Chapter 04: Sleep Comes First

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker

As we entered the classroom, we realized that there was not a single soul inside the room. It’s no wonder why the classroom is strangely empty. It could only mean that the entrance ceremony is still going on. While I was thinking about it, I realized that the right corner seat is most suitable for sleeping.

“There’s still nobody here.”

It looked like Kamaishi was surprised by the fact as well. However, a few seconds later, we heard some voices coming outside from the window. Apparently, the rest of the students are on their way to classroom.

“Looks like they’re on their way, let’s take our seats first.”

We took our seats that were designated on the blackboard and waited for the class to start. Since I already knew my personal number, all I had to do was check the black board to find my seat in the top right corner.

“Kamiya-kun, you got the corner seat.”
“Yeah, It’s my lucky day.”
“Eh? Why?”
“I can sleep without fearing from being exposed.”

That’s true though. Based on my personal experience, it’s hard to be found out sleeping at the top right corner seat, since the teachers can’t see at this desk from near the blackboard. It turns out that I’m lucky from the very first day of my high school. When I expressed my honest thoughts to Kamaishi with a happy face, she stared at me with reproachful eyes.

“Kamiya-kun, you should behave well in class.”
“I know, I know.”

I casually replied to Kamaishi’s warning without paying it much mind. It’s a bliss. The right corner seat is really amazing. Alright, let’s ascertain how comfortable it is to sleep on it. I placed my face on the desk and took a comfortable sleeping position.

“Wait, what are you doing now?! Everyone is on their way here!”

Kamaishi who was astonished by my behavior sat in front of me. Come to think of it, it turns out she sits before me because both of our names start with ‘Kam’ in the list.

“No, I mean, isn’t it only natural to check if your seat is comfortable for sleeping?”
“No, it’s not!? Why are you asking something this obvious?!”

The first thing I’d like to know if my seat is comfortable for sleeping whenever I try out a new desk. I remember falling asleep at my first seat in middle school not even one minute after I sat down. Although it was already evening when I woke up.

“Anyway, don’t sleep and wait for everyone, okay?”

Since she is insisting for me this much, I reluctantly accepted her request and decided to stay awake. Apparently, I can’t deny such a cute girl’s request. After waiting for a couple of minutes, the remaining students made their way inside the class, turning this classroom that was so quiet and peaceful just now, to rustling and noisy in mere moments. It was annoying for me, as I wanted to sleep. As I felt irritated from bottom of my hear, a female adult seeming to be a sports teacher wearing a jersey entered the class.

“O-kay! Everyone is present! I will be beginning the homeroom now. First, comes my self-introduction.”

The teacher who was rushing his speech right after he entered, introduced herself.

“I am you homeroom teacher, Mudou Kento. Let’s get along from today onwards.”

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Mudou is a young female teacher and had a special athletic hairstyle. She looked like if she were in her mid twenties.

“Well then, everyone here will introduce themselves following the number turns.”

With Mudou’s instruction, most of the class smoothly finished their self-introduction.

“I am Kamaishi Sayaka. I couldn’t attend the entrance ceremony because of my bad health, however, please let’s get along. It is nice to meet all of you.”

The boys in the class began whispering something like, “this girl is cute, isn’t she?” after hearing Kamaishi’s courteous introduction. She is indeed cute. I personally think she is between first and second in class when it comes to appearances. After Kamaishi finished her speech, I stood from my seat and started mine.

“Kamiya Yato. Nice to meet you all.”

With that one sentence, I sat back on my seat. Well, that’s all that I’ve got to say anyway. Plain and simple.

Now that I’m also done, what there is left is to take a nap. Let’s do this.

With that goal in mind, I sat on my desk, took a comfortable position and went to the world of dreams. After the students’ introduction, the homeroom teacher, Mudou explained different matters about the school rules and such. Of course, I wasn’t listening at that time.


“Yo, Yato! I’m Bokuya Shinji. Nice to meet you.”
“N-Nice to met you…”


“Kamiya-kun. I-I’m Takenaka Emi. Um… Nice to meet you.”


“You’re Kamiya Yato? I’m Sahara Yuuji. I’m an angel. Our encounter should be the turns of fate. Let’s change this world together!”
“Th-The world…”
“… Hmm, we shall meet once again.”


“Hnng! I had a good rest, hm? What’s wrong Kamaishi-san.”

I asked Kamaishi with a drowsy expression, but she seemed to amazed. Rather, she was a little bit displeased.

“You’re asking me what is wrong? Why did you sleep in class?”
“What do you mean? I finished introducing myself, so I thought it’s the perfect time to sleep.”
“That’s not the problem here! What kind of nerve do you have for sleeping from the homeroom class until the end of the school day?”
“Eh? It’s already that time?”
“Yes, it is! Although we only had 3 hours, you slept through all of them! Seriously, this is the first time I met someone like you. There were even some classmates who tried to talk to you… Well, the last one didn’t mind you being asleep, though.”
“Really? You could’ve just woken me up then.”
“I tried doing that countless times! You didn’t respond at all!”

Kamaishi exclaimed while turning her sight to a different direction. Her angry attitude is pretty cute too, but let’s not say that as it will only make the matter worse.

“Geez, I also wanted to talk with you…”
“Hm? Did you say something?”

I’m not sure as to why she was this mad, but school is over, so let’s go back home. As I decided to leave, I picked my bag and stood up.

“Ah, are you already leaving?”
“Yeah, Later then, Kamaishi.”
“O-Okay, see you.”

I left Kamaishi, who looked slightly disappointed for some reason, behind and went straight home.


The next day, it was same as the previous day, I was taking a nap while sitting in the corner seat of the class. Speaking honestly, I would say that it’s hard to be found out sleeping here, but that’s probably just because Mudou is especially random and that the lessons didn’t yet start as of now. That’s why I was able to sleep for a long period today as well, until lunch break.

“Fuaah, I had a good nap. Hm? What’s wrong, Kamaishi?”
“No, I was just thinking how it is useless to argue with you…”

The first thing I saw after waking up was Kamaishi’s shocked face. Did something happen? More importantly, it’s the time to eat. As I was taking out my lunch box from the bag, I noticed a few guys approaching Kamaishi.

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“Kamaishi-san, would you like to eat together with us?”
“It would better than eating alone you know?”
“Eh? Um… n..I’m…”

Their intentions are too obvious. Kamaishi who is not good at dealing with boys was trembling without being able to speak any word out.

Am I supposed to help her out here?

I can just frankly leave her alone to deal with them, however, that would result in some cracks in our relation. They left me no choice, let’s help her out.

“Let’s go, Kamaishi. Bring your lunch box too.”
“C’mon, hurry. We don’t have much time left.”

Kamaishi, who looked confused, took her lunch box and was forced to follow me outside the classroom. We should be fine this far. After walking for a short while, I halted my steps and turned to face Kamaishi.

“Are you okay?”
“Y-Yeah, thank you. As I thought, I’m still bad at dealing with boys…”
“Everyone is bad at dealing with something. Don’t let it get to you. By the way, if you’re that bad with talking with guys, why are you fine with me?”
“Eh? Th-That’s because…”

When I inquired her about that, she made a restless expression seeming to have difficulty coming up with an answer. I wonder what’s with her.

“Well, it’s okay. More importantly, are you really fine with eating lunch with me?”
“Eh? Is it fine?”
“Yeah, that is if you’d like.”
“I don’t mind! Not at all! Rather this makes me happy; I feel like I’ve finally done it you know…”

Kamaishi accepted my invitation of eating together with all her might. I didn’t hear her last few words very well, but they should be positive as well.

“Well then, let’s go.”

Like this, I ate lunch together with Kamaishi.


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