Chapter 45: Surrender?

4 consecutive hits!

Only Qin Tian, an experienced gamer, could think of such a move.

In games, consecutive hits rely on one’s skill. This time, he was able to do it by relying on his explosive speed.

At this moment, he felt good, but his face did not reveal any of it.

Consecutive hits. Never in history had it happened in the gathering of the clans. At most, it was only fast speed without any of actions being linked together, yet Qin Tian did it beautifully.

This made many cultivators with average talent to keep the scene in mind.

After a period of time, many cultivators in Qinhe city would know how to do consecutive hits, but that is something in the future.

“Young master, this move appeared to be just like a miracle ah.” Meng Lei couldn’t help but get excited. His face was full of happiness, and his heart was filled with ecstasy.

Rank three spirit formation Zhao Yi was killed by Qin Tian without any means to fight back.

A difference in 1 rank only, yet the disparity in strength was so large. Also, it was obvious that Qin Tian did not even use his full strength. If he had used it, then won’t the fight be finished in one move?

The thousands of spectators could feel their blood boiling with excitement. Never had they seen such a beautiful kill! A change happened in the gambling post, and the odds became 1:2.

Qin Tian was now one of the favorites of becoming the champion and many had great expectations for him.

Qin Tian laughed for a while before sitting down. He looked at the platform where Xiao Rufeng was battling, not willing to miss any moment of the fight.

Since the beginning when he got onto the platform, the sword on his hand had never stopped moving, producing many sounds.

The area above the platform seemed to have thousand of swords revolving around it. At any point in time, a sword could be shot out.

His strength was terrifying, and he was too arrogant. Never had he seen his opponent be his match. He coldly looked at Qin Tian as if the only one capable of fighting against him was Qin Tian.

“So arrogant……”

Liu Changxiao flung his sleeves, and an exquisite dagger appeared in his hand.

Many were surprised, and Qin Zhantian sighed, “The Liu Clan really is generous, to be willing to take out their mid-grade spirit weapon, and not afraid of it being stolen.”

Hearing what Qin Zhantian said, Qin Tian looked at it carefully, only to feel that it was just like a normal dagger other than it’s slightly better workmanship. However, when Liu Changxiao circulated his Qigong, the dagger underwent an enormous change……

A blue light extended out from the dagger, like the lightsaber in Star Wars.

Weapon emitting light?

Mid-grade spirit weapon can resonate with Qigong?

Qin Tian was startled and wanted to see how Xiao Rufeng would deal with Liu Changxiao.

On the platform, Xiao Rufeng stood proudly, and beside him was his sword dangling in the air. He turned his head and gave Liu Changxiao a glance before saying with disdain, “Mid-grade spirit weapon?”

“It is a waste in your hands……”

Xiao Rufeng’s sword became as flexible as a whip. It suddenly became distorted and disappeared……

Liu Changxiao was secretly shocked. Suddenly, he turned around, only to find the sword piercing through the air towards him, “Sneak attack, so even you could do it.”

He swept his dagger……

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However, the sword disappeared again, it had disappeared in a blink of an eye. He felt a chill coming from behind. Not waiting for him to react, his back received a heavy punch, and he flew out of the platform……

One move!

Xiao Rufeng’s aura headed directly towards Qin Tian and pressured him. Along with his aura, his sword made a humming sound……


Qin Zhantian thundered loudly, and his aura exploded out, going against the aura Xiao Rufeng emitted out. Looking coldly at Xiao Lie, he snorted, “Such terrible upbringing.”

Xiao Lie’s expression became dark as he gritted his teeth. He already got wind that his daughter was slapped by Qin Tian. Since there was no way to climb the ranks using the Qin family, show them no mercy! As long as the matched opponent is a Qin disciple, kill!

As long as Qin Tian was gotten rid of, they could use that to please the Zhao family and climb the ranks.

Deep down, Xiao Lie laughed coldly…

But for now, those were just undercurrents.

As such, a faint smile formed slowly on Zhao Wudi’s face.

Qin Tian’s talent posed a threat and killing such talents was the easiest route to secure his clan’s position as the strongest clan in Qinghe City. But now, it seemed like someone else would like to do the honor in finishing off the threat.

Seeing Xiao Rufeng’s face full of hatred, it made him recalled the tournament five years ago when Qin Tian bitterly humiliated Xiao Rufeng on the platform. With this huge amount of hate, once they both were to face each other, only one will leave the platform alive.

To the Zhao family, that was simply a joyous occasion.

And for that, all he had to do was to manipulate the matching arrangements to have only one of them compete against Zhao Kong in the final…

Thereafter, he nodded slightly towards the Zhao judge who was among the group of judges.

The Zhao judge hinted back.

Now after the fourth round, only twelve participants remained. Among those twelve participants, Qin Feng was the only one with a cultivation rank at rank nine warrior; the rest of the participants had cultivation at the Spirit Formation realm. And among those twelve participants, eight of them belonged to the four great clans…

After the short break, the fifth round of the tournament was about to begin. The opponents from here on after will be much stronger compared to the previous four rounds. However, though knowing so, Qin Tian still kept his cool and expressed no form of nervousness.

The one beside him, Qin Feng, was breathing heavily; he received some light wounds in previous round he was in just then. For him, entering the fifth round might be his limit.

“If you end up being matched with Xiao Rufeng, it’d be best to throw in the towel.” Qin Tian turned to look at Qin Feng before whispering softly to him.

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Qin Feng was taken aback and frowned. Looking into Qin Tian, his expression changed slightly but did not give a reply.

Deep down, he knew what Qin Tian said was for his own good. Xiao Rufeng might have shown mercy to the Liu disciple, but that might not be the case for the Qin disciple.

Dying on the platform is normal. Unless the kill was due to malicious intent, the judges would not interfere.

The move Xiao Rufeng used to defeat the rank three spirit formation Liu Changxiao, an attack that could come in any direction; would he be able to withstand it? Qin Feng was not confident.

With that, the fifth round began…

This time around, Qin Tian drew a lot from a box. Opening the note to see, he was a little depressed because his opponent was not Xiao Rufeng.

His opponent was a disciple from a small clan. As the disciple stood on the platform, he gave a smile at Qin Tian and said, “I’ve seen your strength, I yield!”

After throwing in the towel, the disciple walked down the platform and was greeted with cheers. Nobody looked down on him; instead, many praised him for his action.

“Surrender?” Qin Tian smiled and walked down the platform.

Qin Tian’s luck wasn’t bad, however, Qin Feng wasn’t as fortunate as him; his opponent was Xiao Rufeng…

On the platform, Qin Feng stared at the disdain look given to him by Xiao Rufeng. Deep down the anger within him was boiling and both his fists were tightly clenched. But in the end, he loosened his fists and retreated down the platform.

Though he wasn’t willing to do so, he knew that he wasn’t strong enough to go against Xiao Rufeng. If he were to proceed with the match, he might not be able to withstand Xiao Rufeng’s attack and might end up losing his life.

Looking at Qin Feng’s back as he retreated, Xiao Rufeng spoke with disdain. “Trash.”

The word ‘trash’ came out loud from his mouth. Even Qin Tian, who was below the platform, could hear it loud and clear. And so naturally, Qin Feng must have heard it. However, on his face still hung an indifferent smile as he gritted his teeth…

Qin Tian smiled coldly. Though his eyes flashed a trace of indifference, his intention to kill was strong…

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