Chapter 54: Deceptive System

Night, in the pitch dark cave.

Under the night sky, roars of monsters could be heard from time to time, making the night feel unsafe.

Hei Yan squatted at the mouth of the cave, looking around alertly. From the time he entered the inner regions of Kunlun mountain range, never had he relaxed his mind. He kept paying attention to the movements around.

Kunlun mountain range is ranked to be dangerous. One could meet with danger at any point in time, and a moment of carelessness may lead to one’s life not in his own hands anymore.

Qin Tian closed his eyes, wanting to sleep and rest, but was unable to fall asleep. Both his eyes opened and he walked towards the mouth of the cave, “Big brother Hei, go and rest, I’ll take over.”

Hei Yan laughed slightly but did not move from where he was. He looked at Qin Tian and asked, “Can’t sleep?”

Qin Tian sat down and leaned against the other wall of the cave and looked at the night sky. After hesitating for a while, he finally decided to ask, “Brother, are you leaving?”

Hei Yan was shocked. He looked at Qin Tian, then at the outside, before replying, “Martial cultivation is never ending, I’ve not broken through for a long time. Next year, I’ll join the Flowing Clouds Sect to seek a higher martial realm.”

“Flowing Clouds Sect?”

Qin Tian was slightly startled. His memories had some understanding towards the big sects in the continent, and the Flowing Clouds Sect is one of Tianyuan continent’s famous big sect. It has disciples numbering more than ten thousand, with countless of experts. Every year, it’s door would be opened to accept talented disciples, and Hei Yan wants to join though he is a spirit refining cultivator. Joining would not be hard, but being valued would be a little harder.

As compared to the Flowing Cloud Sect, Cang Tianji’s Tianji sect was the same. Since the competitions to join small clans were already so intense, the competition to join big sects could be imagined. One needs to know that to join a big sect, one must have a strong talent.

Qin Tian had thought about joining Tianji sect, but with his current cultivation, he did not even have the qualifications, not to mention about being valued.

He wanted to join Tianji sect to complete his SSS task, to kill Long Xiaotian and snatch the position of the patriarch. Then he would be able to obtain all the treasures in Cang Tianji’s ring. Every time he took out something from the ring, his heart would feel ached. So many abilities, Dans, which could shake Qinghe city, yet none could be taken out, making him feel uncomfortable.

Joining other sects was something Qin Tian had never thought about before.

However, he kept what Hei Yan said in his mind. Martial cultivation is never ending, even if one reached the absolute realm and shatter the void, becoming a divine being, there is still no end to it.

The two of them were in silence and not long after, the night became silent.

The next morning.

A new round of hunting began. Hei Yan selected those monsters which Qin Tian had never met before, explaining about it, analyzed, showing its weakness, and killing it in a move. Qin Tian engraved them into his memory.

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After a month, the total number of monsters killed were not less than five hundred, and all the monsters were basically played to death by Hei Yan.

In that month, they were fortunate enough to not meet any rank five monsters which had condensed a core.

In the following month, Hei Yan did not kill by himself anymore, but let Qin Tian practice, while guiding him by the side.

Every monster in Kunlun mountain range’s inner regions had gone through many fights. Those rank four monsters alive had gone through hundreds of fights, with the number of scars uncountable. Against Qin Tian who had not much battle experience, Qin Tian was already facing a peril after a few exchange of blows.

In one morning, he had only killed one rank four monster, and his body already had many injuries. Fortunately, they weren’t life-threatening. Luckily the number of Dans brought were a lot. After consuming some, all would be alright.

Now, even if Qin Tian was overwhelmed by a monster, Hei Yan would not move. This was something Qin Tian had to experience, in the future when he was alone, such a thing would happen frequently, and he needs to learn how to face it.

Hei Yan’s intentions, Qin Tian naturally understood.

And thus, even if he encountered any situation where his life was on the line, he did not call for help.

On the second month, the amount of time required for Qin Tian to kill a monster was shortened by half and the number of injuries he suffered became lesser. Seeing so, Hei Yan felt happy for Qin Tian.

Qin Tian’s progress in these few months made him surprised; thinking of Qin Tian’s natural born talent, he predicted that Qin Tian might one day become a power leader to attain the absolute realm and becoming a being that would greatly affect the world.

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Other than hunting monster, Qin Tian also continued to collect spirit grass.

Alchemy is a must to practice. Though the core would replenish his Qigong, it is still a valuable item; the use of the core would only be his last resort.

He had already experienced the terrifying power of a rank five monster, and to obtain a core from another monster; it would be just as difficult as ascending the heavens.

With the abundance of low-grade spirit grass in Kunlun Mountain Range, there was no need to worry about having not enough grass to level up his alchemy skill. There were no shortcuts that he could take but only to continue practicing and increasing his proficiency. That way, he would be able to create higher grade Dans. As for some of the high-grade spirit grass, Qin Tian kept them for future use to create high-grade Dans once his success in creating Dans increased.

The days slipped by one after another, and Qin Tian gradually became stronger.

Hei Yan’s previously grim face now hung a satisfactory smile.

Half a year had passed and for Qin Tian to kill a rank four monster is a piece of cake; in a day, hundreds of monsters died by his hands and seldom did he receive any injuries. As a result, the rate of him ranking up increased. In half a year, he had managed to reach rank nine spirit formation and was one step away from breaking through to the spirit gathering realm.

But in these few days, Qin Tian realized that the amount of experience he gained reduced drastically; he had been in spirit formation rank nine for more than a month already, and with the accumulated experience he gained, he should have been able to rank up quickly.

But with the sudden reduction in experience gained, he could not understand the cause behind it.

“Don’t tell me it’s because the rank four monster were not able to satisfy my experience bar?”

“Rubbish! Pēi, pēi, pēi……”

Qin Tian felt those words he just said were very awkward. He ‘pēi’ a few more times and opened the system. Looking at the already full experience bar, he found it puzzling as to why he was not able to rank up. Where did it go wrong? Did the system increase the difficulty for me to rank up?

There was no reason for it to do so; normal at the beginning and change right before he could rank up. Is the system playing with me?

That can’t be right…

After reasoning for half a day, he still could not figure out what went wrong.

But, thinking back to when he was leveling inside the Valley of Wolves, his heart was overwhelmed with shock and started cursing. “Rubbish! Don’t tell me you want me to kill a rank five monster?”

At that time when he broke through to spirit formation inside the Valley of Wolves, he had also encountered a similar situation. But because of their overwhelming numbers, he had no time to think and kept on killing. Now that he thought of it, at that time when he broke through was because he killed the leader of the green tooth wolf.

And now it seemed that for him to break through to the spirit gathering realm, he would need to kill a rank five monster. Otherwise, there would be no way for him to break through to the spirit gathering realm.

Qin Tian was in a daze; as if his soul had left to greet the eighteen generations of ancestors. Why did the system have to make it so troublesome to break through? Ranking up relies on the accumulation of experience gained; and now upon reaching a critical moment, it wanted him to kill a monster that is far above his level. “Isn’t it just throwing me into the fire pit?”

Even after complaining for a whole morning, the system did not respond.

At last, it was made clear that the system was just a program. To have it speak its own mind is impossible.

“A rank five monster… rank five monster…”

Recalling the terrifying strength of the Violent Gorilla, he shuddered. “F***, I’ll just give it my all.”

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