Chapter 49: Kill

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for comprehending the predatory aura……”

The might of the predatory aura was slowly emitted out from Qin Tian’s body. He loosened his eyebrows and closed his eyes to enjoy the wonders the aura brought to him, so comfortable that he could not describe.

There are many different types of laws and they are higher above as compared to abilities. Once a person stepped into that door, he will receive a magnificent transformation.

In the valley of wolves, Qin Tian had been killing for fifteen days straight, all day and night and had started comprehending from the aura of the wolves. After fifteen days of accumulation and also from Zhao Wudi’s overwhelming pressure, he had finally reached enlightenment. A power suddenly appeared inside of him, pushing open the door to the aura. A bright light flew out from inside the door, and the bones in his limbs felt matchless.

In the sky above the platform, thunder resounded in the clouds.

“If I am able to win against him……”

Qin Tian suddenly shouted as he looked Zhao Wudi. His eyes were firm, making people unable to see any wavering. Though he had comprehended the predatory aura, whatever that had happened in his body could not be seen clearly by others, not even the rank seven spirit refining Zhao Wudi.

However, Qin Tian could feel the movement of the Qigong in Zhao Wudi’s body clearly. His heartbeat, breathing, they were all seen through with a glance.

Zhao Wudi laughed madly. His laughter was like thunder, and he increased the amount of pressure given out. Staring at Qin Tian, he said, “Little kid, even if you could win against him, he would still be the number one. You won’t be able to get the prizes.”

“Oh, and I’ve forgotten to tell all of you that I had already given the Volt Tiger Dan to him, haha……”

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Such extreme overbearingness and arrogance. To have given Zhao Kong the prizes for the champion even though the winner had not been announced, which made all the other clans understood that the Zhao Clan had never put them in their eyes. This was basically humiliation, utter humiliation.

“Zhao Wudi, are you even putting our three great clans in your eyes?”

At that moment, a strong pressure arose. Zhang Taishan snorted and rose up, followed by the cheers by the Zhang Clan disciples.

Suddenly, another strong pressure arose. Liu Clan’s patriarch Liu Ba also rose up.

Immediately after, Qin Zhantian also flew into the air.

“Good, good, good.”

Zhao Wudi said the word ‘good’ thrice continuously, and his anger manifested. “Just the three of you think that you could be my opponent?”

His pressure increased explosively, and his words were full of arrogance, not give the patriarch of the three great clans any face.

Just as his voice descended, the patriarch of the other clans of Qinghe city flew into the air, and the grand elders flew up one by one, surrounding Zhao Wudi.

Not only did that happen, even Zhao Clan’s disciples were surrounded by other clan’s disciples.

If all the clans do not unite, they would all certainly be ruthlessly killed and chased away by the Zhao Clan in the future.

At this point in time, Zhao Wudi’s anger intensified. A rank seven spirit refining cultivator is invincible in Qinghe city, but against several spirit refining patriarch, and the many spirit gathering grand elders, he would not be sure of the outcome if they really fought. Even if they win, the Zhao Clan would have to pay a heavy price.

Being bent on wanting to take control of Qinghe city, the hidden ambition that drove him forward cooled down. The Zhao Clan had not prepared enough yet, and could not make a lost here. Thus, Zhao Wudi laughed. Looking at Qin Tian on the platform, he said, “If you could win, the number one place would be yours……”

For suddenly changing his words, many were unable to accept. At first, they thought that a war would begin, yet now Zhao Wudi changed his previous remark.

“Old Devil Zhao, you’ve given the volt tiger Dan and the spirit armor to Zhao Kong, this fight isn’t fair at all.” Qin Zhantian shouted.

“Fair, it is absolutely fair. After killing Qin Tian, the prize would belong to the Zhao Clan, this is only giving the prize earlier.” Zhao Wudi’s body flashed, and a red light appeared in the sky. At the next moment, he appeared on his chair. Looking coldly at the other clan’s disciples, he snarled, “ Get lost!”

His pressure was very great, making people afraid.

Zhao Wudi did not care about the crowd. He looked at Zhao Kong on the platform and urged, “Kill him, then you would become the first and there would be no dispute about who should own the prize.”

As long as Qin Tian is killed quickly, there would be no more objection on who should own the prize, and no one would dare to do so too.

On the platform, Zhao Kong sneered and again unleashed his scarlet red Qigong.

Qin Tian’s face remained calm. He cared not for Zhao Kong and walked to the edge of the platform. As he glared at Zhao Wudi, he spoke coldly, “And if I were to kill him?”

In his tone held a strong provocation, as if looking down on Zhao Wudi; his eyes burned with the flames of war.

And in that instant, all eyes were on Zhao Wudi. If Qin Tian were to win, what should he do?

Everyone was waiting for his answer. Some of the patriarchs were even ready for the battle ahead.

“If you win, naturally you’ll be Qinghe City’s number one. The spirit armor is on his body; if you’ve got the guts, go and get it.” Zhao Wudi laughed coldly. No matter how strong Qin Tian might be, it would be impossible for him to defeat Zhao Kong.

Qin Tian grinned. Turning to look at Zhao Kong, he taunted, “Are you prepared?”

Qin Tian took out fifty Yan Sheng Dans and swallowed them all at once. In an instant, his Qigong intensified. Looking at Zhao Kong, he revealed a grin that looks like one of a death god.

Zhao Kong was insusceptible to Qin Tian’s actions. The scarlet red Qigong continued to intensify, more powerful than the one just then. “Yan Sheng Dan? It is useless no matter how many you take.”

“Is that so?” Qin Tian looked at Zhao Kong and deep down, he sneered, “It may be useless to you, but it is extremely effective for me.”

Qin Tian’s Qigong value instantly soared to fifteen thousand points.

Gently with his eyes closed, Qin Tian breathed out. What Qin Tian sense from Zhao Kong was a panorama flow of Qigong. Upon comprehending the predatory aura, Qin Tian’s condition was beyond that of an ordinary person. When faced against Zhao Kong’s powerful Qigong, Qin Tian’s face remained at peace and showed no emotions.

In a blink of an eye, Qin Tian opened his eyes wide and silently activated his ability, “Virtuous Draconic Force.”

The power of an ancient chaos gushed out again, stronger than before. A dragon and an elephant stepped through the ever raging doors formed from an explosive amount of Qigong. Their body had yet to move, but the platform already began to tremble violently; as if an earthquake had struck.

“That can’t be…impossible…” Zhao Kong became dull-witted as he muttered under his breath. His expression changed and he roared, “Die!”

The scarlet red Qigong condensed together to form a sort of large flame ball; he poured out every Qigong he had within him, reaching the limits of the Scarlet Flame Scripture.

The hot atmosphere made people uneasy, and the ancient power of chaos made people terrified, sending chills down their spine.

The color of the sky had changed and the earth kept trembling. As the two forces interweave with each other, they wrench; collide, and held down one another continuously.

The might of the two forces was so overwhelming that the people with low level cultivation were not able to withstand, and a great number of people in the square fainted.

However, that was just the prelude; a contest of power.

“Scarlet Heaven’s Howl!”

Zhao Kong roared. The flames surged around him and immediately turned into a peerless sea of fire. And as he charged straight towards Qin Tian, hot air rushed out crazily from his body.

Like a meteor, the speed was dazzling.

“Pēng, pēng, pēng…”

The mighty elephant trod forward, enveloped excessively in the heavenly dragon’s power. The power of both the mighty elephant and heavenly dragon was overwhelming; that is the full potential of the ‘Virtuous Draconic Force’. Qin Tian’s Dantian churned crazily, making his blood boil…

Seeing Zhao Kong who was speeding towards him, Qin Tian roared, “Die!”

With a step forward, he struck with both his fists.

“Kuāng lónglóng…”

Among the clouds, a huge lightning struck down; as if the power shook the heavens. It was so strong to an extent that it could defy all living beings; incomparable!


The surface turned to ash and the cool air came rushing in.

A burst of breeze blew, bringing the ashes along with it. Zhao Kong’s body was covered in blood and his chest was ruptured. The spirit armor on him shattered onto the ground. As he stood motionlessly, both his eyes stared sluggishly at Qin Tian. Blood continued to drip out from his mouth as he opened it; as if wanting to say something but could not do so…

Qin Tian sneered. With a strong murderous intent, he charged forward.

“Zhao Kong!”

Zhao Wudi cried. He instantly jumped onto the platform and sent his palm straight at Qin Tian’s forehead.

“Courting death!” He roared.

Qin Tian was taken by surprise. To think that Zhao Wudi would make his appearance.

No use thinking too much; Qin Tian’s heart boiled, “Berserk!”

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A creamy white light shot out faintly around Qin Tian…

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