Chapter 50: The Might of Divine Ability


In a corner of the square, Hei Yan had a dry grass sticking out from a corner of his mouth and he had his Qigong spread out in all directions. Looking at Qin Tian on the platform, his eyes were filled with excitement as his smile became wider. Only he knew what had just happened, and how terrifying that move was.

Divine ability – Berserk.

White light spread out, and the roar of the Violent Gorilla sounded, making the earth tremble.

The power emitted out from Qin Tian had reached a horrifying point.

Zhao Wudi’s attack was more than enough to kill him. If he had not used his divine ability, he would not even be able to withstand the move.

Rank seven spirit refining, the strongest existence in Qinghe city.

In his Dantian, thousands of colossus elephants were running about. The bones, veins and every pore were filled with great strength.

How could one be domineering? Qin Tian was currently like this.

A spirit formation cultivator’s berserk cannot be compared with a warrior realm cultivator’s. Previously during the Autumn Hunting event, the berserk used was when he was at warrior realm cultivation and it nothing as compared to now. The strength, Qigong, and speed before were all much weaker.

The power emitted out by a rank four spirit realm cultivator using berserk made all startled. What kind of abnormal ability did he cultivate in to be able to release such powerful Qigong? Shocking, incomparably shocking!

The disciples of Qin clan started standing up. The eyes of Qin Zhantian flashed with a golden light as he released his Qigong and rushed onto the platform. Qin Tian’s talent was completely beyond his imagination. For the future of the Qin clan, he had to protect Qin Tian.

Zhao Wudi was shocked as he had never expected that Qin Tian would have such powerful ability. What ability was it for him to be able to release so much power? Him becoming shocked made him even more determined to kill Qin Tian. He could never tolerate having someone threatening the growth of the Zhao clan.

Immediately, Zhao Wudi’s attack became even more ferocious. Flipping both his hands around, an enormous palm print appeared above Qin Tian. The scarlet red palm print contained immense heat like it had been formed from magma.


Qin Tian cursed and his face started to burn. Against that scarlet red palm print, he gnashed his teeth. “Don’t blame me for stirring things up.”

“Virtuous Draconic Force.”

Suddenly, the sky changed. Thunder continued to rumble continuously, and lightning struck down from above the clouds. Under the nine heavens, the rumbling of the thunder was endless, and the power of heaven and earth gathered in his body. For the power of heaven and earth to be affected by the usage of the divine ability berserk and the Virtuous Draconic Force, he had never thought about it before.

The two powerful abilities overlayed with each other. Under the might of berserk, the strength of the Virtuous Draconic Force became unimaginable. The formless energy was matchless and affected the power of heaven and earth. It’s might made the palm print dissipate, leaving only some energy of the residue of the palm print.

“That lad Qin Tian is too strong.”

“For his Qigong to be so dense, it seems like he had already surpassed the younger generation of Qinghe city long ago.”

“The Qin clan is gonna rise up.”

The power of heaven and earth forced Zhao Wudi back, making him land on the platform. His eyes were raging with anger and were locked onto Qin Tian. “Qin Clan’s lad, I’ve underestimated you. Now, die……”

Qin Tian did not bother looking at him and glanced at Zhao Kong who was not far away from him. Laughing coldly, he moved his hand and shot out some Qi, piercing through Zhao Kong’s forehead. Blood splattered all over.

“Congratulations, player ‘Qin Tian’ has become the champion of the gathering of the clans. +10000 experience, +5000 Qigong, +100 survival……”

“Sin value +1, current accumulation is 10.”

Once Zhao Kong died, the system informed Qin Tian about his reward for becoming the first.

From the beginning, Qin Tian had not known that if he became the champion, he would be rewarded. Only after he killed Zhao Yi did he realize, and this was also the reason why he had to kill Zhao Kong, not killing means getting no rewards.

“Since the system wants you to die, you must die; I am also forced into this so if you ever turn into a ghost, don’t bother haunting me.”

Qin Tian thought innocently. Upon looking at the 10000 experience and 5000 Qigong value, his heart jumped for joy. The 5000 Qigong value that his Berserk ability burned off was recovered in one go; and now, even if Zhao Wudi wants to kill him, it’ll be difficult.

The divine ability’s duration can last only for a full three minutes. Though three minutes would not be enough to do much against Zhao Wudi, it would, however, be able to provide him with enough time to escape. In addition, within him contained 10000 Qigong value; with them, he had nothing to fear as he smiled coldly at Zhao Wudi, while his legs tightened as he prepared to make a break for it.

Zhao Kong died just like that, and in front of Zhao Wudi stood the killer; this added fuel to the already furious Zhao Wudi to the point of extreme. To think that the situation would end up beyond his control; with some of the families becoming restless, this matter might not rest so easily if this goes on.

However, the only thing that ran through Zhao Wudi’s mind was that he had to kill Qin Tian.

“Qin Tian, I’ll definitely kill you.”

His killing intent gradually intensified and around him ignited countless numbers of fire orbs; the heat from those orbs gradually rose. The mass of red flame above his head burned; and for reaching the peak of the ‘Scarlet Flame Scripture’, the mass of red flame continued to expand. At this time, the square was in a chaos.

Screams, cries and calls could be heard.

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If they do not escape anytime soon, there’ll never be another opportunity for them to do so.


“Bullying should have a limit.”

“Zhao Wudi, don’t push your luck too far.”


A dozen Qinghe City’s experts rushed onto the platform. At first, they did not want to go against him since the Zhao family being the strongest is obvious; a careless move could end up with their family being wiped to extinction. However, with all the fuss now, they could no longer tolerate him.

Among the audience in the square were their disciples; once the ultimate ability of the Scarlet Flame Scripture was released, there will be many casualties and their family would suffer heavy losses. Zhao Wudi must be stopped!

In response, the Zhao disciples brandished their weapons but were surrounded by disciples from different families.

Glaring at the dozen Qinghe City’s experts, Zhao Wudi sneered, “Block me? Then die!”

His aggressiveness became overbearing.

With a flip of his hand, the mass of flame compressed; some of the dry items around the platform were instantly set ablaze.

At this point, Qin Tian smiled coldly to himself, “I’ll make a move first. You guys just carry on with what you guys are doing…”

Using the push from both his legs and the divine ability Berserk to increase his speed, Qin Tian disappeared into the crowd.

“Trying to escape?”

“Hōng” the mass of flame rose and compressed the air around it, forming a massive ball of flame; so large that it blocked the sun


Qin Zhantian shouted angrily and released a huge amount of Qigong within him. Several other Spirit refining patriarch followed and activated their Qigong. As a group, their attacks went straight at the direction of Zhao Wudi.

The massive ball of flame was vanquished by the many experts and started spewing out flames in all directions. So long as even a hair on the body touches the flame, that person will turn into ashes in no time.

Among the crowd, a number of them were set on fire and were screaming around as they ran.

The war had begun.

The fight had reached an uncontrollable stage.

As Qin Tian tunneled through the crowd, he hid his presence and quickly receded.

Seeing that Qin Tian had left for safety, Hei Yan signaled Meng Lei to follow suit. Meng Lei immediately went to bring Yun Man and together, they left.

The family tournament turned into a war between families. Who would have thought that something like this would happen?

Qin Tian’s face hung a sinister smile. As he chuckled to himself, he thought, “Kill; just keep killing and wipe off your existence you bunch of silly fools.”

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