Chapter 44: One with Nature, Kill!

There are many ways to comprehend a law, and fighting is one of them.

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After spending half a month in the valley of wolves massacring, Qin Tian seemed to have comprehended something, yet also felt that he did not. There was like a layer of fog, unable to see clearly, unable to touch……

During his next fights, he swept through them.

They were all defeated in one move without him using his Qigong. He was like a great master, majestic like a mountain.

The cheers for him by the crowd became greater and greater. Every time when it was his turn to fight, the spectators would watch with their eyes wide open while holding their breath. They were unwilling to miss a single moment of the fight.

Qin Clan’s disciples became more and more excited. Whenever it was Qin Tian’s turn to go onto the platform, they would all cheer loudly.

Qin Zhantian’s face hung a faint smile, Qin Tian’s performance was extremely satisfying. As for Qin Xiangtian and Qin Kuang, their faces were extremely ugly. If it was not for them restraining themselves, their faces would have turned ashen.

After three rounds, Qin Clan’s disciple, Qin Cheng, was kicked out and only Qin Tian and Qin Feng were left.

Qin Feng’s fighting spirit was high. For a rank nine warrior to enter the fourth round is not easy, but it looked like Qin Feng was about to break through into the spirit formation realm.

To actually want to break through in a fight, it seemed like Qin Feng was also the type who’s unwilling to be behind other’s back.

Qin Tian could not help but look at him in a new light. To him, this type of people is to be admired.

“Next round, Qin Tian against Zhao Yi……”

A referee walked into the middle of the platform and announced the names.

“Match against him at last.”

The look in Zhao Yi’s eyes changed as he revealed his exhilaration. The time to get his revenge for that day at Furong restaurant had come.

Immediately, Zhao Yi walked towards the platform. Looking at Qin Tian, he said, “Come and accept your death.”

His arrogance was unbridled, not putting anyone from the Qin Clan in his eyes. Qin Zhantian frowned, and snorted, “Go teach him a lesson.”

Qin Tian laughed coldly and without replying, walked onto the stage. Looking at Zhao Yi, he said, “In such a hurry to enter the cycle of reincarnation?”

“Just hurrying to send you to hell.” Both his hands moved. Two palms became four, four palms became eight, eight palms became sixteen……

In the end, a total of a hundred and twenty eight palms were created. The countless number of palms formed with Qigong swayed in the air. They were just like real ones, and the killing intent was immersed.

“Phantom Palm.”

“To use the ability ‘phantom palm’ at the start of the fight, really vicious ah.”

“Never did I expect that Zhao Yi could actually create a hundred and twenty-eight palms, Qin Tian is definitely doomed this round.”

“Phantom palm is Zhao Clan’s high-rank ability, not just anyone can cultivate it.”

“Rumour has it that Zhao Wudi also cultivated in this ability, and could create more than six hundred and forty palms……”

Chatters erupted among the spectators, but Qin Tian just smiled evilly. Then, he put a hand forward, seemingly weak. However, it’s power could topple mountains and overturn seas……

If this was him half a month ago, he could not guarantee that he could win easily, but it was not the same now. From Zhao Yi’s breathing in a breath of time, Qin Tian had already seen through it completely.

One’s breathing is an important aspect of regulating Qigong. It could affect the body and could adjust the amount of strength used.

The breathing was faint and was very hard to notice, but Qin Tian was able to feel Zhao Yi’s breathing clearly. In and out, every movement of his body, Qin Tian could feel them.

At this moment, Qin Tian had reached a stage where he was one with nature.

Only strong cultivators are able to attain such stage, yet Qin Tian was able to do so.

Some of the spectators who saw the platform were shocked. They had cultivated for more than half of their life, and some of their abilities were practiced for tens of years. Let alone becoming a master, they could not even exhibit a little of the abilities’ real power.

So how long did Qin Tian cultivated?

To be able to actually attain enlightenment on becoming one with nature!

Gentle ripples that slowly, but constantly brought together to form a bigger wave which caused the current audience’s shock to surpass the previous one.

The first person in Qinghe City to have such great potential, Qin Tian.

And naturally, Zhao Yi was unable to see the change in Qin Tian’s breathing. To him, it was just another common move which may very much be an insult to him. Feeling so, the intensity of his Phantom Palms increased, and a hundred and twenty-eight fists flew straight at Qin Tian…

As the breeze brushed against his face, his Qigong began to rage.

Qin Tian calmly smiled. Gripping his fist tightly, his expression changed, exposing a desire to kill before dashing straight into the Phantom Palms…

Qin Tian’s desire was like a menacing electric drill, taking down each layer of the Phantom Palms with a burst of power. Within moments, Qin Tian struck Zhao Yi’s right palm…

Zhao Yi wasn’t in the right frame of mind to comprehend what just happened; he was shocked and his mind was in a turmoil. He practiced ‘Phantom Palm’ for not more than half a month. And during that period, all he managed to form were images with no physical body. Once the real physical palm is found and interrupted, all the other images will instantly dissipate.

However, if it were Zhao Wudi, all the six hundred and forty phantom palms would each have a physical body and they would not be broken so easily.

Zhao Yi felt an immense pain in his right palm and quickly leaped back. When he glanced back at the spot where Qin Tian was, his heart suddenly became nervous. “Where did he go?”

Once he defeated Zhao Yi’s Phantom Palms, from the heavy breathing, he predicted that Zhao Yi would retreat backward.

In an instant, he activated his Qigong and sped up into the air. Leaping forward, he landed behind Zhao Yi’s back and sneered…

All Zhao Yi felt was a cold chill down his spine, and beads of cold sweat trickled down his forehead…

“Hong long long…”

Showing no mercy, Qin Tian directed both his fists at Zhao Yi at the same time.

After the punch from behind, Zhao Yi’s body was sent flying forward.

But that was not all; Qin Tian did not stop. He increased his speed further and before Zhao Yi’s body was able to land on the platform, landed another punch on Zhao Yi’s body…

With that, Zhao Yi was sent flying higher in the air. His face was pale white as he flew; his life was hanging by the thread.

“4 consecutive hits…”

Qin Tian stomped a foot on the floor and leaped before hammering his leg down heavily onto Zhao Yi’s neck.

“Ka-cha”. The sound of Zhao Yi’s bones cracking was heard.


A dull crash was heard from the platform as dust enveloped the platform. Zhao Yi was left lying motionlessly on the platform with a broken neck. Both his eyes dilate…

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“Sin +1, current accumulated sin value: 8…”

Hearing the sound of the system, Qin Tian smiled. Without even looking at Zhao Yi, Qin Tian walked down the stairs. As he did so, he coldly glared at Xiao Rufeng. The friction when their gaze met were so violent that it was charged with tension…


Zhao Wudi exhaled heavily before glaring at the Qin Clan with both his eyes wide like a lantern. Loudly, he shouted, “Ridiculous!”

To groom a disciple to the spirit formation realm isn’t easy. What’s more, Zhao Yi had talent and would definitely be able to break through to spirit refining realm and become an overlord. To think that his promising disciple was actually killed by Qin Tian right before the judges could take any action!

Once the words came out from his mouth, the whole square became agitated.

A gorgeous four consecutive hits that destroyed the Phantom Palm without the need to use any Qigong! At this moment, the audiences stared at Qin Tian as if seeing a monster; an abnormally strong monster…

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