Chapter 06: Flag Raised

Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker


It was the morning of the third day since my school began. I was having a toast and coffee for the breaking, and was watching TV right in front of me.


“This morning, we received information of an international terrorist organization that was able to infiltrate and hide within Japan-“


The news reporter announced by about a terrorist organisation on the loose, as I was trying to fight against my sleep, I was trying my best to not to doze off.


“Disturbing news… Be careful, Yato.”


My mother warned; her expression was filled with unease.




I yawned reflexively, while not listening to my mother’s statement. I was basically still not fully awake, and due to which, I couldn’t pay anymore attention to my mother, and decided to focus on my coffee. Just because a terrorist organisation is loose in Japan, that doesn’t mean that I’d have to face them, anyway. I see no reason to be worried about the situation.


“Well then, I’m off.”

“I’m off too.”

“Be careful, you two!”


As we said our farewells to our mother, Karen and I headed towards our respective school paths. With a cup of coffee and the dazzling sunlight, that onset of sleep that plagued me had vanished, and I could finally think properly. It was then that I began to think more about this terrorist organization.


If I were a dense protagonist of a light novel, then I’m sure that my school be on their target list, but since this is the reality, it’s not going to happen. There no way such an unrealistic event would. Out of countless thousands of schools, the chance for ours to be picked up was considerably low.


“I’m going this way.”


Karen said, bringing me back to reality from my thoughts.


“Hm? Ah, I see. later then.”


As far as I’m concerned, it’s pointless to think about it too much, and with that being on my mind, I headed towards my school.


I entered my classroom to find out that at least half of the students were gossipping. Everyone have already made or joined a group so so no one among them bothered to speak with me.


“Ah, Kamiya-kun, good morning.”

“Good morning, Kamaishi-san.”


Right when I took my seat, Kamaishi who was sitting in front of me, turned her back and offered a greeting. She was the only one in this class who spoke to me. I wonder if she’s made friends already.


“Kamiya-kun, did you hear the news today?”

“Yeah, about the terrorist organization, right?”

“Mhm. They are already in Japan. I wonder where are they hiding.”

“Who knows? They might be right by your side, for all you know.”

“Eh? S-Stop saying scary things!”


I chuckled seeing Kamaishi jump like that, and adding to that, her face showing such embarrassment.


“Um, Hey, Yato, if it’s okay, can we eat lunch together today too?”

“Hm? Lunch… Sure thing.”

“Yeah, of course, you wouldn’t…? Wait. Yeah!?”


Kamaishi jumped completely out of her seat and ran up to me. She looked into my eyes, and I could feel her breath upon my skin. She was too close to me.


“Y-Yeah, sure.”

“I-I’m relieved. I made too much for just me to eat alone, so I panicked when I thought you may have refused.”


So that’s why she invited me. I’m grateful to have another chance to taste her lunch box, though, at the same time, a question leaped in my mind.


“Kamaishi, do you have friends?”


“No, I thought that if you had some friends it would be better if you asked them instead of me, you see.”

“Hee… a… Th-That’s because… um~I… I still don’t have any friend…”

“That’s, pretty unfortunate.”


I could tell I just stepped on a landmine asking her that. Her voice gradually thinned when she replied. Her expression has also turned downcast. I feel kind of bad for asking that. Although she should make an effort to make friends, it wasn’t my place to inquire, and then the bell rang. It was time to start our lessons, giving an end to this awkward moment. As a matter of course, I slept the entire time. There were some moments when the teacher woke me up, but I instantly make him step off with a perfect answer or two. and like that, noon came. As the fourth bell tolled, I was roused from my sleep, giving a hefty yawn.


“I’m impressed that you can sleep this much. Do you sleep at night?”


Seemingly getting all accustomed to my behaviors, Kamaishi didn’t scold me for sleeping.


“Of course I sleep at night, though it’s not sufficient.”

“I wonder why your body requires this much sleep.”

“Honestly, I don’t even know myself. No matter how much I sleep, I seem to shake it off. I wonder why.”

“Anyway, let’s move quickly; we don’t have much time.”

“R-Right. Wait for me.”


Kamaishi hastily followed after me as I headed to the roof, and just like that, it was the start of lunch.


We arrived at the roof and sat on the same bench we used yesterday. Kamaishi took out one of the two lunch boxes she made from her bag.


“Here, Kamiya-kun.”

“Thanks, Kamaishi-san.”


Without further ado, I opened the box to find a wonderful home made lunch inside. The main dish was croquettes and tamagoyaki, as for the side ones, wieners, cherry tomatoes and potato salad. All of them looked incredibly appetizing.  To top it off, the rice wasn’t just plainly made, but was cooked with everything else. It really brought out my appetite.


“This looks great.”

“Hehe, I ended up making too much because I was chalk full of spirit at the time.”

“Full of spirit? Did something good happen?”

“Eh? Unn, don’t worry about that. C’mon now, eat some before it’s too late.”

“Well then,  let’s dig in.”


I thanked her, while taking a pair of chopsticks, I picked and carried a good amount of cooked rice to my mouth.


“How is it?”

“Mhm mhm… Hm, it’s delicious as expected.”

“Really!? That’s a relief.”


Kamaishi sighed, clutching her chest slightly, showing an eased expression. It was truly good. Given my palate and having tasted my mother’s cooking for years, it wouldn’t be hard for me to guarantee it. She doesn’t need to be nervous to this point. In the end, I finished Kamaishi’s lunch box.


“Thanks for the meal, Kamaishi. It was delicious.”

“Fufu, Glad to hear it.”


I appreciated her cooking, while licking my lips. As I gave her back the empty box, Kamaishi looked happy. Alright, now – let’s look onto the next one. This time, I took out my lunch box.


“Wait… are you still going to eat ?”

“Yeah, I shouldn’t leave it untouched.”


Actually, I was already full, but I just couldn’t leave this one untouched. My mother was quite strict when it came to diets. What would she think when she noticed I didn’t eat it? She was a cuisine researcher, after all. That means her cooking is professional and delicious, however, despite all, she is the type who was terribly severe about leaving something on your plate.


My mother wasn’t the kind to get angry, but once she does, she was simply frightening. I still remember when I had once left some food on my plate. Yeah…I was traumatized in the end. That’s why I should not leave this lunch box as it is. Else, there will be no tomorrow for me.


“Did I perhaps do something unnecessary?.”

“No, don’t worry about it. It was my choice in the first place.”


With that last word, I began eating once again. It’s pretty delicious. Though, no matter how tasty it gets, it can not change the fact that I’m full. My stomach doesn’t accept it resulting in my hand that was holding the chopsticks to halt.


“Is it fine if I eat it with you?”


Kamaishi offered me help.


“Are you okay with that?”


“Yes, it’s my fault, to begin with. besides, I want to try your mom’s cooking again.”


Honestly, her offer is appreciated. I guess it was impossible for me to finish it alone, after all.


“Well, then please.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

“here, take a bite.”


I grabbed one of the side dishes using my chopsticks and carried it to Kamaishi’s mouth.


“Eh? I-Isn’t that…”


Perhaps because she understood something, Kamaishi stopped her moves and switched her sight between me and the chopstick while looking all shy. Don’t tell me, did she realize that this would be an indirect kiss? Even though she didn’t notice anything yesterday, why now? How troublesome; I guess I will press her to eat it.


“What’s wrong? C’mon, hurry up.”

“Eh, Aa, yeah.”


Kamaishi resolved her feelings and opened her mouth while her face was bright red. Alright, let’s continue this way.


“Here, another one.”



Kamaishi, with a red face, kept acting blind to that fact as she resumed eating my lunch.

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I was somehow able to eat some of it as well until we finished the whole box. When I was eating from it, Kamaishi looked like she wanted to say something, but instead remained silent as her face turned even more red. Of course, I turned a blind eye to that. As I was taking a long breath after finishing lunch, Kamaishi who was sitting next to me was feeling exceedingly embarrassed.


“Uuu, who thought we would be doing it today too…”

“Well, I think that it is indeed embarrassing to do something like that.”

“Of course it is… Wait, Kamiya-kun, you knew about it?”

“Well, I mean…”


Rather, there’s no way I wouldn’t know about such an obvious thing.


“Since you didn’t realize it yesterday, I thought it would be fine to do it today too, but apparently, my judgment was poor.”

“Anyone would realize it normally!”

“You didn’t yesterday.”

“Th-That’s because… uuu, you bully.”


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Kamaishi almost dropped in tears from the embarrassment. She seemed pretty cute, however, I didn’t want to ruin the mood by saying so. It was when I turned from her, that my eye caught something. Turning, I noticed several black cars enter from the school entrance.


“What’s that?”

“What’s wrong?”


Hearing my mutter, Kamaishi followed my gaze to turn and look at the same direction. An armed group wearing masks left from the cars and rushed inside the school building. Their movements were fast and agilem resembling that of a well-trained soldier.


Wait, wait, don’t tell me…






Just when I started having a bad feeling about the current state, I heard a gunshot and shriek coming from below. Following the gunshot, I could also hear something similar to an angry voice as well. I recalled the morning news.


You gotta be kidding me… terrorists?


Discerning the situation, I blamed the thoughts that I had while heading to school. Seriously, my words were a flag!

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