Chapter 05: Kamaishi Cooks Delicious Meals

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Editor: Kenny Stryker

“Let’s eat!”

On the roof top, Kamaishi and I started eating our lunches. A warm spring breeze blew from time to time, making it a perfect time to eat. As to why we chose the roof? Well, Kamaishi felt somewhat embarrassed to be seen eating with me. Fortunately, nobody was up here when we came. As we were sitting on a wooden bench, we opened our lunch boxes.

“Kamaishi-san, your food looks good. Did you make it yourself?”
“Ehehe, that’s right. I made it at home.”

Fried chickens, Tamagoyaki, Broccoli and more. Just from a glance, and my mouth watered. As expected from someone who can cook.

“Since my mom is always busy with her work for most of the time, I always make meals in her stead.”
“That’s impressive.”
“Do you perhaps want to taste it?”

With that being said, Kamaishi picked a tamagoyaki with a pair of chopsticks and brought it to my mouth.

“You sure?”
“Yes, I’m a light eater in the end. Don’t be reserved and have a taste.”

Kamaishi brought the tamagoyaki closer, and I couldn’t stop thinking about what this was, or possibly could be. I was of course happy to taste her cooking and all, but wouldn’t this be an indirect kiss?

I hesitated, my gaze shifting between Kamaishi and the tamagoyaki. I mean, I knew Kamaishi. I know her quite well, as such she probably didn’t even think about it. Airheads are so scary, but still…


“Well then, please.”

I opened my mouth and let the tamagoyaki slip pass by my lips.

“… Hm, It’s really delicious.”
“Yeah, it’s on the same level as my mom’s cooking.”
“Is that so. What does your mother do, by the way?”
“She is a cuisine researcher.”
“Hmm… Wait… Eeeh!?”

I knew why she was so shocked. My mother, Kamiya Shiori, is a Cuisine Researcher, because of her young looks and work field, she often makes appearances on TV. There is no need to mention that her culinary skills are way too splendid compared to the average, making me, the person who eats her meal every day, a bit too picky when it comes to tastes, but for me to praise Kamaishi’s skills like this, it must mean that she’s considerably good at cooking as well. As a matter of fact, my father is a TV producer who met my mother, for the first time, at his workplace. They have seemingly spent a romantic time working together.

“Kamiya-kun, I didn’t expect your mother to be someone famous.”
“Yeah, but I think you’re also great for making something as good as her cooking.”
“T-That’s not true~.”

Kamaishi replied in a low voice tone while blushing.

“Do you maybe want to taste mine too?”
“Eh? Is it okay?”
“Yep, I’m returning the favor.”

I picked a tamagoyaki from my box and carried it to Kamaishi’s mouth.

“B-But, I’d feel bad…”
“C’mon now, eat before it’s too late. You must be curious about my mom’s hand cooking, right?”

The cooking of a Cuisine Researcher. Maybe because she was interested, Kamaishi gulped, and before long, she opened her mouth and moved closer.

“W-Well then…”

And she bit with her teeth.

“Mhm mhm… It tastes great.”
“I know, right?”

Even if I say so myself, my mother’s cooking is really delicious and we both had a fun time eating our lunches together while talking about different things.


Even after the last of it was gone, we kept on sitting on the bench. The heat from the sun was warm and brought me in the ideal mood for taking an after-lunch nap.

“Fuaah~ I’m getting drowsy.”
“You still want to sleep after all the time you spent on class resting?”

Kamaishi asked me with a slightly shocked expression on her face.

“We still have the afternoon classes. Will you be okay sleeping through them?”
“Don’t worry, I can do it.”
“Why are you so full of confidence…?”

Kamaishi seemed to be wondering about how I could sleep for so long, but she doesn’t know that I’ve a secret technique. It’s no problem for me. Well then, let’s spend a good time sleeping this afternoon.


(Third Person Point of View)

Afternoon lessons had begun, and at the same time, Kamiya started snoring. The teacher’s explanation worked as a good background music, letting him sleep soundly.

“Well, Kamiya, please solve this problem.”
“Hey, Kamiya, wake up!”
“Wake up!!”



Kamiya winced as he rubbed his head, seeing the textbook the teacher had hit him with.

“You got some nerves to be sleeping in class, especially right after school started only a few days ago, don’t you? I assume that means you’re confident about knowing the material? I guess you can solve this problem then.”

The teacher looked angry as he pointed to the blackboard, Kamiya gazed at the equation on the blackboard, and within a few seconds he proceed to speak.

“The answer is 3.”
“That’s… That’s c-correct.”

The teached coughed, as she confirmed the answer. But just as Kamiya was going to put his head down, the teacher called him again.

“Wait, Kamiya. Try problem 03 on page 05 in your textbook.”
“The answer is 8.”
“Uh… Correct, again.”

It didn’t seem as if Kamiya heard his classmates exclaim with a cheerful loud, as if they were making fun of the teacher. Of course that was not true. This was all Kamiya’s plan. As he leveled up, not only did his status grow, but different skills as well. His attack points, defense, and of course, intelligence, which allowed him to memorize the entire textbook from just reading through it. With this, he could freely sleep without the teacher’s scolding and like that, he fell into a slumber, ignoring the teacher’s skewed face.


(Kamaishi’s Point of View)

The first official day of school had ended. Currently, I was heading to the apartment where I live together with my mom.

“I’m back.”
“Welcome back, Sayaka. How was school recently?”
“I collapsed because of the anemia, but I had a great time after that.”
“You collapsed? What happened? Are you ok?”

“Yes, a fellow student someone helped me out, and I feel fine.”

“If you’re sure, I’m relieved. Dinner is almost done, so put away your things and get ready.”
“I understand. I will come back after I change.”

After I spoke with my mom, I went to my room, placed my bag on the floor and jumped in bed.

It’s been only two days after the start of school, but many things took place…

As I thought about that, I began recalling what happened until now.

Collapsing because of my poor health.

Getting rescued by Kamiya.
Eating lunch with Kamiya.
Having a fun time talking to Kamiya.

Waitーmore than half of them is about Kamiya! As I was waved my legs in embracement, a sudden doubt popped in my mind.

I wonder why I’m okay when I’m with him.

Due to a series of events, I became bad at dealing with boys. I am unable to even look them in the eye, let alone speak to them. So why isn’t it the case with Kamiya? Come to think of it, I was able to talk with him normally from our first meeting.

“Could it be that… I am in l-l-love… Kyah!! What am I thinking about?!?!”

I buried my face in my pillow and fell off the bed. It’s so embarrassing to say it out loud. After taking a while to calm down, I remembered when I tasted his lunch box. It was quite delicious. Should I say as expected from the skills of a cuisine researcher? One day, I want to be able to cook something that good. Hm? Wait a second, come to think about it.

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Was that an indirect-kiss?!

Kyah!!! What was I thinking about when I did that?!  And thinking that, I buried my face in my pillow, rolling around in agony. What should I do? Did he perhaps think me as a weirdo? I had been driven by such uneasiness, but soon enough, I took back my composure and resumed my thoughts.

“He was quite amazing… in many ways.”

Like how he can sleep right after finishing his self-introduction to the class until noon, or how his mother turned out to be a celebrity, and also the fact that he’s intelligent for someone who spends most of his time sleeping.

“I’ll… try to talk to him tomorrow again…”

I said to myself in my room.

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