Chapter 48: What is Overbearingness?

Xiao Rufeng died and Qin Tian entered the final round. His opponent was Zhao Kong.

One step away from clinching the first place.

However, now that Xiao Rufeng had died, the anger inside him had subsided. He did not feel like putting his life on the line to fight. The title of Qinghe city’s number 1 genius was something he was too lazy to think about, whoever that wanted it could just take it. Anyway, he had no interest in such a thing as a tall tree attracts more wind.
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After the platform was cleared up, Xiao Lie’s eyes were burning with anger. His hatred was so hot that it was as if he wanted to burn Qin Tian to death.

However, Qin Zhantian had always been alert. He was worried that Xiao Lie in his anger would lose his rationality and attack Qin Tian, since who would be able to endure the pain of losing his eldest son?

Also, Qin Tian was one step away from becoming the champion, so he would have to protect his safety. As long as Qin Tian could become the champion, his position as the patriarch would stabilize. At the very least, it could make the grand elders unable to find any excuses to make him step down.

Not long after, no one in the Qin clan could be unsatisfied with him being patriarch.

As Qin clan’s youngest patriarch, how could he not have any means?

On the platform, Qin Tian looked at Zhao Kong calmly.

Zhao Kong narrowed his eyes and revealed a face with traits of a fox. Looking at Qin Tian, he gathered Qigong on his fist.

Scarlet red Qigong?

“Did the old devil Zhao teach him the ‘Scarlet Flame Scripture’?” Qin Zhantian was startled and looked at Zhao Wudi. The color on his face changed as he bitterly thought, “It seems like there is no more hope for Qin Tian.”

Among Qinghe city’s four great clans, why would the Zhao clan become the number 1 great clan?

The biggest reason to that was because of the ‘Scarlet Flame Scripture’. It is a gold rank ability, the only ability book which is above high-rank abilities in Qinghe city. It was something the ancestors of Qinghe city encountered after adventuring in the mountains. Cultivating in it will allow one to release scarlet red Qigong, and the Qigong released would be flaming hot. It was like the flames spat out by a fire dragon, making people unable to go close to, and it could be integrated into other abilities, causing the power to multiply.

Zhao Wudi’s scarlet red beard and hair were also because he cultivated in the “Scarlet Flame Scripture”, and had reached the stage of large success. Although Zhao Kong had not reached the stage Zhao Wudi had reached, but for him to be able to release scarlet red Qigong, his cultivation should be close to the peak of spirit formation.

Zhao clan had hidden themselves very well for many years, only to finally come out from the waters with a peerless genius.

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Some grand elders started murmuring to one another. Originally, they thought that Qin Tian could become the first, but now, no one believed that Qin Tian could win.

Zhao Wudi was like an old fox. His eyes were narrowed and his smile became bigger, for this gathering of the clans, he was determined to win.

“Your luck’s really bad. This was meant to be for Xiao Rufeng at first, but regrettably, he died, so I would have to fight with you.” Zhao Kong said blatantly. In his eyes, Qin Tian was a dead man.

“Rest assured, for I will be lenient.”

“However, your cultivation is something I will need to cripple.”

“After all, your presence is not only a small threat to my Zhao clan.”

Both his hands moved, and countless of fist were formed. The atmosphere started to heat up as if one was in the mouth of a volcano. His breathing was close to perfection, and his body was as still as a mountain. Only powerful and confident cultivators could achieve such a feat. It seemed like Zhao Kong was really hidden very well.

Qin Tian became more cautious, looking at the countless number of fists being formed, he immediately thought about ‘Phantom Palm’. However, he was unable to see through them, as if all of them were real.

“Kill him……”

Zhao Jiannan below the platform shouted. His eyes revealed a trace of excitement as he laughed crazily. Under the scarlet flame fist, who could survive?

Zhao Kong did not feel like saying more nonsense. Both his fist swung forward, and the countless number of fists behind him started to move. Those fists constantly changed their positions, shrouding Qin Tian and blocking all his escape routes.

This fist was impossible to hide from.

Without a choice, Qin Tian tried to retreat backward to avoid the attack, but no matter where he tried to go, the fists would all follow. The heat became hotter and hotter. Qin Tian’s shirt was drenched, and his sweat was all over his body.

“F**k, must the first move you do be such a big one?”

Qin Tian grumbled and used the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture. The dust around him was stirred up, and his Qigong resisted the heat made by the countless number of fists……

“It’s no use, you’re only a rank four spirit formation cultivator, while I am a rank eight spirit formation cultivator, you’re not even my opponent. You had already consumed a lot of Qigong in your previous fight and won’t be able to hold on for long. Do let me advise you to waste your cultivation on your own or you will have to endure the pain of your flesh burning.”

Every step forward Zhao Kong took, Qin Tian felt the pressure on him increase. Such strong pressure along with the heat made Qin Tian mad.

If he tried to resist that fist, he would either die or become disabled.

Would he not be at his mercy at that point in time?


Qin Tian cursed. Looking at Zhao Kong moving closer to him, both his eyes suddenly became bigger, and the roar of the dragon descended, “Rumble……”

The ancient azure dragon surged out, along with the ancient colossus elephant.

Both forces intertwined with each other, shaking the heavens and earth, causing all the fists in the air to dissipate. A roar sounded in the air. Though Zhao Kong’s gaze changed, he was not anxious and retreated back rapidly. He then shouted, “ Sky Rushing Flames!”

Immediately, Zhao Kong’s body became like flames, and his power increased explosively……

After his voice descended, he disappeared.

Qin Tian was startled, only to feel a great amount of heat above him coming down. At that moment following his movement, the power of the Virtuous Draconic Force flew up to welcome it……


The sky turned red like blood, very beautiful.

The stone platform which Qin Tian stood on split apart. The strength of the forces made many weak disciples faint, and some grand elders had to circulate their Qigong to resist the force rushing towards them.

The two forces collided, causing strong waves of energy to be created.

Slowly, the dust dissipated. Below Qin Tian’s feet was fine powder, and his face was pale with blood flowing out of the edge of his mouth. He coldly swept his eyes across, “The Qigong of a rank eight spirit formation cultivator is strong to such an extent, really terrifying.”

In another location, Zhao Kong’s clothes were tattered, exposing an armor on his body with spirit gathered around it. His face revealed a look of delight, compared to Qin Tian, his injuries were lighter.

“Spirit armor?”

“Zhao Wudi, what are you trying to do?”

In anger, Qin Zhantian jumped up from where he was and shouted while pointing at Zhao Wudi.

“Well.” Zhao Wudi laughed, “I’m just awarding the prize to the champion earlier.”

“Old Devil Zhao, you are going too far, to give Zhao Kong the reward even though he had not won yet. Where’s the fairness of this gathering? Where’re the rules?” Liu patriarch stood up and said.

The prize for the champion was a spirit armor which only the patriarch of the four great clans knew about, and what Zhao Kong was wearing was the prize. For a mid-grade spirit armor to be able to provide this much protection, it can be called a top grade armor among the mid-grades.

The one wearing that armor would definitely have an absolutely higher advantage when facing against someone of similar strength.

“Fairness? Rules?” Zhao Wudi flew into the sky and his fiery red hair scattered in all directions, like an ancient demon. Without any apprehensiveness, he shouted, “I am fairness, I am the rules……”

A rank seven spirit refining cultivator, none in Qinghe city could be his opponent.

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At this moment, his burning and majestic aura fell onto others. Even a spirit refining cultivator Qin Zhantian had to use his Qigong to resist it, not daring to speak anymore.

What is overbearingness? What is arrogance?

Qin Tian eyebrows suddenly rose sharply, and his mind and body experienced a change. After half a month of killing, with the many thousands of monsters killed, the door to the law had opened. Now, Qin Tian seemed to have stepped into another world, one which only he could control.

At this point in time, the system sounded, “Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for comprehending the predatory aura……”

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