Chapter 55: Blood Eye Lion

In games, there are many different types of tasks, including ones that are needed to be done to be promoted.

All of these, Qin Tian could understand.

However, if he really needed to kill a rank five monster, it would be too much of a challenge.

His mind was vexed for the entire afternoon, his experience bar did not even increase after killing tens of rank four monsters, “Seems like if I don’t kill a rank five monster, I won’t be able to level up.”

“F**k, too extreme.”

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Qin Tian grumbled and smashed his hand onto the head of a blazing red boar. He grabbed the boar by its tusk and raised its heavy body into the air, before throwing it back onto the ground.


A large hole appeared on the ground, and the blazing red boar trembled continuously. Looking at Qin Tian walking towards it, it struggled crazily, wanting to escape. However, Qin Tian was now fully enraged by the system, so how could it be let off easily?

“Whoosh.” His body became like a bullet fired, in the next second, he appeared beside the boar.

Qin Tian stepped on the boar’s head, with one hand on its tusk, he suddenly pulled it out forcefully. The boar let out a cry of agony, tears about to flow out, and out from its nose came some thick red mucus.

The blazing red boar’s tusk was about half a meter long, and it looks like a machete. It was a handy weapon. Swinging it in the air a few times, he felt that something was lacking. Seeing the other tusk, he let out a cold laugh, “Old pig, sorry about that, but don’t grow such long tusk in your next life, or else others would be coveting for it.

After speaking finish, Qin Tian pulled out the other one.

The blazing red boar was unable to endure the great pain and fell dead.

The system alerted him, but he was too lazy to even look at it. Swinging them around, he gave a smile of satisfaction. Soon after, his eyebrows creased and he moved. He started to chase after a monster and released a bombardment of attacks.

The tusks of the blazing red boar are the strongest part of their body. It was sharpened for countless of months before it could be very sharp. Every attack with it contained and extremely hot aura. Such an aura would be able to make any rank three monsters to flee with not a single intention of fighting.

Qin Tian spent his whole evening venting madly, like a berserk monster. The surrounding monsters near him had all suffered greatly.

It was already dark when he got to the cave.

Hei Yan was seated cross-legged, cultivating his Qigong.

Qin Tian did not bother him and sat at the entrance of the cave. He took out a Dan and threw it into his mouth.

Yang Sheng Dan, an indispensable Dan to all cultivators. It could not only improve one’s cultivation but more importantly, it can satisfy the body’s need for food. To Qin Tian, this was only meant to satisfy his hunger.

After consuming a Dan, he no longer felt hungry, and once again contemplated about his level upping situation. “A rank five monster is a must to kill, and brother Hei Yan is leaving soon, so it would be best for me to get a core for him before he leaves, after all, I owe him one.”

Ever since he stepped into the Kunlun mountain range, he had been thinking about this. The power a core contain is too immerse. During the Autumn Hunting event, he did not understand much about the core, only after he swallowed one did he understand the importance of it to cultivators.

The Violent Gorilla’s core was not meant to be his but since Hei Yan had given the core to him, he had to return another back.

Hei Yan will be leaving for the Flowing Clouds Sect soon after, and Qin Tian needed to prepare a gift.

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After swallowing the core, his cultivation will improve greatly. At that time, the Flowing Clouds Sect might even accept him as an inner disciple.

Qin Tian looked at Hei Yan who was still cultivating and leaped out of the cave……


In the night, Qin Tian moved, stopping every once in awhile and used his predatory aura to sense the aura of the surrounding kilometer.

After a few minutes of doing so, he had traveled deeper into the inner region.

A rank five monster in Kunlun Mountain range was like an overlord, all had their own territory. The bigger their territory, the stronger they are.

Some monsters had territories of larger than 10 000 kilometers, and every monster in their territory worship them as king.

After running non-stop for more than ten kilometers with no rank five monsters spotted anywhere, Qin Tian cursed, “Rubbish! Where in the world had they gone to?”

A monster will cultivate for decades or even hundreds of years to obtain an opportunity to break through to the fifth rank and allow them to condense a core. As the strength within the core was something many cultivators still lack, many monsters were thus killed; and therefore, bumping into a rank five monster is very rare.

Standing atop a tree, Qin Tian carefully scoured the area and activated his aura; sensing the monster activity around him, he frowned and hesitated before moving onwards.

A night of non-stop running; he did not know how many kilometers he had run.

Until the day gradually brightened did Qin Tian stopped running. Observing the surrounding broken branches and trees, and the various sizes of holes on the ground, he noticed that those traces of destruction were completely new; a fierce battle had definitely occurred here. Qin Tian grinned; only a high-rank monster would be able to produce such destruction. In that instant, Qin Tian activated his aura and felt his surroundings. Not long after, the grin on his face broadened, “At last, I’ve found you.”

Jumping off the tree, he sprinted lightly and carefully followed the aura as he gradually closed in; the daggers crafted from the tusks of Blazing Red Boars were held tightly in his hands. At this moment, Qin Tian was extremely calm and both his eyes were on alert.

The predatory aura sensed a strong presence; an extremely strong presence which he had never sensed before. As such, Qin Tian instantly deduced that the monster ahead must definitely be a high-rank monster.

In this less than a kilometer journey, Qin Tian took almost half a day. At this time, the sun was already up in the sky and the dews condensed on the cool leaves dribbled; as if it was raining in the forest, the dews dripped onto his cheeks but he did not bother wiping them off; his eyes were engrossed in what lies ahead that was releasing an immense waves of anger.

Upon stepping foot onto the open plain, Qin Tian immediately felt a strong pressure acting on him; a pressure which seemed to be coming from an enormous sleeping lion ahead of him.

An enormous body; its blood red eyes opened slightly as it moved back and forth; its yellow fur was like a thick layer of blanket; and its tail, as strong as iron, swayed gently from left to right.

If not for Qin Tian comprehending the predatory aura, he would have long been exposed.

Looking at the monster in front, Qin Tian shuddered. Clenching his teeth, he prepared to conduct a sneak attack on the monster. But before he could do so, the monster suddenly turned and opened its mouth wide open before giving a loud scream. Red blood could be seen dripping down from its ass.

“What seems to be the situation?”

Qin Tian hid at a corner and did not move. That scream just then, he was able to clearly feel the disorder in the monster’s breathing circulation. It seems it was severely injured; and once Qin Tian saw the bleeding from its ass, Qin Tian was sure that the monster was severely injured. “There is a saying; while you’re sick, take your life.”

“Virtuous Draconic Force.” Qin Tian activated his ability.

After the ability of the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture was activated, which released a strong pressure, Qin Tian did not immediately rush to face the enormous monster. Instead, he went on to enhance the Virtuous Draconic Force with the divine ability; “Berserk.”


The Virtuous Draconic Force and Berserk were perfectly compatible with each other. At this time, Qin Tian’s whole body was circulating with an overwhelming amount of strength. With both his hands clutching onto the bone daggers, he dashed forward with speed as fast as lightning, creating a trail of fire behind him.

The monster opened both its eyes wide. Its two blood red eyes immediately released a strong aura before standing on all four of its legs. Opening its mouth wide, it roared…


Qin Tian’s ears suddenly became numb. His speed became affected by the sound waves generated by the roar and slowed down. He was startled but quickly regained his speed, rushing straight at the monster. With a leap, he slashed at the monster’s neck…

Blood Eye Lion; rank six monster; health points: 146474/480000; experience worth: 30000; Qigong worth: 1000; survival points worth: 100; State: weakened; abilities:???

In his mind surfaced the blood eye lion’s properties. Qin Tian was taken aback; the attack which he put in all his strength into had only managed to scrape its skin; that attack simply did not cause any severe damage onto the monster! Immediately after striking, Qin Tian quickly leaped back.

Seeing the furious rank six monster in front of him, Qin Tian gulped and both his eyes shone with bravery.

“Rank six monster, I’ll not give up!”

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