fist in his face.

But what to do now?

Yato didn’t have anything in particular to do except for sleeping. As he was pondering about a way to spend his free time, he suddenly recalled something.

“Come to think of it, he said something about skills and stuff.”

After remembering Metron’s statement, Yato concentrated on showing his status and then, a half transparent image popped out before his eyes.


« General Information »
Name: Kamiya Yato
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Race: Human

« Points »
Health Points: 500/500
Magic Points: 300/300

« Skills »
Appraisal, Super Growth, Magic Creation


“Ooh, it actually happened!”

Yato was surprised by the status in front of him. He then tried concentrating on the skill names resulting in a detailed explanation of each one reflecting on the image. How useful.

« Appraisal »
You can appraise any person or thing inside your field of vision.

« Super Growth »
Tremendously raises the speed of learning and skill leveling.

« Magic Creation »
Allows creating any type of magic the creator desires. However, the consumption of magic, in this case, is very high.

These are some really convenient skills.

Yato thought about it as he read the skill descriptions.

“Magic Creation? Let’s give it a try.”

Yato activated the Magic Creation skill and thought about the magic he wanted.

Only allowed on

Getting stronger when sleeping.

“The skill 【Sleeping Strength Magic】has been learned.”

A voice announced so inside his head.

Did I really create it? I didn’t expect it to work on whatever I wanted.

While thinking about that, Yato’s vision started to faint. Getting all confused, he kneeled on the floor while holding his head with both hands.

What happened…?

Before his consciousness entirely fainted away, he recalled one thing.

Yeah, it said that using this skill will consume a lot of magic points.

At that time, Yato understood what was going on. He was out of Magic Points. Right when he realized that fact, he lost his consciousness.

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