Chapter 47: The Power to Crush All Others

The ground trembled……

The crowd could feel the impact of the collision of the two powerful forces. For the ground to even tremble, the crowd looked at the platform inconceivably.

Qin Tian took half a step back while Xiao Rufeng took a small step back.

Though there didn’t seem to be much of a difference, it was still obvious that Xiao Rufeng was the one at the losing end as he was a rank six spirit formation cultivator. Whether it was about strength or Qigong, he should be much stronger than Qin Tian.

His anger rose and his breathing became even more rapid. The sword in his hand started to gather Qigong. In an instant, it seemed as if there was a spirit snake there, making people shudder in fear.

Xiao Rufeng’s breathing was in disorder.

Qin Tian laughed in his heart. In that attack just now using the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture, he had consumed more than 500 Qigong. He was also secretly surprised, as Xiao Rufeng was much stronger than he believed. “The strength of a rank six spirit formation cultivator is really not simple ah……”

“But, it’s only not simple and nothing more!”

With a thought, the Qigong in him exploded out, and a powerful pressure emerged. Looking at Xiao Rufeng, he said, “You really are a tragic case……”

“Five years ago, you lost.”

“Today, you will also lose.”

“And, will die too……”

After saying that, his Qigong once again exploded out. Strands of Qigong could be seen in the air like a wave.

“Such powerful Qigong!”

“With a cultivation of a rank four spirit formation, his Qigong would not lose to a rank six. Could it be that his Qigong had already reached the criteria of a rank six spirit formation?”

“In such a short month, he had already gone so far, truly amazing. In the future, wouldn’t he be Qinghe city’s strongest expert?”


Praises were all over the place. The veins on Xiao Rufeng’s forehead became thicker. For this fight, he had cultivated bitterly and stayed hidden for five years. He had only one motive, which was to avenge the past.

“Powerful Qigong?”

“Want to make use of your aura?”

“You are nothing but a trash with a crippled Dantian.”

Xiao Rufeng’s face regained its calmness and he slowly rose into the air. His sword pierced through the air and disappeared. Soon after, an enormous shaft took shape in mid-air……

In the central square, thousands of swords started to vibrate and flew towards the shaft and formed an enormous sword.

Many grand elders of the four great clans stood up and circulated their Qigong. This move of Xiao Rufeng was too terrifying, it may even destroy the platform and also harm the surrounding people.

“Never did I expect Xiao Lie to have such an outstanding son.” Zhao Wudi gaze revealed his envy. But at the next moment, it was replaced by strong killing intent. Zhao Kong by the side was shocked. How could he break such a move?

“During the past five years, I’ve prepared this sword for you.”

“You should be honored.”

“Qin Tian, let my sword tell you who’s the number 1 genius of Qinghe city!”

In the air, Xiao Rufeng’s laughed murderously. His Qigong condensed into sword Qi, and the sword became sharper and sharper.

Suddenly, Xiao Rufeng stopped laughing, and shouted, “Sky Breaking Sword!”

The whole sky shuddered as if it was going to break apart. Its strength was inconceivable. Following his action, the sword struck down.

At the same time, Qin Tian shouted in his mind, “Virtuous Draconic Force.”

In the broken Dantian, a dragon and an elephant from ancient times stepped out. Azure dragon, colossal elephant, the two forces intertwined with one another, and they roared crazily inside of him. Behind Qin Tian, the roar of the dragon was heard, followed by a long cry by the elephant. The Virtuous Draconic Force gave rise to a great power. It made a sudden eruption, countering the aura exuded out by Xiao Rufeng. Facing the mighty sword Qi above his head, Qin Tian laughed madly as the great force in his body rushed out.

The whole square was filled with the roar and cry of the ancient creatures as if this was an ancient battlefield. Such a divinity made Zhao Wudi felt fear, and he circulated his Qigong to resist it. He was extremely shocked. An ability like this had never appeared in Qinghe city, what kind of fortuitous encounter did Qin Tian have?

Power, the power to crush all others.

When Qin Tian used it, he was like standing on top of a mountain and he gave the feeling that he was looking down on all others. Xiao Rufeng was only a rank six spirit formation cultivator, what qualifications did he have to be of match with the ancient dragon and elephant?


Qin Tian thundered loudly, and the dragon bit the enormous sword condensed by Xiao Rufeng.

The sword Qi was destroyed. Again, the cry of the elephant sounded. Its cry seemed to be able to destroy all things, and Xiao Rufeng’s ears bled. His body was then stepped on by the elephant, causing his body to fall heavily onto the ground.

Virtuous Draconic Force, too strong.

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This was the first time Qin Tian used the first layer of the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture and he was shocked by the strength of it. However, he also started to feel worried as he had to find a way to hide the fact that he was learning such a powerful ability.

An enormous hole appeared on the ground, At the center, Xiao Rufeng’s eyes were wide open, as if he was unable to believe what had just happened.

Crackling sound could be heard as if the platform was going to collapse.



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Xiao Lie’s face was pale as he shouted. He rushed onto the platform and looked at Qin Tian hatefully. Looking at the person in the middle of the hole, his heart turned into dust.

A few seconds later, the system prompted Qin Tian, “Sin value +1, currently accumulated 9……”

Xiao Rufeng had died. The number 1 genius of Qinghe city had fallen.

Qin Tian walked down the platform one step at a time, like a king.

The square was in perfect silence. Everyone was shocked, shocked by the fight they had just seen.

“Young master, really too strong.” Meng Lei started laughing out loud as he felt extremely moved.

Looking at Meng Lei’s excited face, Qin Tian smiled and went back to his seat and sat down. Calmly, he continued to enjoy himself, “3000 Qigong, Virtuous Draconic Force, so f**king powerful!”


After a long time, squeals could be heard from all over the square. It was such an unimaginable scene, and their ability to react seemed to have been trampled broken by the Virtuous Draconic Force.

“The roar of a dragon! Did you hear it? It’s the roar of a dragon……”

“Qin Tian’s too strong.”

“Had he been hiding for five years? Really a good move ah Qin clan.”

The eyes of Qin Clan’s disciples turned red. Looking at the back of Qin Tian, they felt that he was very far ahead of them, very very far.

Qin Zhantian was silent and there was not a trace of a smile on his face. He thought of something, which was that Qin Tian had swallowed the core of the Violent Gorilla.

Otherwise, he could not understand how Qin Tian was able to unleash such a move.

“Qin Tian, what kind of secret are you hiding?”

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