Chapter 01: Interrogation and Graduation

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker

Interrogation and Graduation

I noticed an unfamiliar roof right after I opened my eyes, as I realized that I was unconscious for a considerable amount of time.

“During these kinds of situations, it’s always an unknown ceiling huh…”

When I tried to wake up, I realized that I was lying on top of a bed. It was at that moment that I realized that I was in an infirmary. I gazed all over the place and noticed that there was a TV and there was raining outside of the window.

This is not a different world, is it…

As I fell into thoughts, someone abruptly opened the door of the hospital room where I was in. As I shifted my gaze to the door, I realized that they were my parents seemed to be in a state of confusion. The expressions on their faces suddenly turned into one of concern, and they hastily approached me, as I was still lying on the bed.

“Yato! Are you feeling okay? Are you in pain somewhere?!”

My mother asked me with a considerably worried face.

“Yeah, I’m fine, mom.”

When I expressed that I was fine, my mom was rather relieved, and prayed as if she were thanking God. Although she was already above 40 years, her appearance is still that of a young maiden who is about 17 years old.

[ED: Loli mom. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

“Are you really okay? How are you feeling?”

It was my father who asked about my well being this time.

“Yeah, I’m feeling good, dad.”
“I see, that’s great.”

Similar to my mother, my father is also above 40 years, but despite that, he looks like a young handsome man. If anyone witnesses both of them together, they can’t help but think of them as a young couple, which is certainly deceiving.
[ED: Shota dad. OwO]

“I’m glad that you’re okay. I was frightened when I first heard that you were collapsed alone in the classroom.”
“That’s right. Yato, what in heaven happened in there? Where did your classmates go?”

The moment I heard my father’s question about my classmates, I instantly froze at my place. It was obvious that I couldn’t just tell that my classmates were forcibly summoned to another world by a God named Metron.

“You are Kamiya Yato, am I correct?”

Just when I was about to speak about the situation, several men in uniform suddenly barged into the hospital room. From their uniform, it looks like they’re from the police department.

“I am Onigawara from the Metropolitan Police Department. Is it possible for you to answer some of our questions?”

That’s a police officer for sure.

And, I believe that the questions are most likely about my classmates’ disappearances. I just couldn’t tell them that they were summoned to another world by a God, they’d think that I’ve gone insane after experiencing such tragedy. I started contemplating a plan.

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“Please stop! Yato has just woken up! I’d like you to leave for now please!”

My mother furiously yelled at the officers. The officers seemed to be taken aback by her anger and possibly because they considered the intensity of the surrounding, they decided to politely drawback.

“I understand. Well then, we shall come back another day.”

The police officers left the room after apologizing to my mom. I was also taken aback to see my mom get angry, as she is not the type to get angry often, but once she does, things get ugly. It’s quite scary. I still remember that day when I was seriously punished by her, it was the true terror.

“By the way, what time is it now?”

I asked as I started to restlessly look around the place for a clock.

“It’s 4:00 pm. Don’t worry, it’s still the same day.”

My father was the one who answered.
Seriously? Doesn’t that mean I was only passed out for a mere 2 hour time period?

I somehow managed to not to show the shock on my face.

“Come to think of it, where’s Karen?”

“Karen is currently taking care of the house. She was really worried when she heard about you that you collapsed.”

It looked like that Karen didn’t come along with my parent. And, oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you that Karen is my little sister. She is currently a Sophomore at her Middle School. She pretty much looks like my mother. Our relations are not that good, but neither are they bad. To put it bluntly, we’re your normal everyday siblings. For Karen to be really worried about me, her big brother is really happy.

“Okay, we should go now.”

My father told my mother to go, as he checked his watch.

“Ah, is it already time? Well then, Yato, we’re going back to work now, okay?”
“Alright, have a good time.”

Like that, my parents left the room. Right after they closed the door behind their back, I took a deep breath and lie back down on the bed.”

That’s right, I need to check on my status.


« General Information »
Name: Kamiya Yato
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Level: 1

« Points »
Health Points: 500/500

Magic Points: 300/300

« Skills »
Appraisal, Super Growth, Magic Creation, Sleeping Strength Magic


It’s really there. I thought it was just a dream.

I concentrated my sight on the new Sleeping Strength Magic skill.

« Sleeping Strength Magic »
Automatically casts a type of magic a few moments before falling asleep which allows acquiring experience points. The acquired experience points accumulate in proportion to the sleeping time.

Whoa, this is a very convenient magic.

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Just getting stronger only by sleeping is a perfect skill for me. Without any further delay, I tried to use it by falling asleep, but suddenly, something like a chant started floating inside my head.

Should I chant this line, maybe?


The moment when I enchanted that spell, I sensed something as if I were emanating a bright light, and my body started feeling warmer as the time goes. And, then, I feel like I could sleep freely.

As I was thinking about that, I wrapped myself in the cushion and fell into a deep slumber. I will leave out the part where I spent a good amount of time giving to police interviews and being chased by the news media personnel.

Anyway, an entire year has passed. I have finally graduated from being a Middle School student, and I’m now in the high school.

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