Chapter 03: Encounter With A Fainting Girl

Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker

On my first day of the high school, I encountered an unconscious girl behind the gym of our school.

What should I do about it now?

I fixed my eyes on the unconscious girl. From the looks of it, she is apparently a high school student here as well. I would have never imagined that I would encounter such a person on the school grounds. It’s not a pleasant experience, but despite that, it’s still a valuable experience for live. I will try to wake her up. I would never be able to forgive myself if I just abandon her here.

“Hey, are you okay?”

As I repeatedly tried to wake her up, but I didn’t get any favorable response. It felt like as if she were dead. Perhaps that might not be the case as I tried to check her pulses to see if she were really alive or dead. Fortunately, she was still alive. I then laid her on her back. As soon as I did that, a face of a girl came into my sight which could only be appropriately described as “‘beautiful.” She had a white porcelain skin, silky long brown hairs, and despite not being tall, her charms could very well be felt by me. Heck, I would even believe if she said she were a Goddess.

Alright, what I need to do now right now?

I’ve placed her on her back to stop the blood from rushing to her brain. However, I don’t know anything about her, except for the fact that she is attractive. I shifted my gaze to her chest pocket and noticed a school emblem attested to it, which meant that she is in the same year as me.

“For now, I’ll appraise her and see if I can do anything about it.”

I finally realized such an obvious fact in this strange situation. Next time I need to make sure it doesn’t take me long enough. And, I proceeded to appraise the girl in front of me.


« General Information »
Name: Kamaishi Sayaka
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Human

« Points »
Health Points: 200/200
Magic Points: 100/100

« Disease »

« Skills »
Cooking, Cleaning, Sewing, Possesses Weak Body


It looks like that she collapsed due to anemia. Apparently, her name is Kamishi Sayaka. Her level is normal though, despite that she has some handy housework skills. It takes a normal person a few years to learn a skill, so I believe that this girl is really good at house chores. As for her weak body, it’s most likely because of anemia.

As far as I can tell, she possesses a weak body, it must be the reason why she fell senseless while walking. Now that I know about her condition, I need to do something about it quick. I can’t just leave her unconscious here. I’ll carry her to the infirmary room. Following what to do, I carried Kamaishi on my back. I sensed a soft and tender feeling pressing against me. This was unavoidable from the beginning.

… Let’s take a detour.

Such a stupid idea crossed my mind for a moment, however, I directly brought her to the infirmary in the end. But it was still a nice experience.


As I arrived at the infirmary, I followed the nurse’s instructions and calmly put Kamaishi on the bed.

“It’s clearly due to anemia.”

Uttered the infirmary nurse while facing Kamaishi.

I know! I already read her status.

“We should leave her here for rest. What are you going to do in the meantime? Currently, the entrance ceremony should be about to take place, but honestly, I don’t really like attending it. It’s too troublesome and all.”

Hey, you’re the school nurse, aren’t you? Should you really be saying something like that? Well, I kind of understand her feeling of not wanting to attend the ceremony.

“In that case, can I wait for her here?”
“I don’t mind.”

She quickly agreed to my proposition without thinking much.

“Well then, I have some work to do now, so take care of the girl on my behalf. You don’t need to attend the ceremony either.”
“I understand.”
“Okay, I’m leaving it for you.”

As she said those words, she exited the infirmary room. In my honest opinion, I appreciate this situation. It’s a pretty decent way to skip on the entrance ceremony. Despite that, the boredom is still the same as ever. I appreciate the official excuse for slacking off, but this is boring.

“… I guess I’ll sleep too.”

I took a seat in a chair near the bed and held my knees with both of my arms to support my chin. That’s right, I need to activate that before sleeping.


As I enchanted that spell, a faint light and comfortable warmth covered my entire body. Whenever I use this skill, I get to have a good sleep. I think I lost the ability to sleep without using this spell. As I thought about it, I fell into a deep slumber.


“U… Uun… Where I’m I?…”

As I realized that I was on a top of a bed, and an unfamiliar roof came into my vision. I started wondering about the place where I currently am. If I remember correctly, I was taking a strolling inside the school grounds, since I arrived a bit early, and then my vision started to get blurry.

I remember now! Yeah! I collapsed!

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However, how did I end up on top of a bed? I tilted my head to look around my surrounding, only to find a boy sleeping while holding both of his knees which were supporting his chin.

A boy?! What am I supposed to do? I’m bad at talking with boys…

When I tried to slowly withdraw, I bumped into a desk near the bed which made a loud noise.

“Hmm… Aah?”

The boy who was sleeping, slowly opened his eyes, and made a long yawn and stretched his body. Before long, he noticed me and our eyes met.


I woke up to a loud noise, and while rubbing my eyes, I realized that the girl who was sleeping earlier has woken up, and was looking at me.

“Hm, so you woke up?”
“Um… Yes, just now…”
“I see, how are you feeling now?”
“I’m feeling okay…um… Why am I here?”
“I found you unconscious on the school ground so I carried you to the infirmary.”
“Is that so… Um, Thank you very much.”
“It’s fine, it was just a pure coincidence that I found you, after all. Not to mention, thanks to you I was able to ditch the school ceremony.”
“I-I see…”

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From the expression she was showing on her face, it looks like she didn’t understand the situation yet, and give me a confused reply. It’s probably my imagination, but I felt like she was trying to take a distance from me the longer I talk to her.

“Ah, you woke up at the right time. The ceremony is about to end, you two should go back to your classrooms first.”

The school nurse arrived at the perfect time and told us to head to our classrooms.

“I understand. Alright, shall we go? Can you stand?”
“Y-Yes. I’m fine.”

Like that, she stood up from the bed and walked together with me.


“By the way, what class are you in?”
“U-Um, I’m in class two.”
“I’m in class two as well. Let’s get along from now on!”
“Y-Yes. Nice to meet you.”

I walked together with Kamaishi to the classroom, but perhaps because she’s not comfortable with boys, I sensed that she is putting both a mental and a physical distance between us.

“W-what is it?”

Kamaishi overreacted to my call. This makes me surprisingly hurt.

“If you’re not good at interacting with boys, you can go ahead, you know?”
“Eh!? I-It’s f-fine! You don’t need to be that considerate! And I’d also feel kind of bad if I did…”

Exclaimed Kamaishi with a gradually fading voice. What with that attitude, she’s unexpectedly nice.

“I guess, that would be better.”

We then remained silently walking. Kamaishi was occasionally taking quick glances at me, but she didn’t show any sign of starting a conversation. This is pretty awkward.


Kamaishi suddenly halted her steps and addressed me.

“I am sorry for earlier. I have a weak body so I often feel like that you see.”

Not sure if that was all she wanted to say, Kamaishi couldn’t endure looking at my eyes for longer and casts her sight downwards. I wonder if that was why she was glancing at me a moment ago. She’s seriously a good girl, isn’t she?

“Don’t worry about it. As I said earlier, it was by pure coincidence that I found you. You don’t have to thank me in such a formal way, Kamaishi-san.”
“B-But…wait? How did you know my name?”

Ooh crap! I let my tongue slip. Kamaishi made a strange expression after hearing her name coming out from my mouth.

“Ah… I heard it from the infirmary nurse.”
“Ah, I understand now.”

She seemed to have accepted my false justification. That was close. Let’s be more caution next time.

“Um, th-then you too, can you tell me what’s your name?”

This time she asked me with an embarrassed expression. What’s this?! She’s so cute!

“I’m Kamiya Yato. Nice to meet you, Kamaishi-san.”
“Right! Nice to meet you too! Kamiya-kun”

Like that, we headed to our classroom once again. At that time, I felt as if both distances she was putting between us have narrowed a little bit.


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