Chapter 02: First day of the High School

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Editor: Kenny Stryker

An entire year has passed since that incident. The season of spring is in full swing. There is one thing that I need to tell you, today is the day I’ll become a High School student. I was wearing my new school uniform and was standing in front of the mirror.

“… The new uniform really suits me well, I guess.”

The uniform, however, was just an ordinary uniform. It consisted of a deep blue colored blazer, a trouser, a necktie, and a white shirt. Despite that, I couldn’t help but feel anxious about my new look, I was looking myself inside the mirror with half dead eyes. My sister, who was going through the corridor, suddenly stopped and gazed at me with serious eyes. I turned towards her and asked her opinion about my new look.

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“… Does it look good on me?”
“Maybe it will if you do something about those dead eyes.”

My sister has a really sharp tongue. She doesn’t hesitate to speak. Karen is now a third year student of her middle school. For some some reason, she has changed her hairstyle to a ponytail, and was wearing her middle school uniform as well.

It’s a ponytail today, huh?

So I thought as I saw Karen’s hair. She has a habit of changing her hairstyle to different shapes and varieties very often. I always wondered how troublesome it is for her to change it every week.

“Your uniform looks well on you too.”

While I tried to complement Karen on her new looks, it looked like she doesn’t really care of my opinion. She is the type of person who doesn’t let their emotions reach out to her face, but despite that I’m still her big brother. I could immediately tell what she was thinking just from her actions right now. As for an instance, when she turned towards the other side just now, she was definitely twitching her mouth, as if she were really happy, but was trying very hard to hide it.

As for the fact, I don’t really know as to why she tries to hide that. Perhaps she is showing such attitude because she has already entered her puberty, and due to her age. However, my dear sister, your big brother can read through through you like an open book. I revealed a grin, as I was thinking about that.

“What are you grinning all about? That’s disgusting.”

She really has a sharp tongue.

I responded with a bitter smile while I hear my mother calling us from the lower floor to get our lunch boxes.

“It’s about time, both of you!”

“I’m on my way! Let’s go, Karen”

We both descended the stairs.

“Here’s your lunch box.”
“Thanks, mom.”
“Thank you.”

We received our lunch boxes and placed them in our bags.

“You’re now a high school student. Make sure to behave well in the opening ceremony.”
“I know.”
“You too, Karen. Be extra careful this time since you don’t know the way to school yet.”

My mom saw us off as we were leaving our house from the entrance door. Apparently, due to last year’s incident, we had to change our house due to various reasons about that incident. I’m fully aware that that one of the reasons is me as well.

Later on the day of incident, the first thing I was asked to do after waking up was to give the police a detailed interview about what happened to my classmates. However, I ended up giving a made-up story, because they’d think that I’m insane if I were tell them that  my classmates were forcibly teleported to a different world.

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Somehow, I managed to deceive the police by making up a fake story. However, that was not the case for the news and media. The incident made it to a big headlines, and I was being chased by the news  personnel, and it wasn’t in a good way either. Due to continuous harassment from news reporters, we had no choice but to change our address. And, I really felt bad that my family had to suffer due to me.

“I’m going this way.”
“Is that so. Try not to get lost.”
“That’s none of your business!”

Karen went her own separate way and leaving me all alone. After all, she is still a middle school student and I’m a high school student. Our paths are different.


As I arrived at the entrance of my new high school, I noticed that the entrance gate was being rustled by many new high school students. At the entrance gate, I was given a school emblem to attest on my chest pocket, and was led to the gymnasium where I had to take a seat and wait for the opening ceremony to begin. To be honest, I didn’t feel like attending the ceremony.

“… I guess I’ll skip the ceremony.”

It will be fine as long as I get back to the classroom by the end of the ceremony. While considering the time, I stealthily sneaked out of the gymnasium.


Now that I sneaked out, what should I do?

I started loitering inside the new and unfamiliar school. The interior of the school was unexpectedly wide, so I remained walking while I decided to verify my stats.


« General Information »
Name: Kamiya Yato
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Level: 93

« Points »
Health Points: 9800/9800
Magic Points: 9600/9600

« Skills »
Appraisal, Super Growth, Magic Creation, Super Sleeping Strength Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Wind Magic, Light Magic, Dark Magic, Teleportation Magic, Space Magic, Sword Skills, Boxing Skills, Body Enhancement Magic (Medium)


I may have gone a little too far this time. I didn’t expect any of this.

All I ever did was to cast 【Sleeping Strength Magic】every night before falling to sleep, but who would have thought that this would turn out like this after activating the skill every day for a whole year.

Even if this weren’t enough, my 【Super Growth】skill upgraded my 【Sleeping Strength Magic】 to 【Super Sleeping Strength Magic】without me even realizing that. However, it is due to that skill, that I managed to level up so easily and my experience increased drastically as well. Apparently, leveling up is not half bad, after all.

If you’re wondering about my other skills like【Fire magic】,【Water magic】 and the rest of my elemental skills. I just made them casually, just because I wanted to. Well, if I were to get teleported to a different world, I’d loved to be hailed as ‘The Possessor of All Elemental Skills’, that would simply be amazing.

However, despite creating them, I never did get the chance to use them at all, which would explain as to why they didn’t level up. It’s like the whole world is telling me that it doesn’t need any magic.

As for【Teleportation Magic】, It was a pretty convenient skill I created for moving from place to place, though I had a feeling that I’d turn into a hopeless person if I kept using it so I stopped doing so in the midway.

【Space Magic】is similar to the one in those light novels where a person can have an infinite storage space. I created it thinking that it would be useful, but in the end, its purpose wasn’t truly fulfilled, there isn’t that much stuff that I want to store in the first place, so it felt useless for the time being.

【Sword Skills】was obtained when I was randomly swinging a rod. I thought that it would grant me something like stick skills, but I guess my recognition played its role at that time. When I hold a stick and imagine it as a sword, it will then be recognized as 【Sword Skills】by this power. Although it is called like that, I didn’t get the chance to use a sword anyway, but at least I became somewhat better at using the kitchen knife. Well, my culinary skills are still bad, though.

【Boxing Skills】is an upgraded form of the skill【Martial Arts】that I obtained first. Owing to this one, my physical abilities had immensely advanced. Due to this skill, I could easily crash a huge rock if I hit it seriously. At that moment I made a promise to myself to not use that skill against a human.

【Body Enhancement】is the same as the previous one. It was merely【Body Enhancement】at first, then leveled to【Body Enhancement (Medium)】due to the【Super Growth】skill. It also allows an extreme enhances my physical abilities when I use it.

I have already tried using it several times, however, I don’t think I will be using it ever again. It risks in resulting in someone’s death.

With this and that, I spent a year discovering and expanding my new found abilities, although I keep wondering whether all of this was really necessary or not. Magic is not useful in this world, nor are the sword and fighting related skills, since I’m not the type who picks up fights so often. Instead, I try my best to avoid them. When I think about it this way, I realize that most of my skills are worthless.

I halted my steps to gaze at the Sakura trees while pondering about such a thing when suddenly I noticed a girl collapsing right before my eyes.


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