Chapter 51: Brothers

Qinghe city was all muddled up.

Every great clans were involved in this. The central square was ruined, and the surrounding buildings were destroyed. Casualties were numerous.

Never in the history of Qinghe city was there such a large-scale fight, causing the power of the great clans to diminished.

Against the three spirit refining experts, the Zhao clan did not have it great. Many of the Zhao clan had died or received serious injuries, but the disciples of the other three clans did not suffer as much. However, with the death of a few grand elders, their power diminished.

Eventually, they decided to declare a truce.

In regards to the happiest person for the fight between the clans, it would be Zhao Nantu. Drinking his wine while looking at the fight, he felt indescribably cheerful. He praised Qin Tian greatly in his heart, for he had finally done a big thing for him. The many Hushen Dans Zhao Nantu gave in the past had finally been reciprocated.

Seeing the fight ended, he sent some people to report the situation to him.

He believed that not long after, Qinghe city’s power would belong to him. At that time, even if it was the Zhao clan or the Zhang clan, all the so-called four great clans would have to listen to him.

Thinking about the days in the future, Zhao Nantu laughed excitedly.


Furong restaurant.

“Meng Lei, this is the Dragon Tiger Dan, take it after breaking through to the spirit formation realm. Remember, do not use it until you’ve broken through to the spirit formation realm, or it would not do your body any good.”

Inside a room was only Qin Tian and Meng Lie.

Looking at Meng Lei, Qin Tian got a little worried, but he had no way to deal with it. He was going to enter the Kunlun mountain range soon, and with Meng Lei’s cultivation, he would not be able to survive inside. Even with Hei Yan and him by was by his side, Meng Lei’s safety could not be guaranteed.

The Kunlun mountain range was extremely dangerous, not to mention Meng Lei, even Qin Tian was uncertain whether he would be able to come back alive. However, only by entering the Kunlun mountain range would he be able to satisfy his need for experience, and only in there would he be able to kill high-rank monsters to earn experience, Qigong, and survival points.

Meng Lei smiled foolishly, scratched sillily and did not take the Dragon Tiger Dan in Qin Tian’s hand. Although he did not know that it was a seventh grade Dan, he knew Qin Tian would need it even more than him. The Kunlun mountain range was one of Tianyuan continent’s ten great danger zones, the dangers in there could be imagined.

With one more Dan, it would be equivalent to a chance to keep his life.

Moreover, ever since Qin Tian took out the Dan, the whole room was filled with its fragrance. Just a few breath of it made him refreshed, thus he could imagine what it could do and what its grade was.

Everything Meng Lei thought about was based on Qin Tian first. If they were hungry, then the food would be given to Qin Tian, because he was his young master, the son of the one who saved him.

The reason was as simple as that.

“Young master, keep it for yourself. My aptitudes mediocre, and it would be a waste for me to use it. Keep it, and there might come a day when you need it.”

Meng Lei said like a wise man but with the appearance of a fool.

Qin Tian was moved, but still forced the Dragon Tiger Dan into Meng Lei’s hands and ordered, “Do you not understand what I said?”

“Also, I need you to protect a person.”

Meng Lei struggled for a while, and accepted it in the end, but had never thought about using it. He mused, “Since young master does not want to use it, I’ll just keep it till he wants it.”

Hearing that Qin Tian wanted him to protect someone, he replied immediately, “Young master please tell, I would definitely protect him.”

“Yun Man.”

Other than Meng Lei, the other person who he could not stop worrying for is Yun Man. That girl is too kind. Although her strength was not bad, being unwilling to fight with others was her weakness. During the time when he is not around, problems would arise, and the only person he could trust was Meng Lei.

Meng lei promised immediately.

Qin Tian’s words were commands to him, no matter what, he would still do it even at the cost of his life.

“Tomorrow, move back into the Qin clan, continuing to stay in Furong restaurant would be unsafe. I will discuss it with the patriarch.”

After finishing giving his orders, Qin Tian went to meet with Qin Zhantian. Though he could roughly guess that Qin Zhantian would not give the spirit armor to him, he could use this chance to add a condition, to allow Meng Lei to return to the Qin clan.

Meng Lei was unwilling to return to the Qin clan alone, but he did not dare to disagree to what Qin Tian instructed, thus nodded stiffly.

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“Three years later, I will be back. Dealing finish with what I need to do, I’ll bring you along to travel with me.”

Qin Tian slapped Meng Lei’s shoulders heavily. He was reluctant to part with him, but he knew that he needed to grow up, needed to break through quickly. There were many things that had not been resolved.

Two big BOSS were still not killed yet, making him feel unhappy.

Meng Lei’s eyes were filled with tears, it was only after restraining himself did the tears not flow out.

Night in Qin clan, Qin Zhantian’s residence.

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“Haha, Qin Tian, you’ve really gone beyond my expectations. Not bad, not bad, the future of Qin clan will be on you.”

After saying finish, Qin Zhantian put his hand on Qin Tian’s shoulder and revealed a fox-like smile.

A strand of mysterious Qigong entered Qin Tian from his shoulders. He acted as if he did not know a thing and respectfully said,” Patriarch is overpraising me.”

The Qigong kept probing his Dantian, not letting off any corners of it. However, nothing was gained in the end, even his Qigong could not be detected, making Qin Zhantian baffled.
The roar of the dragon, the trampling sound of the colossus elephant, the white light, causing his Qigong to be several times stronger. All these kept disturbing him. He hated that he could not break Qin Tian apart and find out what Qin Tian was hiding.

“Patriarch, the high-grade spirit armor you said previously……” However, he coldly thought, “Knew you won’t let go of the chance, you really are an old fox, but this old man won’t give you any chances, wait for it.”

“Haha……” Qin Zhantian laughed and retrieved his Qigong. Sitting back down at his seat, he revealed a troubled expression, contemplated bitterly for a while before replying, “In the war between the clans, the power of the Qin Clan had diminished greatly. Since you do not have the strength to wield it’s full power yet, wait till you broke through to the spirit gathering realm before I give it to you.”

“I knew it would become like this.” Qin Tian cursed coldly in his heart and acted as if he was unhappy. Qin Zhantian immediately continued, “Why not let me award you with something else first, tell me what you would like.”

“Since this is the case, I’ll just treat it as helping out the family. However, I would like the patriarch to allow Meng Lei to return to the Qin clan. In the future, my income will be retrieved by him, not sure if……”

“No problem, of course it’s alright, I was even looking forward to you all returning.” Qin Zhantian agreed immediately, compared to a high-grade spirit armor, letting Meng Lei return to the Qin clan was nothing much.

As for Qin Tian’s income, it was even more not of a problem.

However, Qin Zhantian suddenly paused for a moment and looked at Qin Tian, “You said your income would be retrieved by him, then what about you?”

“Heh, I’ll enter Kunlun mountain range to train for a few years.” Qin Tian did not hide anything and said.

“Enter the Kunlun mountain range to train?”

Qin Zhantian was shocked, and his eyes flashed a light. Immediately after, he laughed, “Good, if Qin clan had more of such disciples like you who trains hard, the Qin clan would have been the number one clan already.”

Qin Tian smiled, “aren’t you wishing for me to die?”

Both exchanged a few more words of courtesy before saying their farewells.

After leaving, the color on Qin Tian’s face changed. He gazed at the night sky, with his eyes just like a crafty fox……

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