Chapter 41: Despicable

Night, in Qin Clan.

Grand elder Qin Kuang was in his room, with a candle as his light.

“Are you sure?”

Qin Kuang’s eyes emitted out chilliness and in it contained much anger. At the same time, his body exuded out killing intent and the room turned colder.

“Indeed I am sure. Qin Yang had such outstanding strength and cultivated the high-rank ability ‘eight savage swords’. During the Autumn Hunting event, he killed countless of monsters. Qin Tian envied him and harbored evil intentions. Thus, he formulated a sinister plan to cause the death of Qin Yang, or would he with a cultivation of rank six warrior clinch the first place in the event? All the monster heads in his wooden plate should be from Qin Clan’s disciples .”

“Ai, it’s all because of me being soft-hearted at that time and did not flatten Qin Tian to death, leaving a scourge in the Qin Clan……”

“Both our sons died in his hands. This resentment I have can never be swallowed.”

Qin Xiangtian made a pained face, but when he reached to the part which he was angry about, he turned agitated, as if wanting to break Qin Tian into eight pieces.

After the Autumn Hunting event came to an end, Qin Xiangtian started to investigate. After many days of investigating secretly, he managed to pieced out what had happened.

However, he did not know about Qin Tian getting the core. In his mind, no matter how strong Qin Tian was, he would never be able to defeat a rank five monster. Even he himself could not, so how would Qin Tian do so?

“Good. Qin Tian, since you dared to kill my son, this father here will take your head and offer it to my son!”

Qin Kuang thundered. With a slap on the table, it broke into pieces.

“Second grand elder, do not be too hasty. Qin Tian should be hacked into pieces, but the problem we need to deal with first is Qin Zhantian. As long as he’s here, Qin Tian would never be killed by us.” Qin Xiangtian laughed coldly in his mind, it seemed like his plan had succeeded.

“Patriarch? Heng……” Qin Kuang snorted and continued, “During the Gathering of the Four Great Clans, if our clan is unable to become first, I’ll unite some grand elders and force him to step down. At that time, who can stop me from getting Qin Tian’s head to offer to my son……”

Qin Xiangtian was laughing inside……

Qin Kuang was the previous patriarch’s only son, thus his position in the clan was very high, many times higher than Qin Zhantian. Among the eight grand elders, four were disciples which his father personally taught. Hence, only by pulling Qin Kuang to his side would he, Qin Xiangtian, be able to pressure Qin Zhantian to step down.

In the gathering, as long as Qin Clan did not become the first, a crisis would appear.

Recently, Qin Zhantian noticed many dissatisfactions happening in the Clan but was still helplessly accepted as the patriarch due to his contributions for the Clan. Now, if no one in his clan got the first place, he might not be able to maintain his position.

The calm before the storm. The longer something is squeezed, the bigger the explosion.


When Qin Tian returned to Furong restaurant, it was already late in the night.

When Zhang Dafu opened the door, his soul almost flew away from fright. The current Qin Tian was just too terrifying.

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Qin Tian went to wash up and changed into a new set of clothes. At that time, Hei Yan and Meng Lei woke up.

“Young master, where had you gone recently? I was so worried about you.”

Meng Lei looked at Qin Tian with a face of happiness and realized that the feeling Qin Tian gave out was completely different. It had only been half a month, yet such heaven-defying change had happened. Meng Lei felt happy for Qin Tian and this feeling of happiness was even more when compared to his own breakthrough.

After half a month of mass-killing, Qin Tian’s body still exuded out a strong killing intent and his mental state had undergone a change. Yet when he looked at Meng Lei, he smiled and replied, “Worried my ass! Why not first worry about the fats on your body. After half a month of not meeting, you’ve become fatter.”

Meng Lei scratched his head and gave a silly smile.

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“Not bad, Spirit Formation realm.”

Hei Yan laughed but was extremely shocked. After half a month of cultivating, he had become a spirit formation cultivator from a rank eight warrior. Such fast cultivation was unbelievable, how did Qin Tian actually cultivate?

“Big brother Hei, bring me into Kunlun Mountain range after the gathering ends.”

“You want to enter the Kunlun Mountain range?”

Hei Yan stood there in a daze for a while. He thought about his brothers’ death and felt his heart twitched. His eyes were full of loneliness. Shortly after, he gnashed his teeth and exposed a resolute look, “Alright.”

“Oh, young master.” Meng Lei seemed to have thought of something. He giggled while saying, “During this half a month, Yun Man came every day to inquire about you. Yun Man’s really beautiful ah, just like a fairy!”

Hei Yan at the side continued after him, “That maiden is truly full of life.”

Qin Tian laughed. The feeling of being concerned about was great.

A peaceful night without words…

On the morning of the next day, the gongs and drums sounded in the city; Qinghe city was bustling with people.

They were all flocking towards the city square, and on the square laid a huge elevated arena platform which was previously used for all cultivators to practice on. But for the event, no one was allowed to do so on the sacred platform.

Early in the morning, Yun Man hurried to Furong restaurant. Upon seeing Qin Tian, she revealed a bright and lovely smile; the heavy load was finally off her mind.

After breakfast, the group headed in the direction of the city square.

But not long after leaving Furong restaurant, the group was suddenly held back by a few people. A tall disciple of the Zhao family glared at Qin Tian in disdain. Spitting the sputum in his mouth, he spoke, “You are the waste from Qin family?”

Meng Lei was shaken up and wanted to teach those thugs a lesson. However, he was stopped by Qin Tian.

Qin Tian looked at Xiao Ruqian coldly before sneering at the thug in front of him, “And from which hole did you come out from?”

“You…” Zhao Feng growled.

And at this point, Xiao Ruqian went on to add fuel to his rage, “Brother Zhao, it is that person who fondled and bullied me…”

As she spoke with her frail voice, she leaned onto Zhao Feng’s sturdy chest before revealing her disgusting sneer at Qin Tian; deep down, it was as if she was thinking of the consequences Qin Tian would face for offending her.

An offended woman that became blinded by rage and went around seducing men to reenact her revenge…

Xiao Ruqian is that type of woman. The cause of all misfortune for men; a poisonous scorpion!

After the incident in the Furong Restaurant, she hated Qin Tian to the very bone. With her low-rank cultivation, winning against Qin Tian was impossible. But to have her revenge and to help her brother take the first place in the tournament, she was willing to sell anything, even her body.

Though Zhao Feng may look ugly, his strength was at a rank four spirit formation realm and was also one of the participants for the tournament; with him being one of her brother’s opponents, she purposely seduced him.

And thus, he brought his people to find trouble with Qin Tian this morning after vowing to not let Qin Tian live another day.

“To fondle a woman against her will, how can you call yourself a man?” Zhao Feng was extremely unhappy. Clenching both his fists, he provoked, “If you have the guts, try me and I’ll hammer you down into the ground with just one punch!”

Feeling proud of himself, he turned to his men and started laughing crazily.

“To be captivated by a woman who went to bed with countless other men, how could you still call yourself a man?” Qin Tian smiled slightly. Looking at Xiao Ruqian, he revealed a strong feeling of despise towards her.

For such a woman to be able to seduce men, it truly was a miracle…

Zhao Feng’s expression flipped and his face became swollen. He took the first move and aimed his fist directly at Qin Tian.

Xiao Ruqian’s heart jumped for joy; she had finally achieved her purpose. Half a month ago, Qin Tian was still in the warrior realm, so how could he even win against a spirit formation opponent? Deep down, she wished that Zhao Feng could kill Qin Tian with a punch.

“Qin Tian sneered, “Serves you right…”

In that instant when Zhao Feng rushed towards Qin Tian, Qin Tian did not wait to receive his punch. Instead, he dashed forward using both his legs. With the gain in momentum, he was instantly in front of Zhao Feng. Using his hand, he grabbed Zhao Feng’s neck and asked in his face, “Even you want to go against the tournament rules?”


Before Zhao Feng could make out the words Qin Tian said, Qin Tian hurled him forward, followed by two fists severely hitting his abdomen; not giving his body the chance to touch the ground.

With that, Zhao Feng screamed as he was sent flying thirty feet away before becoming unconscious.

A splendid attack that gave Zhao Feng no room for resistance.

At this point, Xiao Ruqian stood motionlessly as she stared dumbfoundedly at the unconscious body. Her face turned pale white and cold beads of sweat trickled down her face as she asked herself, “How could this happen? How could…”

After teaching Zhao Feng a lesson, his attention went to Xiao Ruqian next. Once again increasing his speed, he rushed in front of Xiao Ruqian. Using his backhand, he swung it heavily…


A slap on the face.

The impact from the slap made her cheek swollen and her lips started to bleed. Suddenly, she felt an aura acting pressure on her, an aura she was familiar with; an aura that could only be released by those who’ve broken through to the spirit formation realm…

A strong aura.

With her disheveled hair, she looked just like a madman…

The results were an exact opposite of what she had expected.

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