Chapter 57: Pet System

Being in labor, its stomach was its weak point.

Two swords pierced through the belly of the blood eye lion, minusing a few ten thousand hp. Its hp continued to decrease rapidly, and it would not be long before it dies.

Blood flowed out of the bulging belly. When had such a majestic rank six monster be in tough straits?

A former king had reached the point that it did not know whether its luck was bad, or Qin Tian’s luck was too good.

A monster in labor along with having a difficult birth, such a situation which one might not be able to meet even in hundred of years. However, he met it. Qin Tian was filled with excitement, “Don’t tell me that I have something on me which can increase my luck?”

Without something to increase his luck, how could his luck be so good?

That blow had made the blood eye lion lose its strength to fight. Qin Tian’s divine ability berserk still had around 2 minutes left, enough to give a few more.

Qin Tian was hesitant to continue, but he did not stop. In this world where the strong preys on the weak, it is a sin to treat one’s enemy with compassion.

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The core of a rank six monster is much better than a rank five one and the power it holds is much greater. A core was something Qin Tian needed a lot, having one is equivalent to having an inexhaustible source of Qigong. He was unable to spare it just because of a moment of compassion.

He isn’t a kind person and he doesn’t feel any shame for his action.

On the contrary, he had never considered himself to be a good person. Everything that would be beneficial to him, he would try to get it early and wish that he could suck up all those dry.

After several more strikes against its belly, the several ten thousand hp was left with several thousand.

The blood eye lion had also given up on trying to struggle and used the last of its time to birth the child.

At the moment when the little lion landed onto the ground, the blood eye lion’s eyes were filled with plead, as if it wanted Qin Tian to let its child off.

Qin Tian looked at the little lion floundering about in the pool of blood and nodded.

The blood eye lion gave its child one last look, it’s dimmed red eyes revealed the love of a mother to her child, and they slowly closed. The body started to stiffen.

“Congratulations, player ‘Qin Tian’ had killed a rank six monster blood eye lion. Experience+30000, Qigong+1000, survival value+100……”

“Congratulations, player ‘Qin Tian’ had gained a blood eye lion pet……”

“Congratulations, player ‘Qin Tian’ had broken through to the spirit gathering realm……”

A series of prompts by the system was heard, making Qin Tian felt indescribably happy as he really loved those the sounds. It seemed like he had completely forgotten about his grumbling and cursing yesterday.

Suddenly, Qin Tian’s eyes lit up, and he shouted, “Pet?”

“What’s with this?”

“How would I have a pet?”

“Unless……I gained a pet system?”

Qin Tian immediately opened his system, and there was a column saying ‘pet’. He opened up the pet system, and the attributes of the blood eye lion were displayed.

Pet: Blood Eye Lion (Fighter)

Only allowed on

Rank: 1

Hp: 100

Demonic power: 10

Status: weak

Abilities: Wind gale (1 enemy)

Note: Growth stage. Needs to be fed every day, cannot be discarded, cannot be released. Pet is at its growth stage and needs owner’s care and attention.

“Like as if I care about you.”

Qin Tian was extremely unhappy. He was unable to properly care for himself, yet it gave him a pet. What is this?

He was without a choice and decided not to care about it anymore. He would first dig out the cores before continuing. Thinking about the two cores, he felt better.

Sure enough, the monster the blood eye lion had killed was a rank five monster. The core dug out was similar to the violent gorilla’s core, and it seemed like the lion wanted to give the core to its child. Wiping it clean, he put it into his spatial ring. Then, he went on to dig out the blood eye lion’s core, it was a little bigger, and he could feel it releasing some kind of power, making a breeze.

In fact, the breeze around the core was due to the blood eye lion’s wind ability; over the many decades of training, it had integrated its wind ability into the core, surrounding the core with a light breeze.

With the two cores now in his hands, Qin Tian felt satisfied; one core for Brother Hei Yan and one for himself to keep as a spare.

The journey ahead of him should now be a little smoother with these cores.

“Hēng, hēng, hēng……”

Soft whines could be heard at Qin Tian’s feet. Looking down, he saw the Blood Eye cub using its tongue to lick the blood stains on his shoe. Gazing directly at Qin Tian, it revealed an intimate smile.

Large blood red eyes, a short mane; like a cute little dog.

At this point, the little thing was lustering. From the moment it came out, it began to slowly lick the blood off its body before looking around curiously at its surroundings. Finally, it laid its eyes on the only moving thing, Qin Tian, and trotted up to him excitedly. As it took its tiny steps, it fell and wrestled itself up a few times before stabilizing.

Seeing the little chap, Qin Tian felt a little uncomfortable; to have killed its only mother and leave him all alone in this difficult world. Recalling its mother’s final gaze, Qin Tian squatted and gently picked the tiny thing up. “Little chap, as of today, follow me.”

As if the little thing understood what he said, it licked the back of Qin Tian’s hand and gave a big grin.


“The small thing has yet to see the world.”

Qin Tian laughed before embracing the little chap and running towards the direction of the cave.

Along the way, the little chap was extremely excited; making weird noises as it tried to interact with Qin Tian. Seeing Qin Tian not paying any attention to it, it went on to make funny noises all by itself.

Qin Tian suddenly felt a sense of regret. That large blood eye lion was, in any case, a rank six monster; so why did it gave birth to such a frail cub? Moreover a noisy one!

Well, no wonder its mother’s roar was so powerful; must have been practiced like this since young.

A pet is a pet. Once Brother Hei Yan leaves, he would be all alone in this mountain range with not a single soul to talk to; the coming days would definitely be long and lonely. But luckily, with this little chap, at least there was someone to accompany him.

The thought of alchemy suddenly surfaced in Qin Tian’s mind and his face gradually showed a sly grin. “I finally have a ‘person’ to test all my future Dans. Hahaha…”

As if the little chap knew what Qin Tian was thinking; its whole body trembled and it looked at Qin Tian hostilely.

Qin Tian grinned and spoke, “Little chap, just follow me. I’ll ensure that your meals are full of flavors. Hahaha…”

Hearing the sinister laughter, the little chap felt scared and weakly looked at Qin Tian; the weird noises it made also stopped.

Qin Tian thought he should come up with a name for his pet, but after thinking for a long time, he could not come up with any good names for it. Observing its blood red eyes and the mane, Qin Tian suddenly said, “From today on, your name shall be ‘Mao’.”

A blood eye lion is a very powerful monster. To be called ‘Mao’; such a pushover name, the little chap shook its head vigorously. It may be weak now, but the blood that runs through its veins was the blood of a rank six monster; so how could it accept such a weak name?

However, it was useless no matter how much it disagreed.

Because Qin Tian did not care; since the name was easy to call.

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