Chapter 52: Swallow the Core

Noon, under the scorching hot sun.

It was already autumn, yet the Kunlun mountain range was still unbearably hot. After a night of running, Qin Tian’s clothes were drenched in sweat. He felt the aura of Hei Yan beside him and could not help but feel envious.

The Kunlun mountain range was around sixty kilometers away from Qinghe city. They had to travel another five hundred kilometers to enter the inner area from the mountain range’s outer area. Hei Yan’s face was not red, and his breathing was also not in disorder. Qin Tian was unable to see any fluctuation of his aura.

Ever since Qin Tian grasped the predatory aura, the aura of the monsters within the range of 1 kilometers could not escape from the law. Laws are something of a much higher position than abilities, and none of those people who could comprehend a law are to be trifled with.

Though the predatory aura seemed to be of little value, it was not in reality. In a battle, Qin Tian would be able to clearly feel the movement of the aura of the other parties. In other words, all would be found out within the range of one kilometer. A kilometer might seem short, but to an expert, it was enough time for preparation.

Moreover, his predatory aura was only at the initial stage.

“In front of us should be the inner region of Kunlun mountain range.”

Hei Yan looked in front of him with a trace of lingering fear. When the wind blew, he shuddered.

The chilly winds, along with the cries of the numerous monsters inside would make people terrified, not daring any to take even half a step forward.

The outer regions of Kunlun mountain range are filled with only low-rank monsters and are not even a challenge to Qin Tian.

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The experience given by low-rank monsters are just too low. Now, a hundred experience to Qin Tian had become nothing to be elated about. Furthermore, there were also many groups of people, even if he found one idea hunting spot, it would immediately be surrounded by other people.

It was just like in a newbie village where players will try to snatch for monsters. Such a thing was not something Qin Tian wanted to experience.

Qin Tian took a deep breath and his eyes flashed a red light. His predatory aura was released, and he felt all the monsters within the range. He then checked whether there was any high-rank monster hiding nearby.

Within a few breaths, Qin Tian readied himself to enter the dark forest. Hei Yan suddenly seemed to have remembered something and said, “Swallow the core now and try to break through to the spirit gathering realm, or it would be hard to preserve your life in there.”

“Swallow the core?”

His eyebrows creased, he had almost forgotten about the core.

Qin Zhantian repeatedly probed him because he wanted to know whether Qin Tian had swallowed the core. How much power was hiding within the core? It could even make Qin Zhantian unable to not fear it.

He took out the Violent Gorilla’s core from his spatial ring. It was glittery and translucent like a pearl, emitting a mighty aura.

“Take it in quickly or else high-rank monsters will be attracted to it.”

Hei Yan said anxiously. The monsters in Kunlun mountain range are just like humans, the strong preys on the weak, the survival of the fittest. The relationship between monsters was like fire and water, especially among the high-rank monsters. Once they met, a fight would begin and till one died, there would be no rest.

Other than fighting for territories, they would fight to get the opponent’s core. A monster’s cultivation is very similar to a human’s, other than the fact that they need to cultivate for countless of years to condense a core. A core contains enormous power, the one who swallowed it will receive many benefits.

The contention between monsters in Kunlun mountain range made rank five monsters extremely terrifying, even spirit refining cultivators would not be its opponent.

Once Hei Yan spoke, Qin Tian was startled and immediately put the core into his mouth.

The core entered Qin Tian’s body, and light shot out from his throat. Finally, the light slowly disappeared, like it had entered a deep sea.

Hei Yan sat at a side and smiled. Seeing Qin Tian’s tranquil face, he went on, “Soon, you’ll start to feel the strength of the core.”


But right after Hei Yan spoke, Qin Tian felt his Dantian undergo a dramatic change; The system incessantly prompted “Qigong +100, Qigong +100…”

The system’s voice continued to play in his head and a string of red words crazily rise and fade at the corner of his eye.

Qin Tian could see his Qigong value increased significantly. Seeing so, his heart was filled with joy; it was more like a Qigong generator than a demonic core.

The core within his Dantian continued to release wave after wave of light; and each time it flashed, his Qigong increased by 100 points. The rate was steady and it showed no sign of slowing down; the core’s effect was simply amazing!

The 10,000 Qigong value that he consumed yesterday resulting in the one-third Qigong value he had left was filled to approximately 50% in less than an hour; better yet, his Qigong value continued to increase constantly which made Qin Tian’s heart leap for joy.

For ordinary cultivators who devoured a demonic core will have their body greatly enhanced whereas, for those who are talented, they might even be able to break through multiple times within a day of devouring a demonic core. And furthermore, for those whose abilities are exceptional, they would not only have their body enhanced but will also undergo metamorphosis.

For a demonic core, it would usually take around three years to fully extract all the energy. And in that three years, one can sit on the fence and extract the energy from within the core to raise their ranks significantly.

But of course, for Qin Tian who devoured the demonic core, his body underwent no significant change other than the violent Qigong activity within his Dantian where it continued to increase in value. To Qin Tian, the rapid increase in Qigong value was more important than the enhancement of his body and undergoing a metamorphosis.

Half a day went by and his Qigong value was already at its maximum. At this point, the demonic core within his Dantian calmed and lay motionlessly.

As such, Qin Tian quietly activated his Qigong; consuming a little of his Qigong value. The demonic core within his Dantian immediately activated, flashing waves of light, and his Qigong was filled to the brim almost instantly.

“A Qigong generator… definitely a Qigong generator…”

His heart was in ecstasy, and he was very eager to roar out that joy contained within him; with this core, there was no need to worry about having a shortage of Qigong. “I can finally use my abilities multiple times; if I can’t kill you in a hit, I’ll smash you down continuously.”

“So cool!”

His heart was pleased, like a child celebrating a new year. How Qin Tian wished he could look into his Dantian and see whether he could control the core within his Dantian, but only to realize that the core and his Dantian were actually linked. Another wave of ecstasy burst into Qin Tian’s heart and he immediately went to adjust the minimum amount of Qigong he should store before releasing them.

Once he did so, Qin Tian smiled cheekily and thought, “This feels a lot like a hack too… hahaha…”

As Hei Yan stood at a side waiting quietly and saw Qin Tian’s elated face, he smiled and felt happy for Qin Tian. Thinking about his dead brothers, he thought solemnly, “my dear brothers, we’ve now gained a new brother.”

He regarded Qin Tian as a brother.

And Qin Tian regarded him as an older brother.

Once all the preparations were done, Qin Tian took a glance at Hei Yan and his heart was full of gratitude.

If the spirit refining Hei Yan wanted to seize the core from Qin Tian, it would have been as simple as flipping a hand. On that day when the Violent Gorilla died, the core should have been his but he gave it to Qin Tian.

For that kindness, Qin Tian engraved it in his heart.

Merciless to all enemies; upon gaining in strength, trample them to death and give them no opportunity to make a comeback.

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But to brothers, he would respect and look after one another.

“How’s it? The core’s powers feel great right?” Hei Yan asked casually and laughed.

“Not just great; it feels extremely great!” Qin Tian replied and laughed together with Hei Yan.

With that, the two stepped into the dangerous territory; the Kunlun Mountain Range’s inner area!

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