Chapter 56: Two Cores

The blood eye lion got up. Glaring at the human which trespassed its territory, white gas was exhaled from its nose. It scratched the ground with its front paw and exposed its sharp teeth. The blood eye lion let out a roar and emitted out its aura containing a monster’s dominance.

Such oppressing pressure, only a monster ranked higher than five could emit such terrifying pressure.

Cold sweat formed subconsciously, Looking at the bone sword that had a small chip, the color on his face changed, and he thought, “Such a thick skin.”


Another roar came, making Qin Tian’s ears numb, almost causing his eardrums to break.

At that moment, Qin Tian moved, and he rushed towards the lion madly. Just as he was about thirty feet away from it, he leaped, infused his Qigong into the swords, and stabbed them into its eyes. Virtuous Draconic might and Berserk, a divine ability and a divine technique. Both forces intervened, releasing a terrifying power, shaking the heaven and earth. Qin Tian had great confidence in this power.

Just when he thought he would succeed, the blood eye lion moved suddenly, forming three gales of incomparable sharpness. It swayed in the air for a moment before shooting towards Qin Tian.

The three gales relied on the blood eye lion’s demonic powers, and they would not find it difficult to break through rocks. Qin Tian’s face changed, the two gales had prevented his attack completely. Without a choice, he circulated his Qigong again and went off to face the last gale……


Sounds of crashing were heard.

Both of Qin Tian’s hands were burning with pain. The power of the gales was much greater than he imagined, but fortunately, he had only faced off with one. If it was against all three, his life would have been at stake.

A rank six monster was too strong, just a casual move could make him retreat more than a few hundred meters.

“Force will not work, I’ll need to think of another method.”

Qin Tian bit his teeth and thought. Using his current strength as a comparison, he was not a rank six monster’s opponent and would need to use his intelligence.

A rank six monster, whether it is in attack or defense, are abnormal. Furthermore, they have the intelligence not weaker than a human’s, so wanting to win like that would be extremely difficult.

However, Qin Tian had never wanted to be an average person.

Every BOSS has its own weakness. No matter how perfect one is, there would still be a deficit, only that no one had found out about it.

Against a rank six monster, Qin Tian had no cowardice but was very calm. He stared at the blood eye lion, searching for its weakness while moving about at the same time as fast as lightning.

While observing, Qin Tian was surprised. A smile was revealed on his face as he thought, “Weakness, hei, laozi will see how you’ll escape this time……”

Sneering, Qin Tian shot out towards it again……

This time, he did not aim at its head, but the tail.

Qin Tian had found out about a problem as he was running about. No matter where he ran to, the blood eye lion would always be facing him, while its tail was hidden at its back as if it was hiding something. He then thought about the blood on the ground where its ass was when it was lying on the ground. This made him certain that the lion had a serious injury at its ass.

In a fight, no one would expose one’s wound as exposing it would make it a target to the opponent.

There was another point which made Qin Tian feel suspicious.

A rank six monster would be a very fight-loving monster, so why did it not attack on its own accord? Qin Tian was only a spirit formation cultivator, and for a spirit formation cultivator to come close to it, causing it to lose pride, how could such a high and above king endure it?

Not taking the initiative to attack, always hiding its tail, and occasionally revealing a pained look, once again made him remember about it having around 140 000 hp out of its 480 000 hp. This made Qin Tian even more sure that it had just gone through a tough fight and was currently weak.

The more he analyzed, the happier he became, and could not help but lament that his luck today was great.

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Each step Qin Tian took was a distance of ten feet; and in a few steps, he dived right in front of the blood eye lion. Before the monster could unleash its wind gale ability, Qin Tian changed his direction and doubled his speed, appearing before the monster’s tail. Seeing the red blood around its ass, Qin Tian grinned and shouted, “Die!”

The blood eye lion was extremely weakened. Seeing Qin Tian rushing straight at it, it hacked its claws down without hesitation, releasing six powerful wind gales. Never did it thought that Qin Tian would suddenly change his course and charged directly to his tail. Panicky, it once again released another thundering roar.

To Qin Tian, that kind of roar was very familiar. “A lion’s roar.”

As it roared, the sound waves from its mouth were visible.

Qin Tian eardrums almost exploded; the pain was so unbearable that a burst of dizziness hit him. Thankfully, the dragon in his Dantian roared and he returned to his senses; immediately, both his eyes opened. Enduring the pain as his blood gushed out from his veins, he aimed his two daggers straight at the monster’s ass!


The painful shriek shook the sky, startling a flock of birds.

Once the two daggers stabbed the ass, Qin Tian noticed a pool of blood forming on the ground. He was slightly startled and immediately retreated a few steps.


“Monsters give birth?”

“What’s more a difficult labor.”

“What kind of situation is this?”

Not only that, Qin Tian saw a huge monster head coming out which he directly recognized as a rank five monster head.

The rank five monster head’s appearance acted more like a stimulant for Qin Tian; his whole body was boiling with excitement as his eyes glistened. “Kill one for two. Now that’s a cost-effective business.”

The blood eye lion was definitely giving birth; and like what Qin Tian said, it was experiencing a difficult labor.

Among the monsters, once the overlord shows any sign of weakness, there’ll always be monsters who’ll follow the weakened aura right up to the doorstep and challenge the current overlord for territory. The head behind the blood eye lion was a rank five monster. After the fierce battle that lasted more than a day, its body was about to collapse; and with the addition of nearing to childbirth, its body thus entered the weakened state.

If it were not in a weakened state, Qin Tian would have already been turned to mush before he could even approach it.

Beneath its ass, the fresh blood continued to drip. In pain, the blood eye lion gave another roar and its blood eyes darkened as if it could bleed any moment while it glared at Qin Tian. Putting in all the strength it had, it raised its front paws and stood with the support from its hind…

It was preparing to attack.

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Qin Tian eyes became wide opened; he was taken by surprise.

But at this moment, the blood eye lion’s hinds gave in and its ass landed onto the ground, spewing more blood out. The smaller version of the blood eye lion was fidgeting, opening its mouth and painfully wanted to produce a sound but could not do so.

“A chance…”

“Oh dear lion, I am not ruthless, just without a choice; all because you are a high-rank monster.”

Qin Tian activated the core. Once the thought was brought down, the core immediately hovered and flashed waves of white within his Dantian. The system constantly prompted, “Qigong +100, Qigong +100…”

With that, he used the Virtuous Draconic Force together with Berserk.

And once again enhanced his power to the limit.

One strike, a strike that must severely injure it!

Qin Tian continued to move from one spot to another; with its weakened body, it could not keep up with Qin Tian’s movements. Instead, it kept sending its wind gales at the spot where Qin Tian once was. Where the wind gales went, there would be destruction; a large amount of tree collapsed behind Qin Tian, making a huge mess!

The wind gales kept coming at him non-stop, but the distance between him and the monster became closer little by little. Under the state of Berserk, the azure dragon and the colossus elephant intertwined within his Dantian before being released.

Strength; Qin Tian could clearly feel the strength flowing into every part of his body.

With a burst of his Qigong, he shouted. The bone daggers were like lightning, infused with Qigong, forming a pair of white blades before they were stabbed into the red eye lion’s stomach…


The monster twitched in pain and howled a few times. Though it wanted to roll, it was afraid that that might hurt its unborn child. And thus, all it could do was to endure the pain and release several howls filled with distress.

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