Chapter 42: Another Big Boss

If not for Yun Man being present, Qin Tian would have mercilessly killed Xiao Ruqian right on the spot.

Mainly because he knew that to this kind poisonous woman, anything is possible. She might have seduced a spirit formation rank four today, but who knew when she might seduce a spirit refining expert to conduct her revenge?

And who knew one day he might even die in the hands of this poisonous woman.

Half a month of mindless killing of monsters hardened his heart and he was now indifferent towards murdering.

Seeing Xiao Ruqian in a disheveled state, Qin Tian coldly spoke, “I hope you’ll be a good girl!”

With that, Qin Tian recovered the aura released from his body and the strong killing intent dissipated. Feeling the pressure acting on her slowly disappeared, Xiao Ruqian started to take in deep breaths before falling to the ground in a sitting position. Glaring coldly at his back, Xiao Ruqian bitterly nibbled her lips till it bled…


“What? Zhao Feng is severely injured?”

“By who?”

“Again by Qin Tian.”

“Qin family sure is making light of us, the Zhao family…”

The Zhao family’s patriarch, Zhao Wudi, has red eyebrows and red hair, and his eyes are like flaming torches; his aura is so strong that it can blow people more than 10 feet back; the robe on his body flutters without any wind; and a ring of fire can be seen burning endlessly beneath his feet.

Spirit refining rank seven, the strongest among all in Qinghe city.

Though the name states ‘The Gathering of the four Great Clans’, the tournament was however opened to all clans within Qinghe city and not just the four great clans.

Since the very beginning, the tournament was an event organized by the four great clans, and after many decades of progress, the tournament gradually became the most important event held in Qinghe City.

The competition followed an elimination system where the loser would be disqualified. As for the top ten participants, they would be awarded various tournament prizes. For the top three, they would be awarded handsomely, and the participant who came in top would be awarded the grand prize.

The prizes to be awarded in the tournament were already prepared beforehand, sponsored by the four great families.

And as for this year’s prizes, they were all more fulsome compared to the previous years; the winner for this year’s tournament would be awarded a number of grade six Dans and a spirit weapon.

Grade six Dan Volt Tiger is used to clean the marrow and helped to provide a decade’s worth of cultivation. Consumer would definitely feel his body experienced a great change. To a Spirit Formation cultivator, this was undoubtedly the best type of Dan.

Spirit weapon was even more needless to say. Of the many clans in Qinhe city, those that even have a spirit weapon were not more than ten, and there were not more than ten spirit weapons.

For this year’s contest to place a spirit weapon as the prize, one could see the amount of resources put in this year’s contest. This aroused the fighting spirit of countless young people.

However, many people knew that the first place wasn’t easy to get.

Disciples below the age of twenty of the four great clans were gathered, and many were spirit formation realm cultivators. To get the first place was harder than climbing the heavens.

Moreover, Qinhe city’s number 1 genius Xiao Rufeng was also participating, making it even more hopeless.

At the central square, many people were gathered.

The four great clans were positioned in the middle, which was the largest area. Surrounding them were smaller clans.

On one side of the square sat a panel of judges formed by a group of elders selected by each of the four great families. These judges are all in the spirit gathering realm; in the case of an emergency, they would be the first to take action.

Qin Tian brought Yun Man and Meng Lei to the central square and walked towards where the Qin Clan was located. Many who saw him immediately gave way.

After going through some battles, Qin Tian’s reputation resounded in Qinhe City. Some believed that the number 1 genius from five years ago was back.

However, many were not optimistic of Qin Tian.


Xiao Rufeng.

Among all the younger generation, Xiao Rufeng was a real genius. Qinhe City’s number 1 genius, most likely of becoming a spirit refining cultivator before the age of thirty.

The moment Qin Tian reached the allocated position for the Qin family, he bowed slightly and greeted, “Good day to you, Patriarch.”

Qin Zhantian smiled and motioned Qin Tian to sit.

Just when Qin Tian was about to take a seat, a killing intent was shot at him from a side. Taking a glance, his heart was suddenly taken aback, “A glittering BOSS.”

That person wasn’t Qin Xiangtian, but Qin Kuang.

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He stared at Qin Tian with both his eyes that were like on fire, and his fists were clenched tightly. Qin Zhantian raised his eyebrow and looked at Qin Kuang from the corner of his eyes……

Immediately, Qin Kuang became docile. However, the killing intent released from his body did not decrease.

”Another boss… another boss…”

Qin Tian was suddenly aroused. Eyeing at the golden halo beneath Qin Kuang’s feet, his heart couldn’t help but boil with excitement. Thinking of all the experience he could get from killing Qin Kuang, Qin Tian rubbed his fists with glee.

However, after awhile of being excited, Qin Tian cooled down. He could already guess why Qin Kuang became a BOSS, and it seemed like he knew what happened in the Autumn Hunting event. Killing his son, of course, he would hate Qin Tian to the bone.

Qin Kuang understood the rules of the Autumn Hunting event more than Qin Tian. Whatever occurred inside, none outside could interfere, not to mention Qin Yang’s death.

Since Qin Kuang wanted to kill him and became a BOSS, Qin Tian put him in his list of dangerous people and would be more careful when around him in the future.

Qin Kuang’s cultivation was at the pinnacle of Spirit Gathering realm. Currently, Qin Tian did not have the strength, but he knew how to protect himself.

As long as Qin Zhantian was around, they would not dare to do anything to him. Harming a genius of the Qin Clan was a great sin. Therefore, as long as Qin Zhantian was still around, they would not act recklessly.

Qin Tian sat and asked respectfully, “Patriarch, other than me, who else of the Qin Clan would participate?”

“Qin Feng, Qin Cheng.”

Qin Zhantian looked at Qin Tian and was slightly shocked, a while later, he suddenly started laughing. He was feeling very great and said, “Not bad, not bad, seems like I did not look at you wrongly, you’ve really entered the spirit formation realm, haha……”

“Spirit Formation realm?”

“What? He actually broke through?”


A commotion was created among the Qin Clan disciples, and they looked at Qin Tian with disbelieve. Half a month ago, he was only a warrior realm cultivator. No matter how hard one cultivated, even a heaven blessed talent would not be able to break through in such a short period of time.

Qin Tian grinned slightly. “Spirit Formation realm? You could only see that I was in spirit formation realm?”

During the half a month of training, Qin Tian’s cultivation had reached rank four Spirit Formation, almost becoming rank five.

Hearing the praises, Meng Lei’s face exposed a silly smile which was as bright as the sun.

Yun Man was also the same, only that her laugh was very reserved, very touching……

The happiest was, of course, Qin Zhantian. At first, he did not believe that Qin Tian could break through and enter the Spirit Formation realm. Now, it seemed like Qin Tian was really the cultivation genius five years ago. With no hesitation, he took out fifty Hushen Dans, “This is the reward promised.”

Qin Tian laughed and accepted it respectfully, “Thank you, patriarch.”

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“For what did you thank me for? This is what you should get.”

Qin Zhantian did not bother about the opposition he saw in the grand elder’s eyes and laughed. Fifty Fushen Dans to him wasn’t anything much. He had an alchemist little sister, so Dans wouldn’t really worth anything to him.

The fifty Dans would not only be able to pull him closer, but also made Qin Tian grateful towards him. Another reason to why Qin Zhantian did it openly was that to deter others, warning those who had hatred towards Qin Tian.

Grateful? Qin Tian was certainly not, but the deterrence Qin Zhantian made was something useful for him.

After all, he was still not strong enough to kill peak of Spirit Gathering cultivators Qin Kuang and Qin Xiangtian……

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