Chapter 84 – The First Test (xiv)

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Afraid to even take one step further, ZIlan decided it was best to just wait until the end of the test. With all the collecting that he’d done, he was sure that his score was not too bad.

Thus while sighing in relief, Zilan led Fujo and Kifo to a particularly large tree to take a rest.

“This thing is finally over.” He smiled.

Seeing this, Kifo immediately understood that their test had come to an end. It would be a lie if he said, he didn’t wish to give it a try but in the end he had to remind himself that his body was just flesh and bones, compared to that rock guy, his defence was much worse.

Of course, when it came to fleeing, he was still very confident.

Zilan noticed his reaction but he chose to keep quiet rather than explain the situation inside that place. If that sinister existence heard, he would absolutely be targeted.

Seeing the trio relaxing under a tree not too far away, Mawe, the rock scaled youth, was extremely dissatisfied.

“Are you really not going in?” His voice was slightly hoarse and deep. Despite him looking so fragile, his voice still gave off an overbearing presence.

Hearing him Zilan didn’t wish to respond and neither did he need to since the person to his side was quite interested in saying something.

“What do you mean not going?” laughed Fujo.

Mawe was clearly annoyed by Fujo’s words,

“Only a bunch of cowards, who don’t even dare to challenge their limits. Hmph! You’ll never reach the top. As expected of that DECLining Purple Sun Family!” He snorted.

Unexpectedly, Fujo didn’t seem angered by Mawe’s words instead he laughed even louder.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Only this time will I forgive you for saying those words. After all, you can be considered my ‘poison taster’ for today. If it wasn’t for you I might have also ended up digging through the ground to escape after only a few seconds.”

Kifo was especially amused by this young Masters final sentence so he decided to add to the fun,

“Brother Fujo, you haven’t spoken well. Since when could we Felines dig through the ground? Even our Ancestors must have known how degrading something like that must look thus he chose to not bother learning those things, leaving it for the ruffians and the hooligans who love playing in the mud.”

“Well said. Well said!” Applauded Fujo. He even stood up just to throw his head back and laugh as he held onto his stomach.

It was known to all Beasts in the world that when it came to pride Feline’s were in the elite category. Degrading things, they wouldn’t even listen. Even a simple house cat had its own pride that could drive its owners crazy.

When he heard the words spoken by Fujo, Mawe grinded his teeth in anger however, from the moment Kifo started speaking his body didn’t stop trembling. He was thoroughly enraged.

These motherf**kers didn’t just ridicule his performance in the inner red forest. They even went as far as to diminish and disgrace his technique.

What he used was a bloody Divine technique okay! What digging through the ground to escape? What leaving it for the ruffians and the hooligans who love playing in the mud?

Are you Bastards serious? He had actually met fools who would dare to ridicule a Divine technique, a life saving one that.

Unfortunately despite being at a point where he had to force the blood down his throat to avoid spitting it out, it looked like the fools were far from slowing down.

“Brother Kifo, in all seriousness when he first asked us if we really were not going in, I had wanted to say something but I suddenly forgot. Now I’ve finally remembered.”

“Please share.” Urged Kifo.

“It’s like this. It’s not that I don’t want to enter its just that I don’t dare, I truthfully don’t dare. This Brother definitely cannot much up to Mr.Rock over there.” Sighed Fujo.

“Ah! How can that be? Brother Fujo….”

It was if the whole thing was choreographed with that pause, Fujo immediately looked up at the sky and said.

“I’ve really been outclassed, I had always thought that I’m a decisive person but when I saw Mr.Rock running at full speed without a care and with a resolute heart just to receive a beating, that’s when I realised I had been outclassed.”

Zilan struggled to hold his laughter. His breathing was also unsteady when he heard Fujo finish.

“Haha..Who is this Mr.Rock? Could you have been a poet in your last life?” thought Zilan. He really wanted to point at the now dubbed Mr.Rock and laugh his to hearts delight.

Kifo was also dumbstruck but he showed no restraint as he let out his unbridled laughter while even clapping.

Fujo graciously took a bow, in all directions to the non-existent crowd.

“What kind of act is this?”

Unable to take anymore, Zilan also started laughing.

On the side Mr.Rock had already spit out another mouthful of blood. Veins as big as wheat stalks spiralled around his face.

Too vexing! This time he couldn’t decide which one was worse. The thrashing from the gas or the words of the despicable people before him.

“You…Good! I’ve remembered all of you.” Growled…Mawe.

“It is an honour to be remembered by such a decisive person.” Stated Kifo.

However, instead of the expected laughter this time an amused yet sinister voice sounded all around them.

“At the end when he turned into a lighted matchstick was also good.” As if proud of himself the sinister guy laughed his lungs out. He even coughed at the end.

Unfortunately, no one accompanied him in his hair raising endeavours. Everyone was silent, including Mawe whose head cautiously swung in every direction. It was just like the actions one would do when trying to follow the movements of an infuriating mosquito.

“Okay, enough jokes. Half Breed kid step out! Let’s play a few games.”

Zilan’s body unconsciously shivered. “Do I look like an idiot? Go and play games with your mother!”

Of course, he’d never say these words out loud.

“No, thank you.” He said as he stood up and turned to walk the other way.

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“What? You’ve refused, why?” From his voice, it was obvious that the red squirrel hadn’t expected this.

In his mind, Zilan would be like one of those hot-blooded youths who wanted to test themselves in dangerous situations, only to receive a great treasure after enduring.

“Ah, that’s right the treasure.”

“*Cough*Cough* You might not know but if you’re able to live through…I mean endure my games then earth shaking treasures and otherworldly creations await you. Anything you want, this Sage can do.” Declared the red mechanical squirrel.

Zilan’s ears perked up when he heard this,

“Anything?” He asked.

“Of course!”

“Good. Then I want you to leave me alone.” Frowned Zilan.

Others may not know but he was not just anyone. Of course, he was aware of what that forest was. It was basically hell, entering meant resolving not to return.

The only reason that Mr.Rock escaped was because this so-called Sage wasn’t interested in him. That technique used by the trees was most likely just a test.

“No, you can’t do this. I’ve waite…um…uh…this goes against the reasons for the test. I don’t expect you to understand such profound things but bottom line is, if you want to rise up, you have to come play a bit, hehe.”

Zilan didn’t even turn back as he further increased his fleeing, no, walking speed.

“Reasons for the test? Profound? This test is just a tool to assess three things. Resourcefulness under pressure and danger, the will to move forward on the road despite being restricted and lastly how well we can identify, hunt and store the materials necessary for Alchemy.”


Leave alone the red squirrel even Fujo and Kifo were stunned by Zilan’s words.

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“If you know you need to move forward then…” Before he could finish, Zilan quickly interrupted him.

“Those principles and rules apply to everyone but me. Senior, I apologise but I can’t join you.”

“Wait, wait….I have a sword that was refined by a good friend of Chairman.”

“No thanks.” Coldly replied Zilan as he waved his hand.

“Ok..I have a thousand year old night pearl…”

“Don’t want it.”

“There’s also a Heaven defying [Turtle lives Eternal] scripture]..”

“Not bad, but I’m still not participating in your game.”

“You, You can’t do this. Right, I can guarantee that your cultivation will soar to unknown heights if you take the three pills I have with me, left behind by the Chairman.”

“Cultivation should be improved steadily and surely. Shortcuts are simply a path to self-destruction, Senior what wrong have I done to you.”

The red squirrel was at a loss for words. “Things even Elders would fight for, you’re just dismissing them like they’re left over food? You’re even saying that me offering you Masters pills is a punishment? Where did this Half Breed come from? Are Half Breeds also born with only half a brain?”

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