Chapter 46: The Show has just Begun

Qin Feng walked down the platform. Though Qin Zhantian’s face was a little ugly, he did not blame him.

However, several grand elders by the side started to converse about it. Their words were full of criticism. To have thrown in the towel without fighting made them felt that Qin Feng had cost the Qin Clan to lose face, and this was in front of the entire city.

They knew that the chance of Qin Feng winning was zero, but they could not accept the fact that a Qin Clan’s disciple surrendered.

Words of criticism became louder. Qin Zhantian coughed heavily, causing the surrounding to gradually quieten down.

At this point in time, Qin Kuang, who had not spoken a word frowned and said furiously, “Surrendering without even fighting, you’ve really made the Qin Clan lose face.”

After hearing what Qin Kuang said, several grand elders also voiced out their opinions, not caring about Qin Zhantian’s frosty face.

To not give the patriarch a slightest bit of face.

Qin Zhantian was raging with anger, yet he did not dare to lose his temper. He looked at Qin Feng from the corner of his eye and stated, “Qin Feng, men from Qin Clan will die fighting and not surrender. Given your performance today, the punishment would be to go to the rear cliff and reflect for three years. Objections?”

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Three years on the cliff?

The rear cliff was where the Qin Clan held criminals. The environment there was harsh, and it would be a miracle to be able to survive after three years. To send Qin Feng there, it was undoubtedly to let him die there.

Qin Feng nodded expressionlessly, but his heart was bleeding, “Disciple is willing to accept.”

“Patriarch, isn’t the punishment too heavy?”

Qin Tian could not stand it anymore. Anyone could imagine the outcome of Qin Feng against Xiao Rufeng, yet the grand elders did not care about his excellent talents and blamed him. Not only that, for the sake of the grand elders’ faces, Qin Zhantian gave such a heavy punishment.

Qin Tian sneered, Qin Clan really was thoroughly rotten to the core.

Without waiting for Qin Zhantian to reply, Qin Kuang thundered loudly by the side, “When was it your turn to speak?”

Qin Kuang emitted out killing intent as if he would kill Qin Tian if he spoke another word.


Qin Zhantian said softly. The killing intent emitted out dissipate slowly till it disappeared.

The aura of a spirit refining realm cultivator was much stronger than a cultivator at the peak of spirit gathering realm.

Qin Feng tilted his head and looked at Qin Tian. His gaze was filled with gratitude, and on his face revealed a smile.

Qin Kuang suddenly added on, “Furthermore, if someone concedes, his cultivation will be crippled and will be expelled from Qin Clan.

These words were obviously said for Qin Tian to hear and to cut off all his escape routes. He had already seen the hatred for Qin Tian in Xiao Rufeng’s eyes, thus they would have to fight till the bitter end.

However, Qin Tian was only a rank four spirit formation cultivator, while Xiao Rufeng had entered rank six for more than half a year already.

Thus, Qin Tian would never be Xiao Rufeng’s opponent.

Qin Tian dying would be the best situation and he would not need to take any action personally. If Qin Tian surrendered, he would move out.

All of this was something Qin Tian knew about.

And, if not for Qin Zhantian blocking Qin Kuang and Qin Xiangtian, he would have most probably died in their hands. In his heart, he already determined that both of them had to die.

Hearing Qin Kuang’s warning, Qin Zhantian did not say anything. There was not even a cough, but the gaze in his eyes changed.

The fifth round ended, leaving only six people.

Other than Xiao Rufeng, the others are from the four great Clans.

The sixth round started quickly, and those three people, Qin Tian, Xiao Rufeng and Zhao Kong had not met.

The opponents of Qin Tian and Xiao Rufeng threw in the towel and surrendered, only Zhao Kong had to fight before entering the final round.

In the sixth round, Zhao Kong won by a nose; as if the match just then was won merely through luck, and his body suffered minor injuries of varying degrees.

The only thing that did not change was the expression hung on his face.

For the seventh round, only three were left. Qin TIan’s target was Xiao Rufeng. But after witnessing Zhao Kong’s matches, he was no doubt keeping his abilities hidden. As such, Qin Tian became a little wary of Zhao Kong.

Zhao Kong was called the dark horse. It was his first time participating in the tournament on behalf of the Zhao family; not once had Qin Tian heard of this Zhao disciple.

To think that Zhao Wudi had managed to hide such a disciple…

With only three participants left for the seventh round, one will win by default in the seventh round and challenge the winner in the final round. And the first participant to draw the lot was Zhao Kong.

After drawing the lot, the lot was then handed to the judge to open.


“Win by default.”


At this point, Qin Tian was sure that Zhao Kong might not be an easy opponent to deal with. Seeing his calm face, Qin Tian speculated that his strength might not be weaker than Xiao Rufeng.

It seemed like the Zhao family wanted to use him to deal with Xiao Rufeng, but because of Qin Tian’s appearance, their plans were changed temporarily.

Want to be an oriole? Qin Tian sneered, “Even if you were to be the oriole, too bad I’m the hunter.”

Since Zhao Kong won the round by default, Qin Tian and Xiao Rufeng thus did not have to draw lots. Xiao Rufeng was itching to get on with the match; he immediately stood on the platform and stared at Qin Tian with disdain.

Qin Tian walked up the platform in no hurry. Once the two competitors faced each other, Xiao Rufeng spoke coldly, “Five years ago, you defeated me in this very platform. Today, I shall kill you in front of the audience to prove that I am the very first genius Qinghe City had.

“Five years ago, you lost to me and I spared you. Since you rejected it, then go be a ghost.” Qin Tian snorted in response to Xiao Rufeng’s provocation.

The match had yet to begin, but the hatred could already be felt from the platform. The audience became quiet; today will be the day they will witness who the true genius of Qinghe City is.

Five years ago it was Qin Tian. Five years later, it was Xiao Rufeng. But, today shall determine who the title shall go to.

Everyone was eager to know whose hand the title will fall into.

On the platform, the atmosphere was tense.

The sword beside Xiao Rufeng began to release waves of buzz sound. To those disciples whose cultivation levels were low, the sound was unbearable that it was as if their eardrums would explode at any moment if they listened to the sound any longer. As such, they retreated.

A strong pressure was exerted. However, the pressure this time around was twice as strong as the pressure released previously on the street; like the surging waves sweeping over him.

The turbulent aura was like a heavenly sword flying straight at him. The wind was picking up and blowing in all four directions as if the platform was clouded over; the atmosphere was very oppressive.

“That aura again!”

Qin Tian smiled coldly. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture activated within him as he faced Xiao Rufeng’s powerful aura head on. Too easy. Qin Tian grinned; a grin that showed both contempt and disdain.

“I see you’ve improved.”

Xiao Rufeng shouted a ‘Hè’ and the pressure disappeared. At the same time, the sword that was hovering beside him started to vibrate, releasing a ‘Jie jie’ sound. Shuttling forward, the blade was aimed directly for Qin Tian’s life…

A rank six spirit formation with a profound Qigong; his aura was like a pike depriving him of his movements, followed by the blade of his sword coming towards him as fast as lightning.

Qin Tian launched himself forward single-handedly, releasing raging wind around him. Those raging wind continued to intensify around him, forming a small whirlwind around him. And with a kick on the ground, Qin Tian burst forward.

To use his aura to enhance his physical abilities?

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Impossible! Qin Tian was just at rank four spirit formation, so how can his Qigong be so profound?

Xiao Rufeng found it hard to believe. He ‘hè’ angrily and launched himself forward, straight at Qin Tian.

“Hong long long…”

On the platform, numerous blows were exchanged…

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