Chapter 43: Master Level

In the central square, more and more people were gathered and the volume of their conversations became louder. They were all discussing who would become the winner in this year’s gathering. Many looked upon Xiao Rufeng since he got the first place for four consecutive years. Now that he was a rank six spirit formation realm, him getting the first again would be common sense.

Some cultivators opened a gambling post. Except Xiao Rufeng’s 1:1 odds, others were much higher. Qin Tian’s was as high as 1:8 as none saw him as Xiao Rufeng’s opponent.

Qin Tian did not care about all those. He sat quietly and waited for the event to start.

After half a quarter of an hour, Zhao Clan’s patriarch Zhao Wudi coughed lightly and walked towards the platform to commence the start of the event. As Qinhe city’s strongest great clan, only he had the rights to announce the start and this made the other patriarchs unhappy.

The participants of the fights were chosen by random.

There were more than fifty great clans, with each sending three representatives. Thus making the number of participants more than a hundred and sixty.

However, after a few rounds of eliminations, only some would be left.

Before the start of the event, a thunderous sound of a drum could be heard rumbling, causing the blood of people to boil with excitement and anticipation……

Around eighty disciples walked onto the platform and picked out a small paper strip from inside a box, then walked towards the judge to report the name.

The platform was separated into ten big zones to save time. During the first three rounds, participants would be eliminated rapidly. Only after the third round would the ten zones combined into one.

Those that could crash their way through the third round would not be below the realm of spirit formation and those participants should not be fighting in the small zone.

Among the ten chosen to go up first, Qin Tian was in the second group.

The first round of fight would not have much suspense, and some warrior realm cultivators were eliminated quickly.

“Next, Yang Shen against Qin Tian.”

The referee announced. Qin Tian walked up and gave Yang Shen an indifferent smile.

“Qin Tian, pardon me.”

Yang Shen said coldly. At the same time, his body flashed and Qigong emitted out from his body. A formless pressure was exuded out and he unsheathed his sword and rushed towards Qin Tian……

For the first opponent Qin Tian met to be a spirit formation realm cultivator, one should wonder whether Qin Tian’s luck was too good or too bad. Two third of the participants were in the warrior realm, and the first he met was a spirit formation cultivator. Nevertheless, he laughed, “It should be me who say that.”

Qin Tian did not release any Qigong or gave out any pressure at all. He was calm as if he was non-existent……

At that moment, just as Yang Shen’s sword was about to pierce through Qin Tian, both his hands moved. No Qigong was used, but the speed of the fists was fast, so fast that even Yang Shen could not react to it. Before he could block it with his sword, he felt a burning pain on his chest.


He flew more than forty feets away and landed heavily on the ground, unable to move.

Qin Tian stood on the platform proudly, as still as a mountain.

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It was as if nothing had actually happened.

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The noisy venue suddenly became tranquil, and Qin Tian was looked at by many in shock. To defeat a Spirit Formation realm cultivator in one move, furthermore without using Qigong and could already attack with such powerful might, a normal punch actually contained such great power.

The most critical point was Qin Tian’s aura. It was placid, just like water.

A while later, the referee announced, “Qin Tian victory. Advances to the next round.”

The originally tranquil venue started bustling with noises.

“To end a fight with one move. Outrageous!”

“That kid, Yan Sheng is at the spirit formation realm with power that is definitely not low. But never could I have imagined that Qin Tian would end the fight with a punch!”

“A genius in Qinghe City five years ago, who became a trash for five years. Could he once again regain the title he lost?”


While walking down the platform, Qin Tian found a few pairs of eyes glaring at him from amidst the crowd. They were filled with killing intent but Qin Tian remained collected, revealing no weakness to them.

That blow was just a show. The following matches would be the real deal.

Xiao Rufeng, I hoped you wouldn’t run into any mishap before our match.

Once Qin Tian returned to his seat, the Qin disciples were all secretly filled with excitement; Qin Tian won! As if they were showered in glory, the disciples had their chests puffed out. Four long years, their clan was ranked the lowest among the four great clans in the tournament. However, perhaps this year the tables had turned.

“Not bad, not bad. A mere punch to end the match against an opponent in the spirit formation realm. Your punch has already reached the highest attainable level.” Qin Zhantian squinched his eyes as he smiled. Seeing Qin Tian’s unsurprised face, a bit of confidence was added to the thought of Qin clan getting first place this year.

On the other hand, both Qin Kuang and Qin Xiangtian hung a very unnatural smile. They were extremely shocked. Like what Qin Zhantian just said, that punch had already reached the highest attainable level; the level of a master.

At the same time, both surfaced the same thoughts. “This child must not live.”

In just a few months, from a rank one warrior trash whom everyone ridiculed to a spirit formation rank four. Impossible, even for a genius!

Xiao Rufeng took more than two years to break through to spirit formation rank four whereas he took less than three months.

If this went on, getting rid of him might become more and more difficult.

Qin Xiangtian glared at Qin Tian sinisterly. Now, all he needed was for Xiao Rufeng to pierce his sword into Qin Tian’s heart…


“As expected of him to be able to defeat a spirit formation rank four.”

Zhao Wudi was amazed and deep down, he thought. “To think the Qin clan had such a monstrous genius!”

“Father, it was him who shamed me.” Zhao Jiannan was in a bad mood. As he observed Qin Tian, the hatred within him started to manifest in his eyes.

“Young Master, rest assured; if he were my opponent, I’ll definitely not show any mercy.” Zhao Yi whispered coldly beside Zhao Jiannan.

Zhao Wudi grunted, “You’re no match for him. Zhao Kong, you’ll definitely be matched against him. And when that time comes, show no mercy and kill him off…”

A pair of red eyes appeared behind Zhao Wudi. Grinning coldly, the Zhao disciple replied, “Yes Sir!”

Zhao Jiannan involuntarily smiled. Since it was Zhao Kong, Qin Tian would definitely die.”

Concealing his powers for five long years; the Zhao disciple was extremely strong.

That disciple was fine tuned by Zhao Wudi personally for the goal of getting rid of other families’ geniuses. This year, his aim was to get rid of Xiao Rufeng. But after seeing Qin Tian’s display of power, his aim was now diverted to Qin Tian.

For all the repeated humiliation received from the Qin clan because of Qin Tian, killing him is necessary as a warning to the Qin family.

And to let the Qinghe people know that the Zhao family is the number one clan in Qinghe City.

Qin Tian sat quietly on his seat as he waited for his turn. In the half a month of hardship to break through to spirit formation realm, it had given him ample time to comprehend quite a number of things.

And in this very tournament, it’s the best opportunity for him to test them out.

These people here were nothing but stepping stones.

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