Chapter 90 – The First Test (xx)

Baring witness to the bizarre transformation of the world around him, Zilan honestly did not know how to react. His lips curled into a bitter smile, inwardly sighing about how bad his luck was.

Too bad little red had no plans on waiting for him to adapt to the situation.


The earth beneath Zilan’s feet suddenly broke apart, revealing a cylindrical shaped head that was forcing its way towards him.

Unable to understand the situation, Zilan decided to stop thinking and instead rely on brute force. From his senses, he could detect that a large number of unknown beings were coming towards him from all different directions thus left with no choice, he decided to let go and allow the Predator’s mind to control his body.

Fleeing and hiding were no longer viable options!


It was almost like a switch instantly flipped on inside his mind.

His eyes suddenly became bloodshot and his breathing surprisingly quieted down to a near inaudible range.

All of his senses heightened once again, adding on to the already substantial boost given by the use of Prana.

Of course, not all of the effects of Predator’s mind were good. For instance, all feeling for anything but himself utterly disappeared. Another side-effect was the cold rage that slowly yet strongly stewed within him, bringing him right up to the edge of insanity.

Naturally, this sort of burst of emotion gave him more strength but also led to less control.

Not wasting any more time, Zilan quickly brought his hands together pushing all of his power into his arms before smashing down onto the struggling earthen brown entity below him.


A small crater instantly formed with cracks spreading out across the ground. Zilan’s pure strength was on full display and naturally, the small earthen golem was unable to withstand it.

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His fists punched through its earthen exterior as easy as a hot knife would cut through butter.

Inwardly he was a little puzzled as to why it was so simple to destroy the golem. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately, his questions would soon be answered and he would quickly find out just how grave a mistake it was to associate these golems with the word ‘simple’.

Zilan’s senses although, extremely effective and powerful, its range was still limited by his current cultivation thus he had no way of knowing what was going on tens of miles away from his position.

Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, since the scene playing out in the far distance was something that would fill any man’s heart with despair.

If one were to look over the whole domain from above, they’d surely be shocked by the terrifying march of not just the variously sized and attributed golems but also the mechanical Beasts.

However, this shock would not come from their aura of dominance nor would it come from their disregard of anything in their way nor would it come from the deep fear the many powerful existences among them made one feel.

In truth, the greatest and most gut wrenching shock would come from the simple fact that their numbers could no longer be counted in the hundreds, nor in the thousands, but rather in the Millions.

For Zilan to dispose of a few of them with his current strength could indeed be termed as simple however, what sort of challenges would he face if he was surrounded by hundreds or better yet hundreds of thousands?

‘It would not be simple’ is the correct the answer to that question.

Also, don’t forget about the mechanical Beasts who although pale in comparison to the golems in terms of quantity greatly make up for it when it comes to quality. In fact, one wouldn’t be wrong if they said the monsters had an excess supply in that department.

After all, modified mythical Beasts would definitely not disappoint in terms of strength.


Thankfully, Zilan was not aware of any of this and perhaps even if he was, in his current state, thinking on the situation would absolutely not be his first action.

Thus just like that, a war between a single man of the scorched and Millions of golems commenced.

Rather than wait to be cornered, Zilan decided to head straight for the danger. His approach was quite understandable, ‘always be in constant motion, dispose of the enemy as swiftly as possible before killing the next one.’

It didn’t matter if it was a group battle, or if he was fighting a series of one on one battles.

Of course, this plan only worked for the golems, since they appeared unintelligent. As for the other stronger, smarter creatures, Zilan could pray to his Ancestors and hope for the best.

Dashing through the forest, he suddenly came across the vanguard, a group of earthen golems similar to the one he’d just destroyed. However, this time, it wasn’t just the head that was visible but their entire bodies.

Their figures were entirely made from earth and they looked very much like naked humans but as for any distinguishable features? They had none!

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No eyes, no mouths, no ears, nothing! The strange thing though was that they immediately discerned Zilan’s location despite lacking all of the normal sensory organs.

The group, whose numbers Zilan couldn’t be bothered to count filled the entire forest as far as he could see.

He grit his teeth in anger before unwaveringly charging into them.

For the first time since the test started Zilan channelled his Blood force, pushing it outside his body. A blue mist accompanied by a calm spring like aura then burst out, encompassing the area.

His domineering Dragon’s aura also exploded forth as he stretched out his hands to conjure swords and hammers made of water but not just any water. These weapons were created using Blood Force which was second only to Universe energy not to mention the fact that Zilan, thanks to his constitution, possessed an enviable affinity for water.


He sent three swords and two hammers flying towards the golems and without looking at the outcome, quickly conjured a giant scythe which he swung around as he spun his body counter clockwise at an unbelievable speed.

Sounds of explosions and the earth being torn apart, echoed throughout the area. Trees were effortlessly uprooted from their positions, while dozens upon dozens of earthen golems were instantly destroyed, falling like flies. Mounds of dirt and sand were piling up, forming small hills thanks to their deaths.

Unfortunately though, Zilan’s scythe ran into a road block when it came across the new arrival, water golems. The earthen golems still came, but slipping through the cracks in spades were the water golems who for some reason were at least twice the size of the earth ones, standing at a staggering height of fifteen feet.

His sickle seemed to not only have no effect against them but actually appeared to aid in their growth.

Given no chance to relax or think things through, and remembering how weak these things were, Zilan made the decision to not pay attention to them. Getting out unscathed wasn’t the plan from the beginning anyways.

However, as he continued to brandish his weapon, wildly ploughing down a huge number of earth golems, the first water golem appeared behind him.

With no warning it rather sluggishly sent a punch towards his back. Its speed was nothing remarkable and the strength behind it was something Zilan estimated was within the confines of what his body’s defences could handle. Therefore he chose to completely ignore the water golems.

However, just as Zilan had finished cutting down a new batch of the earthen pests, a subtle stinging sensation from his lower back area broke out, slightly alarming him but as he’d soon discover this was only the beginning.

At first, he did not mind it but soon it was like his spine had been set on fire. He was quickly losing the strength in his legs while his lungs and heart seemed to be producing at a much lower level than what his body was both accustomed to and desperately needed.

His breathing grew erratic and his body started jerking uncontrollably. The scythe in his hands actually reduced in size by about three times while the intensity of his Blood force for some reason all but vanished.

Shocked by the sudden development, Zilan turned around to look at his back area, since it was where he felt the most pain and discomfort.

*Chu, Chu*

“Ahh!” He couldn’t help but shout.

Currently attached to his back were two stretched out arms of a water golem that were surprisingly pumping a strange green liquid into his body.

Not even thinking about it, Zilan hurriedly used his left hand to swat away the blobs of water.


Almost immediately, he felt a jolt to his nervous system which in reality lasted an instant but in his mind lasted much, much longer.

Luckily, his strength and his body seemed to be recovering rather quickly but maybe unluckily he now had to deal with these water golems that were in actuality more like some sort of virus that would attack as soon as it came into contact with his body.

“This…isn’t this too much?”

Now more than ever, he understood that all other thoughts needed to be put aside. The only thing that should occupy his mind is the will to survive.

Whether or not he’ll actually be able to get through this ordeal, is a question whose answer, not even the Heavens can predict!


Well, I kind of over slept so I rushed this chapter a little bit (maybe a lot) so if you notice any mistakes let me know. Also since I can’t really convey what I want easily with only 1,400-500 word chapters, the next few may be longer. At least I know chapter 91 will be at least 2000+

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