Chapter 53: Monster Infestation

The Kunlun mountain range is 180 000 kilometers wide, with many towering peaks. The danger is immersed, monsters, poisonous swamps, never in history had a cultivator traversed it and came out alive. Even those extreme cultivators would not dare.

With this much risks, there would definitely be treasures.

Cores, miraculous plants, countless of supreme treasures were hidden inside, attracting countless of cultivators. However, people like Qin Tian who only came to level up were unheard of.

Stepping into the inner region, the atmosphere changed and there was a feeling of danger all around. Qin Tian became cautious and circulated his Qigong. Hei Yan laughed, “Relax, a high-rank monster is not so easy to meet. This isn’t truly the inner region yet, the true one can then be called dangerous.”

Qin Tian laughed bitterly and thought, “In games, it wouldn’t be as scary as now ah. This terrifying and dark environment would really make people afraid. F**k, scared like an egg.”

He took a big step forward and felt the atmosphere around him again before he finally relaxed.

The two of them walked for half a quarter hour, and the atmosphere became queerer. Qin Tian frowned and became even more cautious.


A green thicket snake that was as thick as a person’s arms narrowed its’ eyes. A red light flashed as it shot towards Qin Tian. Black venom dripped out from its fangs.

“Laozi had already seen you.” [TLN: Laozi means I ]

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Qin Tian shouted in his mind. He stood at his position when suddenly, he jumped and punched the snake. “Zheng”, the green thicket snake shook and its tail swept forward, wanting to grab Qin Tian. As long as it could, his bones would be crushed instantly.

F**k, who said that one should punch seventh inch below the snake head?

His speed rose as he retreated rapidly while cursing the person who said such a phrase.

The green thicket snake had a body as hard as iron, and a punch did not even make a scratch on its skin, there was not even an injury. However, Qin Tian could see that its hp had dropped a tiny bit, so little that it was negligible.

Rank four monster: green thicket snake, Hp: 10000, experience: 1200, Qigong value: 360, survival value: 3

After hitting the snake, the system immediately showed its properties. Looking at the thousand plus experience, Qin Tian felt bewildered. A rank three monster only provided a hundred plus experience, yet a rank four monster provides so much more, is this not forcing me?

Qin Tian dodged its attack. The snake entrenched itself onto the ground, forming a big lump like a tree stump. It stared at Qin Tian and occasionally looked at Hei Yan who was motionlessly standing not far away.

“It’s right to hit the seventh inch below its head, but you need to damage the within, or even the skin won’t be damaged.”

Hei Yan was shocked from looking at Qin Tian’s attack. He was able to grasp the timing but did not attack correctly.

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Just as his voice descended, he moved. His finger was raised and Qigong gathered at his fingertip. His body shook. At the next second, he appeared in front of the snake’s head, with his finger piercing right through its mouth. The finger formed a hook, pulling his hand back, blood flowed out of the snake.

A series of action, dealing with it simply, yet it still brought along much domineering feeling.

Although a spirit refining cultivator is strong, dealing with a rank four monster is not easy. Looking at Hei Yan killing a rank four monster easily, Qin Tian’s heart shuddered. The move he had made and how he used his Qigong was etched deeply in his heart.

Qigong utilization needed to go through many fights before it could be mastered. Hei Yan had been in the Kunlun mountain range for many years and had ample experience. Against normal rank four monsters, he did not need to use much strength.

A rank four monster was killed, and Qin Tian received 500+ experience, 100+ Qigong, and 1 survival value. As compared to a rank three monster, it was much higher.

The system provided party mode, so after Hei Yan killed monsters, he would also receive experience. But if the difference between the both of them was too large, the amount Qin Tian would get would be lesser. However, he was already satisfied.

The green thicket snake’s blood spewed and the odor slowly spread in all directions. In less than a minute, Qin Tian felt the presence of three ranked four monsters closing in. As such, he alerted Hei Yan. “Coming straight at us are three monsters; all ranked four.”

Hei Yan was secretly taken aback. Strange; he did not sense anything whereas Qin Tian did! Without thinking too much, he leaped atop a tree and glanced afar for a moment. “Sure enough, monsters are heading straight at us and are 1km away. How did he sense them?”

No time to ponder any further; Hei Yan landed quickly onto the floor and dashed forward, with Qin Tian following closely behind.

One on the left and the other on the right; the distance between them were ten feet away but they were closing onto each other very quickly. In a few breaths, the pair had run half the distance, and in front of them stood a monster which was breathing heavily. The puffs from it released a strong acidic smell and its body released the smell of ashes as if its body was charred.

Its two long ivory tusks were like knives and all four of its limbs were black. Its whole body was pumped with muscle from head to toe, bursting with strength. With a strike, it might even surpass a few thousand in might. At the moment, its front leg was scraping the ground and its sight was locked onto Hei Yan. With that, it charged forward.

As it charged, its speed was extremely fast and all Qin Tian could feel was a surge of heat waves before it reached Hei Yan. Hurling its head sideways, it directed its tusks at Hei Yan. Hei Yan quickly took a step back to dodge the attack before jumping onto a nearby tree and shouted, “Blazing Red Boar; aggressive in attacks and thick in defense, has the Charge ability, and within it contains magma so hot to an unimaginary extent. To kill it, you can only use one move.”

“Either you kill it with a move, or he hooks you onto his tusks and drags you till your death.”

Hei Yan explained the monster’s characteristics before moving on to some of the methods used to kill it.

As Hei Yan was explaining, the Blazing Red Boar violently knocked into the foot of the tree, which Hei Yan was on, three consecutive times and the tree produced a creaking sound. With another knock, the tree collapsed and at that moment, Hei Yan held onto a warhammer in each of his hands.

The warhammers were made by condensing Qigong and were thus much stronger than other ordinary warhammers.

The veins on both his arms became more visible as he struck his warhammers down.


The Blazing Red Boar gave a loud shrieked; its head was smashed and the hot magma flowed onto the ground. Seeing so, Qin Tian was amazed; a weapon condensed from Qigong was truly powerful.

After finishing off the Blazing Red Boar, Hei Yan did not stop and instead dashed towards another direction.

Once again, Qin Tian followed closely behind. As he ran, he suddenly felt that the tips Hei Yan gave for every monster they encountered were very detailed and precise. The thought of Hei Yan leaving gradually surfaced in his mind.

Right after entering the Kunlun Mountain Range’s inner area, Hei Yan immediately taught him how to hunt and kill monsters, to adapt, to find their weaknesses, and to fully utilize his Qigong; just like a teacher.

Putting his own mind at ease, he thought; since Hei Yan was patient in explaining to him, he had to listen and absorb them as much as he could as in the future when Hei Yan leaves, he’ll be all by himself.

The pair killed as they went forward and unknowingly, they had already journeyed more than ten kilometers away from their starting point. And during the journey, Qin Tian had managed to rise to spirit formation rank five and his Qigong value had also increased a lot which could be considered very rewarding.

Looking at the color of the sky, Hei Yan hesitated and spoke. “Today, we’ll call it a day and find a safe place to hide and rest. At night, the monsters are very active so try not to go out at night.”

With that, he surveyed the surroundings before gazing down from a cliff, at a cave on a hillside. He spoke, “Tonight, we’ll rest there.”

Immediately after he finished, he activated his Qigong and leaped.

Suddenly, a string of loud shrieks could be heard; a huge Roc came swooping down onto Hei Yan. Hei Yan cursed, “Courting death!”

His Qigong condensed around both his legs and with a slight tilt of his body, he kicked the Roc fiercely.

Like a broken kite, the Roc crashed into the cliff; its head was smashed and its blood tainted the cliff.

To be in battle mode anytime; there is no place that is absolutely safe in the Kunlun Mountain Range as danger lurks in all four corners. From Hei Yan’s one day of lesson, Qin Tian learned a lot and remembered them all by heart.
But at the same time, in that single day, Qin Tian was sure that Hei Yan was about to leave.

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